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[Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s Future Prediction] Kansas Adopts Japanese-Style Food Regulations by 2023

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is predicting the future for the first time! Well, predicting the future is key for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to find out if any of these predictions will match these events in the future. Be aware; we’re just predicting the future. This is going to be posted each Saturday on our website.

What If

What If There’s 55% Of Americans Are Japanese-Americans In USA?

Okay, you woke up this morning, and you are about to work at your usual job.

You grabbed your lunch that is usually your sushi dinner from last night (with udon).

You head out of your apartment.

You reach the 1st floor.

You head out the door to catch the bus.

As you take a bus, you can see more people who are Japanese-Americans.

You greet them.

They greet you back.

You just do your normal routine before you start working at your place of employment.

You arrived at your place of employment.

You can see your old friends who are just working like usual.

You start working, and you discovered your friends are discussing about interacting with Japanese-Americans who are rising by 55%.

You study how people behave, and you discovered these people are still product,–despite old age.

Causes Lifestyle

Can You Really Put Your Electronic Devices To Work When Doing Other Tasks?

Okay, you have idle computers, or electronic devices what you rarely use, or you usually use your device for other uses. However; Some people make money with putting their machines to work. Well, I am experimenting with these apps that will put my electronic devices to work. Be aware; this is NOT a “get rich quick” type of a thing, and I only use apps/websites what I’ve personally trust… also you should avoid sketchy apps that claim you’re earning enough points, and you have an ability to cash out.; please watch out for these apps that don’t do what you expected to so.

We’re going to present which of these apps/websites what we rely on. As a disclosure, these apps what I linked may be referral links, when you sign up via these referal links, I may receive a referral commission when you sign up for these platforms. Also, affiliate links may be present, when you click on any of these affiliate links to purchase a product, I may receive a commission of a sale of a product or service.

Educational Series Causes Poverty & Wealth

Having Lots Of Children & Only Relying On Welfare Over Working Is NOT A Good Idea!

Having more children in your family doesn’t always mean a better family. In order to have lots of children in your family; you must spend more money, and you must work on a regular basis. Only SNAP should be used as a starting solution for people with the lowest income. However; having enough money to spend in the first place should’ve prevent parents from struggling in the first place. Although; welfare fraud is illegal, and you can go to prison. Sometimes, families often hide their financial situation. But hiding it is illegal.