Top 20 Reasons You Should Stop Supporting the Coal Industry

Everyday, we mine for coal, but most of these environmental activists has condemned this practice because, coal-burning plants are known sources of pollution around the world. You heard of these coal mine fires that weren’t put out,–after an event of an accident and closure… Some people has tried to trick people to choose coal that is clean to use, but most coal-burning power plants are dirty in nature.

Within this article; here are the top 20 reasons why you should NEVER support the coal industry.

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What If We Switched From Coal-Burning Power Plants… To Relying On Renewable Energy For Our Town?

Imagine you were just recycling your metal cans, and old metal pots… and you were just doing your recycling task? You were just listening to the news about the coal industry that was defeated by the wind industry that is so powerful enough to wipe all of the mining jobs out of the USA. You used to rely on a traditional energy service where you rely on traditional power. You are just getting ready to get ready to use a new power service that will be a new norm for our country.

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Don’t Hit Your Elephant To Give People Rides!

Here I am, riding my beautiful white rabbit down the path in this large fair. My rabbit and I are finding interesting rides to entertain ourselves. However; I am riding my rabbit slowly because, I’ve trained her without hitting her. Hitting your animal to enable her to give rides is cruel. It’s okay to ride animals,–as long as you train them properly, and give them long breaks after riding. You still need to care for your animals after riding. That way; they can be ready for riding later on in the future.
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A Boy Who Reads A Book To His Dog

It was a time before he goes to sleep in his room in this small house in a sleepy old town where it has a new residential home built next to their own orchard of trees.

It was a quiet night in his beautiful house what his mother has owned for many years. He owns his favorite blue poodle what he rides. However; he has no entertainment because, his room has no TV, but his little stereo for listening to children’s books at night.

However; his stereo was left unplugged because, he was cleaning up since hours ago.

His mother usually gets his diapers from his room because, she has a baby to take care of.

A boy usually reads a book before bed.

His mother used to read to him since long time ago.

However; he has a shelf of books to read. And he is about to read a book to his dog.

So, he leaves his room to enter a living room where he can find his blue dog.

There’s his blue dog, eating her fish dinner. Although; she is vegetarian, but she can eat fish.

“Time for a story,” said the boy.

“Looks like it’s story time,” the blue dog replied.

A boy reads a book to his dog.

He reads like a teacher who reads a book to her class.

A blue dog listens.

A boy reads slowly, and he takes his time.

He flips each page, and he describe pictures.

A blue dog finishes her dinner.

After a boy reads a book to his dog, he rides her down the hall to his room.

In his room, a blue dog enables a boy to speak to her.

“Great reading child,” said the blue dog, “someday, I’ll read to you before you sleep.” A boy rides his blue dog around this favorite rug.

A boy and his blue dog are having a wonderful fun playing tonight.

His blue dog goes around his rocking horse what he used to ride. He still use it when he reads certain books.

A boy enjoys riding his dog.

That’s his only pet he has because, his mother used to own a duck who often give her boy rides.

His dog can see other books on his table.

He has a collection of books to read.

A blue dog stops to look at his books.

She has an idea…
Read a book to her rider.

She looks at each book to read.

Later, a boy dismounts his dog. He is about to sleep.

He enters his bed, and goes under his blanket.

“Now it’s time to sleep,” said the boy, setting his favorite stuffed dog aside.

A blue dog isn’t going to sleep yet.

She is taking a look of a boy’s collection of books.

She pulls out 1 book.
She walks towards a boy’s bed, and start reading to him.

However; a boy is about to sleep.

But a blue dog continues reading to him.

All of the lights are off in this house.

A blue dog finishes reading a book.

She puts a book back on a shelf, and she rests on a large rug.

Usually, a boy uses batteries to run his stereo.

But it’s not used at this time.
Now, he’s asleep.

Suddenly, a blue dog wakes up.

She can see light from a lamp that turned on.

His mother is borrowing diapers from his room to top up her baby’s diaper supply.

A boy is still asleep.

However; a blue dog tries to fall back to sleep.

Thanks to a book what a boy read. She can sleep.!

Why Choosing Public Transportation Over Driving Your Own Car?

If you drive a car on a regular commuting hours, to work or school, and you were spending money on gas, car maintenance, and engine oil, these expenses can quickly rack up overtime. There are millions or billions of cars rolling on highways, and streets everyday. Well, electric cars are coming to streets near you… save it for car-sharing companies, and transit companies.

Subway trains, trolleys/trams/streetcars commuter trains, buses, and other public transit services are designed to help cut air pollution. If you were taking a school bus to school, but you prefer a city bus over a school bus, this is useful when you wanted to have full control of your own route. Typically, if you were driving to a store far away from you, and you look at your odometer; your milage racks up overtime. Not just it tracks how many miles you were traveling, you are also reducing your vehicles operating milage. Most vehicles what people own for personal use rack up miles for many years. Taking a bus at the other hand help reduce your car’s milage usage, giving it a long haul of being dorment,–until you need it. Since I don’t own a car, I rely on transit services to go from home to store, or home to business to work. In 2015; I discovered Small bus transit systems to help Salina Kansas go green. And I was familiar with this service. Unfortunately, Salina Kansas doesn’t have a tram system for quiet traveling experience,–without rumbling via a combustion engine.
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