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Reduce TV Time At 17:30 to 20:00 And Encourage Your Children To Read Books

Everyday, children watch TV after they arrived from school, and they finished homework before turning their TV on. Children watch TV as a way to be entertained. Content-providers deliver content to them as a way to supply content to kids, but there are issues with children not learning new things! Tipically, reading books is one …

If You’ve Watched Any Of These Movies Or TV Shows… Sometimes Changes Can Happen For Real!

We love watching these movies and TV shows, and sometimes, we only see these events in movies, but some movies what you’ve watched can make a change in your family, or your society. However; our families around the world are screwed due to hidden abuse in our common cultural practices, or abuse found in most …

Are Text-Adventure Games Really Coming Back To Life? Yes They Are In My Opinion!

Recently, I stumbled upon these videos on YouTube, focusing on text-adventure games what you can develop from scratch. These text-based games don’t rely on extreme graphics because, it relies on your imagination to process graphics. During the earlier times of gaming, text-based games are popular, and you interact with these games by typing a command …