What If There’s 55% Of Americans Are Japanese-Americans In USA?

Okay, you woke up this morning, and you are about to work at your usual job.

You grabbed your lunch that is usually your sushi dinner from last night (with udon).

You head out of your apartment.

You reach the 1st floor.

You head out the door to catch the bus.

As you take a bus, you can see more people who are Japanese-Americans.

You greet them.

They greet you back.

You just do your normal routine before you start working at your place of employment.

You arrived at your place of employment.

You can see your old friends who are just working like usual.

You start working, and you discovered your friends are discussing about interacting with Japanese-Americans who are rising by 55%.

You study how people behave, and you discovered these people are still product,–despite old age.

You looked around a bit… as you ask for an administrator to update software on your work computer.

Your administrator is a new Japanese-American employee.

She updates software on your work computer.

Almost 22% of these employees are Japanese-American!

You just figured out why there’s a population boom of Japanese-Americans who rised by 55%… and you are just figuring out how you can adapt to a change to our culture.

Jobs are generated.

Economy grows.

Gun-free culture strengthens.

Coding jobs begin to appear, for this instance; coding games for newer consoles, or PCs.

Former vacant stores and properties begin to experience new owners… reducing blights by 99.9%!

Technical jobs begin to appear.

Each day; you discovered USA is teaming with Japanese-Americans, almost like you’re in your dream.

That’s when a majority of these citizens has caused USA to change forever.

Japanese culture continues to influence Americans as Americans head to Japan to give back to Japan,–after they’ve learned Japanese.

Tall buildings begin to appear in Kansas.

Trains begin to experience a boom of revenue.

Roads go empty of automobiles as people take trains each day.

Technology goes advanced.

Costs go down.

Former shops begin to get new lease of life.

The good thing: USA will be more diversed than it used to be since years ago.!

If the trend of Japanese-American population continues each day; how many Japanese-Americans will be living in the USA? Well, that will be a major change to our free country overtime. Typically, Japanese culture is fun to study.

If you take NYC, and you added Japanese-Americans, they will take more trains, and that will enable trains to gain more revenue, and generate jobs. It takes effort for Japanese Americans to buy up former streetcar routes and restore them.

If trains are taken by Japanese-Americans each day, and roads begin to go empty… that will be a change to a way how we travel.

Making friends with Japanese-Americans can take some time, and you may need to get used to them.

Unfortunately, USA is infested with gun violence, corruption, and even crime rates that are questionable. However; people who don’t want to work are often end up without money to spend.

If Japanese-Americans are hired as additional employees for various sectors like finance, tech, retail, and even educational sectors, that will help reduce the burden of finding other employees. We do run out of American employees overtime!

Within these years… you have people with a mix of race, and other factors. However; it takes more effort to prevent hate crimes from erupting.

What I believe; having people working,–despite international citizens is key to keep jobs active.

If you ran out of American employees, you may need to be comfortable with other types of people from around the world.

In the future; USA and Japan will ve diverse, follow by Thailand, UK, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa.

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