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Top 20 Dark Secrets Of the New York City Subway

I’ve ridden a subway train before! Did you notice New York’s Subway has these dark secrets that you’ve NEVER heard of? If you don’t know what’s going on with their subway system… I’ll tell you these dark secrets what you’ve never heard of.

20: Connected to a coal-burning plant as a source of energy

You were cutting pollution all right… but you were puffing more carbon than usual. No tax-payer money is used to help NYC phase out use of coal-burning plants. These plants are known to cause climate change everyday. Since New York City is at the Alantic Ocean, its susceptible to be flooded by rising waters. Coal lobbyist has been trying to keep their coal business running. That’s totally backwards to use a coal-burning plant to run a subway system. However; using windmills is the only way for the subway system to be free of pollutants. No petition has been created to demand New York to implement windmills to fully replace coal industries altogether.

If the New York City subway has replaced coal with wind… that will help cut carbon by 400% daily. All of the wasted fare money is also to blame! If this is the case, you may need to write a journal of yourself taking a subway daily, and publish it on your website. And figure out how much fare money was wasted.

What you should do:

  • Create a powerful petition that will demand New York City to switch to wind energy for their subway service.
  • Create art that will focus on a subway system using windmills as one main source of energy.
  • If you were a transit employee… support organizations who will stop climate change, promote renewable energy, and vegetarianism,–and mandatory recycling laws by sending a request to your employer.
  • If you were a recurring customer of the subway service, purchase a card that will support at least 200 service usages in bulk. Always rely on bulk purchases.
  • If you were an advertiser; Advertise wind energy as you can. Keep your ad running, and update is as you can.
  • If you are a supplier who build railcars for the subway system; try supporting environmental activists to save our planet.

19: Drunk train driver

You know its against the law to drink alcohol and drive any vehicle. In 1991;–months after I was born… 1 drunk train engineer has caused a largest train crash in history. Although he was found uninjured in his control panel. He was arrested by the police, this fatal crash has lead to loss of the passengers’ lives. I believe that caused some people NOT to take a subway,–until new laws are implemented to keep drunk train engineers out of our railway communities. However; that prison sentence what he was facing isn’t affective when bringing him to justice! This short sentence is source of our corrupted courts in New York City. If he was sentenced to life behind bars… that will teach our community why you should NEVER drive a train drunk.

Alcohol plus driving a train; equals death! That’s what some people didn’t even understand. Train engineers should stay away from liquor at all costs. Sadly, the New York City subway didn’t even prohibit anyone from driving their trains drunk in the first place.

What you should do:

  • By the next time you are going to drive a subway train… be sure to educate your riders why you should NEVER drive a train drunk.
  • Don’t do any business with any bars and restaurants where liquor is sold.
  • Stay away from alcohol.
  • If you were an engineer… and you discovered the another engineer driving the train drunk; stop the train immediately, or have the conductor stop the train,–if you can’t reach the stop switch in time.
  • If you were a passenger; and you suspected a drunk train engineer; and the conductor is NOT doing a job, find someone will help you stop drunk engineers. Customers have a secret weapon to stop the train.
  • Always have a mobile phone to file a complaint with a representative to get help. They will contact emergency services for you,–if you’re not comfortable with 911 services. Or insome cases; instructions will be provided to you to stop the train, or alert the driver to stop the train. If all that fails; you may need to stop the train immediately with the instructions via a conductor. If you are alone; and there’s no help… warn the representative immediately.
  • If injuries were present; you have the right to sue the subway system for allowing drunk drivers to drive trains.

18: Waste of rolling stock

Everybody was so excited to see newly designed railcars for the NYC subway system, but old rolling stock cars hasn’t been placed out of service without warning. There’s no such funds to support rebuilding these railcars. People became collectors who often turned them into all kinds of things. It’s kind of like using 100% recycled railcars to you. However; for the subway system; its a waste! Utilizing existing railcars is always necessary. However; its possible to expand the subway system for existing railcars. Some of these old cars are dumped at sea to form an artificial reef for our planet’s ecosystem.

