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Tired Of Disney? Here’s How To Correctly Boycott Disney

Racism, greed, financial misconduct, deception, evasion of taxes, lack of diversity, unnecessary buying of independent businesses, NOT freeing Mickey Mouse from their “copyright prison” for a long time, discrimination, bigotry, destruction of ecosystem, exploiting loopholes, and taking of public funds that are provided by tax-paying citizens like you. This is a permanent standard of Disney!

If you were recently subscribed to Disney+, or any other streaming services owned by Disney, its time to put the breaks on, and stop supporting this company. And you also need to purge all Disney products what you currently have in your household.

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Looks Like Its Time To Ditch Asphalt Roofing For Green Roofing & Solar Panels And Blue Roofing

Everyday, new structures traditional rely on asphalt roofing. However; asphalt roofing does NOT keep your home or building cool during hot days. The heat island effect is causing our cities to be hotter than you thought! Green roofing at the other hand does an opposite. It actually keeps your home cooler during the hot days, and warmer during the cold days,–as long as your green roofing has proper drainage. Traditional guttering is NOT enough for green roofing because, they’re susceptible to be clogged by natural debris. Plastic guttering for green roofing is out of this question too!

If you were having a new building built, you can always request to have a green roof integrated as a way to help mitigate heating and cooling costs,–even if you prefer retro-style heating with steam radiators and boilers. However; a building with green roofing requies more strength than you thought, green roofing for buildings are expensive, but they can pay for themselves overtime, and even you can play on green roofing,–as long as safety fencing are installed along the perimeter of a building itself (7 fet high at least for the best experience).

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What If Pleistocene Park Has More Animals?

Although; bringing back these animals to these places where they once roam is key to help reduce warming up our planet. Although; bringing back these animals is important because, we need these animals to keep the frozen ground in check. Despite having a successful campaign to add more animals to their park in Russia, this is key for these animals to be introduced, and establish themselves overtime. Well, having at least 2000 deer will be a possible number what I am predicting when plans are successful. However; having bison, horses, and muskoxen are also important. Typically, few animals is a typical start, and it may take years for established numbers to grow. It may also take time for Pleistocene Park to have more animals to emulate pleistocene conditions. Well, we are also from a pleistocene era, and we must reconsider cooling down our planet,and reduce air pollution.

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Being Too Old For an Easter Egg Hunt & An Easter Bunny Is No Excuse!

If someone says “you are too old for Easter bunnies, or Easter Egg hunts”… don’t let them force you into this situation. Despite us who have previous persons who have a longest life over125 years or older… we need to rethink about our age, and growing up,–and help eliminate this practice of systematic agism during each Easter via each year.

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Looks Like It’s Time to #DropDisney For Now!

Okay, you went to various Disney establishments, and you consume content by Disney. However; it’s time to stop supporting this company now because, there’s something wrong with this company, their content, and their practices with consumers and employees.

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Can You Really Put Your Electronic Devices To Work When Doing Other Tasks?

Okay, you have idle computers, or electronic devices what you rarely use, or you usually use your device for other uses. However; Some people make money with putting their machines to work. Well, I am experimenting with these apps that will put my electronic devices to work. Be aware; this is NOT a “get rich quick” type of a thing, and I only use apps/websites what I’ve personally trust… also you should avoid sketchy apps that claim you’re earning enough points, and you have an ability to cash out.; please watch out for these apps that don’t do what you expected to so.

We’re going to present which of these apps/websites what we rely on. As a disclosure, these apps what I linked may be referral links, when you sign up via these referal links, I may receive a referral commission when you sign up for these platforms. Also, affiliate links may be present, when you click on any of these affiliate links to purchase a product, I may receive a commission of a sale of a product or service.

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Having Lots Of Children & Only Relying On Welfare Over Working Is NOT A Good Idea!

Having more children in your family doesn’t always mean a better family. In order to have lots of children in your family; you must spend more money, and you must work on a regular basis. Only SNAP should be used as a starting solution for people with the lowest income. However; having enough money to spend in the first place should’ve prevent parents from struggling in the first place. Although; welfare fraud is illegal, and you can go to prison. Sometimes, families often hide their financial situation. But hiding it is illegal.


Victory! Darrell Brooks Has Been Sentenced To Life Behind Bars On November 15th

This is a sentence what Darrell Brooks is about to begin this November… in the middle of November,–before the date when disaster happened since last November! However; I just can’t wait to party,–after Darrell Brooks is sentenced to life behind bars. Well, he will begin his life sentence. And that’s what I called it “Equal Fights” when Darrell Brooks is now facing a harsh prison sentence. Just like other crooks via any race. However; Darrell Brooks will never forget his sentence. However parole isn’t going to be possible in the future.

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If Darrell Brooks Jr Who Was In A Christmas Parade Disaster Is Sent To Prison Today… Which Prison Will He Will Be Sent To?

What a merry day it is… WHAT A MERRY DAY IT IS! We’re been nailing this guy hard for up to a year, and if you don’t know who Darrell Brooks Jr is… he’s a Black light skin guy who was involved in a Christmas parade disaster, and it must’ve shocked some of us in the USA and Wisconsin. Darrell used his red car to attack people during a Christmas parade that cameback,–after a long wait after 2020 during the pandemic. This attack has resulted to 6 deaths. He chose “not guilty” during his hearing, or something. Well, a bond amount that is questionable is a known problem. However; his current bond, right before his sentencing is higher, and he has a condition of not driving his vehicle, and other restrictions.

Unfortunately, Darrell Brooks Jr is found guilty of all of these charges, and he is sentenced to life behind bars with over 800 years included. That means… he will be in prison, until his death.

Once Darrell Brooks Jr is sent to prison, justice will be served,–for good! But where he will be sentenced? I am not sure where he will be sentenced via prison. I think ADX Florence is a relevant prison, or maybe a prison in California,–or a federal prison someplace.

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Why You Should Rely On A Public Library Instead Of Subscribing To Paid Streaming Platforms & Why You Should Rethink About Efforts To Break Monopolies?

From inflation to big content platforms growing out of control with monopolies,–and even antitrust as a threat to our customers… public libraries can be your best friends when you want to consume content without needing to pay via a credit card. However; public libraries require you to have a library card, but you must care for library items like usual.

Typically, PBS has been encouraging us to check out books via a local library… this prompt has been installed at the end of each set of Arthur episodes, and it was a hit when Arthur has first came out. Unfortunately, the poor refused to rely on a public library, they rely on subscriptions to cable instead… like TV for their cable services. Public libraries can help the poor consume content and save money each day. Although; libraries what we rely on may need more support than you think.