What If

What If There’s 55% Of Americans Are Japanese-Americans In USA?

Okay, you woke up this morning, and you are about to work at your usual job.

You grabbed your lunch that is usually your sushi dinner from last night (with udon).

You head out of your apartment.

You reach the 1st floor.

You head out the door to catch the bus.

As you take a bus, you can see more people who are Japanese-Americans.

You greet them.

They greet you back.

You just do your normal routine before you start working at your place of employment.

You arrived at your place of employment.

You can see your old friends who are just working like usual.

You start working, and you discovered your friends are discussing about interacting with Japanese-Americans who are rising by 55%.

You study how people behave, and you discovered these people are still product,–despite old age.

What If Educational Series

What If 25% Of Americans Moved To Japan?

Okay, the United States Of America is the country visited by people around the world. And many people who were born in this nation often take this for granted. The land of the free, and a diverse types of people from each part of a world. Typically, the United States has 50 states, and there are vast places to go to.

However; not all people stay inside the United States for a long haul, some people move to different countries, like Japan or United Kingdom. However; we are focusing on Japan, and I am just wondering what happens if 25% of Americans moved to Japan.

Dream Within Educational Series

Why There Are So Many Restaurants In Our Dream World?

Okay, I usually have this dream occasionally. And according to my predictions from my dreams what I had years earlier; restaurants will go back to normal capacity,–after everybody in the United States, Japan, and Mexico were vaccinated to end this current pandemic,–just like a current situation. Well, my predictions are far from this month, but I’ll mention this later on.

Top 20

Top 20 Dark Secrets Of the New York City Subway

I’ve ridden a subway train before! Did you notice New York’s Subway has these dark secrets that you’ve NEVER heard of? If you don’t know what’s going on with their subway system… I’ll tell you these dark secrets what you’ve never heard of.

Top 20

Top 20 Reasons You Should Stop Supporting the Coal Industry

Everyday, we mine for coal, but most of these environmental activists has condemned this practice because, coal-burning plants are known sources of pollution around the world. You heard of these coal mine fires that weren’t put out,–after an event of an accident and closure… Some people has tried to trick people to choose coal that is clean to use, but most coal-burning power plants are dirty in nature.

Within this article; here are the top 20 reasons why you should NEVER support the coal industry.