Tech Issues Causes Corporate Accountability

If You Were Using Microsoft Windows… Switch To Either Linux Or FreeDOS Immediately!

If you think Microsoft Windows is a great OS, without needing to type these expensive commands on your computer. However; Windows 11 has been set to take screenshots each time as you use your PC,–taking up disk space. Currently, I shut off my Windows PC as a way to reduce the burden of having this experience. Well, the point of having a GUI is to make it easier for a typical person who never owned a computer before. However; some people choose to type commands over using a GUI.

With all of these privacy evading practices found within Windows 11; this is a serious madness when you are about to power on your computer.


Can You Really Take Surveys Outdoors On Your Laptop Computer Or Mobile Device Via SurveyJunkie?

Okay, I’ve experimented on taking surveys via SurveyJunkie via my iPad outside of my apartment as I enjoy the outside air. Well, that supercharged my thoughts just a bit. I’ve also have an opportunity to speak with someone outside as I take surveys and multitask like usual. With all of that fresh air has also refreshed my time to sleep later on. Well, I am using my time to get an opportunity to take surveys like a person would each day. I’ve managed to take a survey yesterday, and I managed to make it through at least 1 survey. Sometimes, these surveys fill up, or not be relevant for me. I can still earn points when I try taking each survey, and rely on these important things to do. What I didn’t know; taking surveys outside of my apartment has caused me to think further. Fortunately, trees are available to get me a boost of thinking as I take a survey.

Lifestyle Environmental Issues

Living Without Natural Gas Isn’t Just Going To Be Fun, But You Need A Contingency Plan!

If you live in a big city like New York City; its time to live without natural gas, and rethink about our planet. However; cooking with gas doesn’t always mean better! We haven’t use common sense to understand the risks of cooking with gas, and other activities what we do with gas. With the rise of electric appliances that are replacing gas appliances… switching to electric appliances has a key role to make gas appliances obsolete. However; some skilled chefs may argue why cooking with gas is a key to control the heat. However; induction cooking has a power to cook food without any fallout via gas, or an expose heating element. Gas usage has also been associated with destruction of rain forests, meadows, small farms, and even our environment.

Lifestyle Pets & Animals

If You Like Riding Animals… Never Use Cruel Methods Of Training! Do This Instead

What’s the point about riding animals? The good news is: Riding animals helped us travel further, and avoid hazards on the ground, and save time as we travel. Also, riding animals can be a fun activity to do,–as long as you use positive reinforcement training. The less painful training methods; the better!

Although; some animal advocates has brought these cruel trainers to light, revealing the actual truth of how animals are trained for riding, in some cases; an elephant can intentionally eject a cruel mahout to get out of misery and escape.

If you were concerned about animal welfare at fairgrounds; new policies needed to be implemented to keep cruel trainers at bay. And remember: Church is no excuse for cruelty to animals. No person via any faith is above the law!


Can You Be Really Creative As You Write Outdoors?

Right now, I am experimenting on writing a book on my Ubuntu laptop computer as I enjoy fresh air. Typically, I write when I have time. Unfortunately, lack of fresh air has caused me to sleep incorrectly, and miss out days of work. I always try my best to attend my job. If a job is not available; I can go on my computer and write content, or take surveys.

Family Issues Educational Series Poverty & Wealth

Can A Poor Family Develop Talents Like Writing Books

Some poor families do have talents, but they kept hesitating ways to make some dollars when they put their talents to work.

With all of some people put themselves at work by writing books, or posting on websites and share their stories… they often monetize their works. However; with the rise of using payment platforms, people rely on them as a way to get tips or donations from their readers/viewers.