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Is It Time To Distribute Your Books To Public Libraries Only & Help Break Monopolies?

From rising prices and big companies and monopolies getting stronger; consumers may have trouble consuming digital content like ebooks. Unfortunately, ebook piracy is a known threat to many publishers and authors alike, and loss of revenue is rising. Well, some publishers and authors don’t understand about why public libraries are important for us. Amazon, Scribd, Kobo, and other ebook vendors what we know today don’t always mean a great source of revenue, and that’s what some authors don’t actually understand. However; I am personally preparing my books to be republished and redistributed to public libraries around parts of the world. I only write and publish books that are DRM-free. Why I do this because, I believe DRM implementation is costly, and it may raise costs of writing my books. Before I share my personal experience of publishing books to public libraries; let’s focus on why public libraries are important to us, and why they are tools for you to save money overtime. And if you are an author, we’re going to focus on why choosing to publish to public libraries over selling your ebooks via online ebook vendos is key for you to reduce the burden of piracy and revenue loss.

As my experience of being an author; I wanted to make some money with my work, and I was trying multiples of experiments, and wait for ways for my book to be published. All of that updating, and republishing what I was doing for some while… I can only see why traditional ebook stores can be a problem for me. For this instance; a clever pirate can bypass encryption schemes what stores implement to help prevent theft of intellectual property of other authors and publishers. Well, they don’t always work as planned. Upset authors and publishers often cry over revenue loss, and causing these publishers and authors to go bankrupt as faster than you didn’t know it.