An Adventure In A Planted Forest On An Old Farm & A Rat Ride

I was riding my fairy, Amanda,
we are the first to bring these corporate polluters to justice!
This forest has been illegally burned to start a cattle farm.
Many of these Greedy farmers who raise cattle for meat has robbed land from 10 tribes who were meditating in this forest as a religious culture.
Annie isn’t doing her duties at this moment.

Amanda and I are on a search for abandon farms that are being sold!

However, Annie is an only known fairy who is good at finding old cattle farms that are going bankrupt!
That was her dream patrol what she was doing for years.
However, Annie isn’t patroling…

At the fairy palace someplace in New Kingdom; Annie is kind of down.
She isn’t feeling so good,
Her nurse is caring for her because, someone has forced her to eat meat!
Annie doesn’t have any requirement to eat any meat of any kind that is land-based like pork, pultry, beef, etc.
“Save our forests,” she said, “meat is not for me!”
Her nurse calls me to take over Annie’s patrol,
Encouraging me to fight for our forests to bring back the cold days.

At the old town where it used to have a dairy farm that slaughter cattle for meat,–after milk production declines.
There are 22 farmers who were selling their property to get out of corporate debt,
There’s no bet to enable a dairy farm to get out of debt because, stores refused to buy their products from them because, they only support family farms that are smaller in size, and support a powerful dairy tax.

Amanda lands at the farm where a family of 12 children has experienced financial difficulties becaus.
At least these children has money available to spend to become gardeners.
There are 20 cattle who were now sold to the another farm.
Debt is climbing up to $200,000,000. Maybe this company is in credit card debt.
What a debt!!

Amanda is now at the farmhouse where it experienced liens being placed on it. Over $400,000 has been placed on it.

Amanda poofs to a city where a creditor is obtaining a lien against a dairy farm in debt. However; an owner of a dairy farm has over $900,000,000 in credit card debt,
He’s in court!

I walked around in this old farm that was running for years.

I met a yellow rat, and she is about to move to her new home across the streets where cyclists are usually busy going places.

I met a white rat,she is getting closer to me.
How about a rat ride,” she said “Amanda has to trace where all of that debt has originated. Take a ride, I’ll be your fairy.”
I mounted on a white rat.
She begins to go forward.

It may look like we’re on a farm already, but this farm is kind of like a mess now.!
There’s tractors being sold, trucks being reposessed
calves being repossessed,
and even a beautiful red cow being sold by a creditor!

Unfortunately, there’s no trees to get shade to escape from a searing hot sunlight. Almost like we’re being baked like pies during the hot days!

A family of farmers has experienced a financial distress because, their cattle has been wiped out by a hot sun, and they’re recently failing to stay cool.

At the creditor’s office, Amanda is just curious about a farm’s debt overall. “What’s going on with this dairy farm sir?” A creditor replied, “this farm obtained a huge sum of a loan of $200,000,000 to start a dairy farm to serve lacto vegetarians like me. They mislabeled their products as “hormone-free”, resulting them to pay a hefty fine of $900,000,000. They obtained a secondary loan to pay that huge fine. That caused them to be in further debt down the road.” Amandasaid, “so that’s what’s going on. Looks like this family is in serious debt.” Amanda can see lots of documents piled on a table for a court case. “So far; we obtained a lien on their property,” said the creditor, “this is a judgement lien, and we can sell the property to satisfy a lien for a large price of 1.” Amanda was interested to buy property, and she said, “I’ll buy this property!” A creditor smiled, and he replied, “once you bought this property, you can start your own farm, or plant trees to start a public park for your community.” Amanda poofs to other forests to get an idea to figure out how to start a forest. A creditor hires his gang to repossess property from a dairy farm in debt.

As I ride my white rat down the street; we can see other creditors getting ready to seize all of the equipment to slaughter cattle to produce meat products.

Take a look of these guys… they’ve arrived via an order of a court. And many of the farm equipment has been seized.

Wow! This farm is going away.

This is a sad day for a family who were now in poverty because they have no place to live. Well, children are now old enough to find jobs to keep themselves financially stable.

The mother and father who are White individuals are now facing a creditor who is a Black/African-American creditor who already worked with many clients who rely on credit to dine, and other uses. Well, this company is now under serious debt.

Amanda poofs back to the farm where we’re currently at. Amanda is now about to buy this property and land.

She has enough money to buy property, but she uses regular money to buy this property.

Now, an African-American creditor is proud to sell this dairy farm to Amanda because, she isn’t going to use it to start a cattle farm,
She is going to plant trees,
And Make our own forest,
Our own ecosystem.

Amanda has to wait up to 8 weeks for a sale of a property to execute, and Amanda has to prepare a land for planting trees.

When the 8 weeks has passed; Amanda is now a new owner,
And we’re going to plant trees to plant our own forest!

Now, I’m riding my white rat through the passage to enter a farm,
Well, Amanda and I are both owners. However; a creditor has told us about a slaughterhouse, a barn, and a farmhouse,–and lawn available to use, but we have to remove concrete to plant more trees, and plant wildflowers. “Now, that’s starting to plant trees,” said the white rat, “it’s like gardening.” A creditor hops on his ride-on brown rabbit to go back to his business location to get back to work. “This town needs a forest inside because, we have to add some green fields to reduce sunlight, and cool our planet,” said Amanda, “I’m about to fly over this farm to get updates for planting trees for our town Concrete needs to be removed to enable water to hit the ground, and reduce floods.”
Amanda begins to fly as I ride my white rat.

Look all of the hard concrete surfaces.
Floods are the cause because, this farm wanted to grab money and keep producing their products like a greedy company!
Removing these slabs of concrete will reveal all green spaces to fill up.
Asphalt is already removed to enable us to plant trees with a planned strategy.
Our goal is to plant at least 1000 trees to dim our land.

Amanda and I bought this old farm,
In this sleepy old town,
I’m riding my beautiful white rat in my new farmhouse,
There is no dairy farm because, there’s no cattle,
It used to be a dairy farm!
It was a factory farm…
It has an abandon slaughter house,
And it has an old abandon barn.
The land is bare with lawn.
The sky is blue,
But there’s no clue why I’ve gained ownership of this old abandon property!

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