Environmental Issues

Why You Should Consider Eating Red Lionfish To Save Our Ecosystem In America?

Okay, I do eat fish as my primary source of that replace conventional land-based meats. However; red lionfish, and invasive species in America are still living in the Atlantic ocean via our east coast… to the tip of South America. Well, you can eat red lionfish, and sushi restaurants should add red lionfish as a sustainable option for most sushi restaurants in the United States Of America.

If you are a fan of ham dishes, you may need to consider consuming feral pig ham. Feral pigs and damaging wild hogs in the USA are causing issues with crop growers and farmers. Hunting feral pigs in the USA is NOT enough to stop the pig bombs. Well, your dogs can rely on feral hogs as a sustainable source of meat, or zookeepers can feed feral hog meat to carnivores like coogers, wolves, lions, tigers, and other carnivores. Unfortunately, feral hogs don’t chew cud like most animals with cloven hoofed feed, and 4 stomachs. Well, restaurants should add feral hog ham as a sustainable delicacy.