Don’t Hit Your Elephant To Give People Rides!

Here I am, riding my beautiful white rabbit down the path in this large fair. My rabbit and I are finding interesting rides to entertain ourselves. However; I am riding my rabbit slowly because, I’ve trained her without hitting her. Hitting your animal to enable her to give rides is cruel. It’s okay to ride animals,–as long as you train them properly, and give them long breaks after riding. You still need to care for your animals after riding. That way; they can be ready for riding later on in the future.
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Why Choosing Public Transportation Over Driving Your Own Car?

If you drive a car on a regular commuting hours, to work or school, and you were spending money on gas, car maintenance, and engine oil, these expenses can quickly rack up overtime. There are millions or billions of cars rolling on highways, and streets everyday. Well, electric cars are coming to streets near you… save it for car-sharing companies, and transit companies.

Subway trains, trolleys/trams/streetcars commuter trains, buses, and other public transit services are designed to help cut air pollution. If you were taking a school bus to school, but you prefer a city bus over a school bus, this is useful when you wanted to have full control of your own route. Typically, if you were driving to a store far away from you, and you look at your odometer; your milage racks up overtime. Not just it tracks how many miles you were traveling, you are also reducing your vehicles operating milage. Most vehicles what people own for personal use rack up miles for many years. Taking a bus at the other hand help reduce your car’s milage usage, giving it a long haul of being dorment,–until you need it. Since I don’t own a car, I rely on transit services to go from home to store, or home to business to work. In 2015; I discovered Small bus transit systems to help Salina Kansas go green. And I was familiar with this service. Unfortunately, Salina Kansas doesn’t have a tram system for quiet traveling experience,–without rumbling via a combustion engine.
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