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[Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s Future Prediction] Kansas Adopts Japanese-Style Food Regulations by 2023

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is predicting the future for the first time! Well, predicting the future is key for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to find out if any of these predictions will match these events in the future. Be aware; we’re just predicting the future. This is going to be posted each Saturday on our website.

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What If 25% Of Americans Moved To Japan?

Okay, the United States Of America is the country visited by people around the world. And many people who were born in this nation often take this for granted. The land of the free, and a diverse types of people from each part of a world. Typically, the United States has 50 states, and there are vast places to go to.

However; not all people stay inside the United States for a long haul, some people move to different countries, like Japan or United Kingdom. However; we are focusing on Japan, and I am just wondering what happens if 25% of Americans moved to Japan.