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Top 20 Reasons You Should Stop Supporting the Coal Industry

Everyday, we mine for coal, but most of these environmental activists has condemned this practice because, coal-burning plants are known sources of pollution around the world. You heard of these coal mine fires that weren’t put out,–after an event of an accident and closure… Some people has tried to trick people to choose coal that is clean to use, but most coal-burning power plants are dirty in nature.

Within this article; here are the top 20 reasons why you should NEVER support the coal industry.

20: Harsh fumes

These harsh fumes were linked to possible breathing problems, and other harmful effects of using coal for generating electricity. Some people felt so frustrated because, they were susceptible to black lungs, and other harmful effects. These harsh fumes can mix together, and form acid rain… this harsh affect has been causing damage to our planet for the past years,–after coal is discovered. If you have breathing problems, like COPD, these fumes can cause your breathing to be worse. Suing the coal industry can be helpful if you suffer these issues from a coal-burning power plant.

19: Black water

Black water from coal processing is toxic, and it can harm our environment when dumped. This is one example of polluting our water system. You were at school, and your teacher told you why you should never pollute water. But your school is linked to a coal-burning plant that generates power for school. However; you can petition your school to cut ties with the coal industry to further reduce pollution.

18: mine explosions

Although; mine explosions do happen! If you were an employee for the coal industry. You are susceptible to make one fatal mistake,–causing the mine to explode. Like a coal mine explosion since a long time ago… these people has died when they tried to escape from the explosion. This powerful explosion plays a role that will teach you why mining for coal is dangerous, and you should never do any business with a coal industry under any circumstances.

17: Clean Coal Advertisements

This is the known form of false advertising! These corporations has been doing this for the past years. Some people who were sick of these ads has turn on ad-blocking software extensions on their browsers to keep these fraudulent ads out of their browsers. Many people has created petitions to demand our government to hold these coal companies liable for misrepresenting their ad campaigns on TV, and online,–and on the radio. What I just mentioned earlier… coal is dirty by nature.

16: Your tax money hasn’t been enabled to support renewable energy for a long time

People who were so upset has tried ways to support activists to change our environment. People has wished to put an end to coal industries… and their wishes hasn’t been granted just yet, or there was a scheme where corporations who support coal industries has been trying to keep this industry alive,–by blocking renewable sources of energy.

15: Clean water shortage

This is a serious issue! Coal industries has been causing our planet to lose precious water. This recurring environmental crime has been happening for the past years, and nobody was sentenced for their crime at all. Mining for coal requires you to drain water from the underground source. That’s why we have trouble digging for wells for water. If our wells has been damaged by the coal industry, that can cause our entire water system to be polluted,–resulting high death tolls of our animals, and ourselves.

14: Greenhouse gas emissions

This is common is rely on fossil-fuels for everyday use. High levels of greenhouse gas emissions has been speeding global warming, putting NYC, London, and other places around the world in jeopardy! However; The off-shure windmills has been established to generate clean power, but some of the coal industries hate this clean energy effort because, that can hurt their industry. However; this industry isn’t immuned to going bankrupt in the future. People wanted to have clean energy to rely on for their home. But they have trouble finding it because of these illegal ads that are fraudulent.!

13: High electric bills are supporting coal

If you live in an apartment complex that supports coal industries, and you implemented LED bulbs for your apartment… you are still supporting the coal industry. You had a low electric bill, but you were spooked by these fraudulent surcharges that are NOT supposed to be displayed on your bill. But you can request an audit. But it can fail overtime. This is kind of like an endless headache what many people who wanted clean energy as an alternative power service for their homes.

12: Damage to our environment

I mentioned about acid rain earlier… Acid rain is the common consequence of burning coal for generating power, and running machines. However; damage to the forest is common when coal-miners mine for coal illegally at these protected natural resources. If any mine is left abandon… its susceptible to explode soon. Just like recent mine fires burning today. However; I’ll mention this later in this article.

11: Abandon mines are toxic!

If a mine is no longer in use, it just sits there, but nobody has cleaned up for a long time. This mess hasn’t been cleaned,–after the mine has gone out of business, or condemned by the government. If I can get my calculations correct… animals who entered the mine has been killed by toxic gases below.

10: Speeds up extinction of our important animals

Mining for coal is also harmful to our important animals that play an important role to keep our environment in sync for all of us, and other animals. Coal industries has caused some our animals on earth to take more effort of getting oxygen from fresh air. However; some of these animals are dying out in an alarming rate. I believe these coal industries has been doing this for years. If we don’t stop mining for coal,–our animals will be gone forever,–then us.