If NYC has implemented a subscription service to rely on these train cars to go to places; that will enable the subway service to make more revenue than traditional fares, and advertising. If it ever happens; the subway will be expanding without any trouble. That would also establish reopening of these abandon/unused platforms, and install platform screendoors, and implement dedicated routes for some trains with fixed sizes, and modify rolling stock.

What you should do:

Write an open letter to the subway service to have them change the way how subway services are running. Requesting for a subscriber-based service will help the subway system gain more revenue to combat waste of fare revenue.

17:Restroom closures

Wow! You may need to wear diapers when taking a subway in NYC. This wasteful closure caused people to go to bathroom between cars; this controversial act has been going for years. None of these cars has a built-in restroom systems at all… If you child needs a pit stop; that requires your child to hold all of that junk that must come out; that can also result to accidents, and wet clothing. If you remembered these restrooms opened earlier; that is kind of normal to relieve yourself there,–after you reached your destination.

Lack of restrooms has result people using tracks to relieve themselves,–resulting electrocution via a third rail.

What you should do:

  • Purchase some diapers and wear them.
  • Create a petition to demand the subway system to reopen restrooms… this is very important.

16: Overcrowding in one car

However; newly designed open-gainway trains has been built to resolve this issue. New rules has been causing some issues with people transfering from one car to the another. This is kind of controversial. A long time ago… it was okay to transfer to one car to the another Sadly, the NYC subway new rules has made train travel even worse.

What you should do

Create a petition to revert NYc subway back to a normal state,–just like long ago, and appose these rules that are defective by design.

15: Abandon platforms

Unused platforms are the known signs of waste of tax-payer, and fare money. These abandon platforms in the dark is the sign of NYC subway’s neglectful practices of their systems. These platforms that weren’t used for years is susceptible to floods, and damage. No tax money is used to force reintroduce these platforms to the public. And there’s no ownership of these unused platforms recorded. If these platforms were owned by new business owners; that can offset the system’s expensive maintenance of these platforms.

What you should do

Create a petition to demand NYC subway to rethink the way of running their subway services for the public.

14: Unnecessary station closures

This is the another form of wasting fare money/tax-payer money! These unnecessary station closures has been causing conjestion to foot traffic. If these stations were kept open… they can still use them,–depending on the length of the train. Sadly; they don’t offer membership-based subway services that are designed to enable passengers to get an experienced with subway services with a premium price!

Station closures don’t make the NYC subway be immuned to traffic conjestion… If you use the station everyday, and you were going to work/school; you nay need to pay attention to these closure messages to find out if your easy route is closing.

If you don’t like station closures, and you wanted these stations to reopen to the public again… you can create a petition to stop these potentially unwanted closures.

13: Suicides

Untold, suicidal teens/adults has been flooding these subway tracks,–causing train engineers to be liable for the loss of these customers. By design… there’s no such safety feature that prevents suicide from happening, not even 1 anti-suicide sign has been posted in 1 platform. And there’s no platform screendoor has been installed to prevent this from happening. If lawsuits climb… that will cause the subway system to be ordered to implement anti-suicide features everywhere.

What you should do:

Demand the NYC subway to implement these safety features and stop wasting tax/fare money!

12: No official staff who will stop bullying/abuse/neglect

This is serious for some students who rely on a subway service to stay away from traditional transit via school bus,–due to high levels of bullying. But this is the same in my opinion! Bullies often throw weak students off platforms,–causing victims to be ran over by a train. Police officers, transit employees, and other important staff hasn’t took action at all.

This is the serious crime that is waiting to happen.

Parents who were involved in abusing children are NOT immuned to arrests, and prison time. No family-based rules should obstruct safety rules on a subway train. Staff should watch out for possible signs of abuse, and illegal spanking, and neglect. But many children has been running away from abuse for the past years, and no such parent is held accountable for abuse, and neglect. This form of corruption has been spreading for years.

11: No safety for the homeless, and illegal arrests of the homeless

By design… subway systems don’t have underground apartments, or dedicated homes. If NYC subway has this feature… that can save the lives of the homeless, the abused, the bullied, and the neglected. That can also reduce expensive above construction of common buildings, and hold more citizens without any trouble.

