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What If Pleistocene Park Has More Animals?

Although; bringing back these animals to these places where they once roam is key to help reduce warming up our planet. Although; bringing back these animals is important because, we need these animals to keep the frozen ground in check. Despite having a successful campaign to add more animals to their park in Russia, this is key for these animals to be introduced, and establish themselves overtime. Well, having at least 2000 deer will be a possible number what I am predicting when plans are successful. However; having bison, horses, and muskoxen are also important. Typically, few animals is a typical start, and it may take years for established numbers to grow. It may also take time for Pleistocene Park to have more animals to emulate pleistocene conditions. Well, we are also from a pleistocene era, and we must reconsider cooling down our planet,and reduce air pollution.

Educational Series Environmental Issues What If

What If All People Rode A Subway?

Although; people who take underground subway trains often travel places without needing to own a car. In NYC; taking an underground subway is key to help reduce cars off the road. Everyday; people in New York drive cars and vans to go places. However; driving your vehicle is only used for professional uses like taxi services, and other business use like delivering hot goods. Typically, driving your own car as a personal form of transportation is risky than taking an underground subway. If you live without a car, and you rely on trains like a subway to go places; most likely you are helping to help reduce cars off the road.

Educational Series What If

What If 30% Of African-Americans In The United States Of America Moved To Japan?

Although; living in the United States Of America is a land of freedom, the way how this country is set for a long period of time, but freedom doesn’t always come to plan! Well, USA is design to change for a long period of time. Yo got to have a right leader, and you need to have correct laws, and you must have a correct structure of law enforcement. Although; for some people; living in the USA doesn’t always mean better! Some people move to Japan to start their new lives as a way to have children, or in some cases, retire after a long employment.

What we are focusing on, is 30% of African-Americans who might have a choice of moving to Japan. Well, its your decision to move to Japan and start a new life, that way; you can avoid police shootings, the same way that happened to most of other African-Americans… like me. If 30% of African-Americans move to Japan today, there’s are some effects that will effect parts of USA, such as: shrinkage of number of citizens, surplus properties, etc.