Risk of drout

Since coal industries were responsible for causing drout-like conditions… these risk factors aren’t caused by the planet naturally. The coal industries are the only issue that is generated by these illegal emissions released to our atmosphere of our planet earth. Drout can be dangerous, and it can harm our vegetarian food source! People has started installing solar panels to their homes to cut their bills in half. And some of them signed up windmill power services to rely on non-polluting schemes that will save the planet.

9: Mountaintop removal

This is a controversial format of mining for coal. That can cause our water supply from the mountains to be damaged forever. That has also resulted to loss of clouds for rain, snow, and other important factors. Activists has been trying to outlaw this form of coal-mining to save our mountains from destruction caused by these greedy industries!

8: Mine Fires

The Sentrailia coal mine fire has been burning for decades. However; the pensylvania government has condemned this town,–due to high levels of sulfur gases, and other toxic gases. This fire hasn’t been put out for years… Sadly, no tax-payer’s money has funded a project to put out the longest burning fire from this mine that is left behind. And no company has been punished for this endless burning of mine fires. If you lived there… you can still see smoke from this old town. Well, this place has lead to a development of a game and movie, Silent Hill.

7: Expensive

Mining for coal is expensive! It can take lots of money to mine for coal. But these corrupted officials has sent money to these companies to get their coal-mining projects enabled. I believe sponsors were sponsoring the coal industry. Well, I don’t support coal industries at all because, I believe mining for coal takes more land, and it can harm other residents who lived away from this mine.

6: Dangerous coal smoke

Coal smoke has these harmful affects to your body. Like smoking tobacco… it can cause your health to be damaged by tiny particles of toxic metals. This can also harm all animals too!

5: Air pollution

Air pollution is common when we use coal-burning facilities to generate electricity, and run machines. These facilities puff out lots of smoke daily. Its not good stuff because, these particles what I mentioned earlier are harmful. That’s why you are breathing dirty air everyday! People with breathing issues are susceptible to hospitalization, COPD, black lungs, and more.

Coal mines are common hosts of pullution. If you work down there… you are susceptible to dangerous diseases from mining for coal.

4: High risk of explosions at coal-burning plants

If a plant explodes; that can result to a giant steam cloud, and lots of smoke. This is the another consequence if you support the coal industry. If you were linked to a power source from this plant’ you will lose all of your power in any minute. This is common for some people who were poor, or unbanked.

3: Coal transportation trains are risky!

Untold; spilling of coal is the result of loss of revenue for the coal industry. Train derailments has been linked to coal train disasters everyday. Many activists wanted to outlaw use of transport of coal to cut pollution, and reduce CO2 from our planet. These companies has been relying on insurance agencies to recover from accidents , but these agencies has been supporting the coal industries for the past years. However; rejecting to transport coal is one main rule to protect your independence.

2: Some stores support big coal industries

Some stores spoof shoppers,–claiming they have stopped supporting the coal industry. But this lie has been around for the past months or so. I believe some store owners didn’t pay attention to a power service what they’re choosing. Some of these stores may be fined in some countries,–due to their new laws outlawing coal-burning facilities from doing business, or running to provide energy.

1: Global Warming

This is the reason why you should switch to a new power source, and you should care about the cold icy places what you’ve imagined for a long time!

Melting ice caps is the known issue for some people who wanted to live in cold places as their prefered location. In my opinion; some people has started to do skiing as sports, or just explore cold places. However; cold places should be protected against oil, gas, coal, and other fuel exploration.

Global warming has already claimed, or starting to claim the lives of the important animals. And many people started demanding our government to halt all coal industries.

What You Should Do

  • Don’t apply to be a coal-miner.
  • Pay more taxes,–so your government can easily fund a project to put out mine fires.
  • Don’t do any business with any of the coal companies.
  • Conserve as much electricity as you can.
  • Create posters that encourage people to cut ties with coal industries.
  • Recycle often…
  • Sign these petitions to stop coal industries!
  • Ask your local government to outlaw coal-mining to prevent future mine fires by making calls with your phone, emailing, or creating petitions.
  • Choose renewable energy when choosing your next power provider.
  • Block all ads that are related to coal industries. If you were using a cable service, ask your provider to customize these ads for you. If you were using an ad platform, block all ads that are related to using coal-burning services.
  • Blacklist websites that support the coal industry, or company sites that relies on coal. If you were using a web-hosting service, you can blacklist sites by using an IP blocker to block sites that relies on coal-burning services.
  • Don’t drive trains that transport coal.

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