Corrupt police officers has been involved in these schemes. Many homeless people has no place to live, but the underground subway as a form of a shelter to live in. That applies to the underground subway itself,–not the elevated systems. Soaring house prices are the norm of the housing industry!

10: No donations to environmental projects to combat climate change, and pollution

This is kind of difficult to find out where your fare money is actually going to. Some people who rely on credit cards to support the activists and organizations to combat pollution and big oil companies. Sadly; NYC subway don’t have these features to combat climate change. They don’t have this in my opinion.

Not even one vendor underground support any of these important organizations

9: The rising fare costs

This is common via the subway industry. Many people who don’t drive their own vehicles, or they don’t have any vehicles to drive rely on this service because you don’t need a car to travel in New York. This is one norm of taking a train to school, or back home,–or work. If you were using a subway frequently… prices may go up overtime.

However; as a work-around… always have some extra change with you when relying on this subway service.

It take up to 1,000,000 people via a $10 spending to fully fund the entire subway to pay for common expenses. If you taken rich people who take subway rides daily… that can also cover expenses without any trouble.

8: High levels of falls to subway tracks

People who can’t see the platform edge are susceptible to fall into these tracks. Accidents has been rising,–due to lack of platform screendoors. The MTA has been appealing to these liability claims. The corrupted transit industry has been causing issues with our society.

7: Use of pest-control services

This is the dark secret what animal activists will bring to light. This subway system has been relying on this service for years. Animal activists… such as PETA has condemned use of this service as cruel and unnecessary! Untold; these barberric traps has been targeting other animals. Never the less… these traps has caused the subway system to use more energy than usual.

That is one example of wasting tax-payer money.

6: Attacking train spotters

Train operators has been attacking train spotters who record footage of trains running in NYC. These illegal non-emergency police calls has been scaring away train spotters during this time. There’s no such emergency about these train spotters recording train foottages. Train spotters often perform safety when spotting trains. Some of them report problems immediately,–before bad things happen.

5: Scam ads

According to Stop Online Scams on YouTube, and other scam stoppers… these scam ads has been linked to pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, matrix scheme, illegal get rich quick schemes, mislabled products, greedy corporations, etc. These scam ads hasn’t been audited for removal. These ads has been causing issues with our ads on our trains. You can still report scams like usual.

4: Lost items in tracks hasn’t been retrived by a transit employee what you expected too

This is a nightmare for credit card holders, and machine owners. You used the customer service inter coms to get help, but your items are NOT retrieved what you expected too! This form of corruption has been causing issues for years. Sometimes bullies throw your items down there. Failing to stop the bully should be condemned by the MTA at all costs.

You can fix this problem by demanding the subway to install platform screendoors to reduce this issue.

3: No protection for service animals of all types

Religion doesn’t make you immuned to fines. All subway services must comply with ADA, and the rights of the people who have service animals. You heard of thereapy dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, and even ducks! Untold; these animals hasn’t been protected against these people who were involved in disallowing animals, and illegal slaughter. You can sue the subway for this unlawful scheme. Corruption is a common issue today.

2: Not combating Islamic terrorism what you expected to

Rape, ‘honor’ killing of women and young girls, and attacking the LGBT should be punishable by years behind bars, or deportation. You said something after you saw something. But these employees refused to do their job. Illegal Islamization in America is may be to blame. If this is the case, our subway will be to unsafe to use,–due to terrorism. There were controversiol ads that really push our government to ban all Islam altogether,–claiming terrorism will cut terrorism by 100%.

As always… if you see something… say something!

1: There’s no platform screendoors installed!

This is the #1 dark secret of the NYC subway what NYC don’t want you to read!

Like all platforms has no life-saving features to prevent these issues from happening in t he future. Not even 1 tax dollar is used to install these important devices. These devices can save lives, and your wallet, and it can reduce operator costs,–establing automated trains to run without a driver, but a conductor who will operate the doors.

If these doors were installed earlier; that can save lives, and prevent people from falling into these train tracks in the first place. But the subway system has failed to do so. However you can fix this problem by suing the NYC subway for a loss of your loved ones, or demand a court ordered installing of these devices.

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