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Why You Should Help Save Winter?

Winter is an important season of our planet. Typically it’s a cold season, but threats of climate change has been causing our large cities like New York City, London, and Tokyo to be extremely at risk of being swallowed by our oceans. However; there are way s to help save our planet, and why you should care about winter.

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Top 20 Reasons You Should Stop Supporting the Coal Industry

Everyday, we mine for coal, but most of these environmental activists has condemned this practice because, coal-burning plants are known sources of pollution around the world. You heard of these coal mine fires that weren’t put out,–after an event of an accident and closure… Some people has tried to trick people to choose coal that is clean to use, but most coal-burning power plants are dirty in nature.

Within this article; here are the top 20 reasons why you should NEVER support the coal industry.