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Looks Like Its Time To Ditch Asphalt Roofing For Green Roofing & Solar Panels And Blue Roofing

Everyday, new structures traditional rely on asphalt roofing. However; asphalt roofing does NOT keep your home or building cool during hot days. The heat island effect is causing our cities to be hotter than you thought! Green roofing at the other hand does an opposite. It actually keeps your home cooler during the hot days, and warmer during the cold days,–as long as your green roofing has proper drainage. Traditional guttering is NOT enough for green roofing because, they’re susceptible to be clogged by natural debris. Plastic guttering for green roofing is out of this question too!

If you were having a new building built, you can always request to have a green roof integrated as a way to help mitigate heating and cooling costs,–even if you prefer retro-style heating with steam radiators and boilers. However; a building with green roofing requies more strength than you thought, green roofing for buildings are expensive, but they can pay for themselves overtime, and even you can play on green roofing,–as long as safety fencing are installed along the perimeter of a building itself (7 fet high at least for the best experience).

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What If Pleistocene Park Has More Animals?

Although; bringing back these animals to these places where they once roam is key to help reduce warming up our planet. Although; bringing back these animals is important because, we need these animals to keep the frozen ground in check. Despite having a successful campaign to add more animals to their park in Russia, this is key for these animals to be introduced, and establish themselves overtime. Well, having at least 2000 deer will be a possible number what I am predicting when plans are successful. However; having bison, horses, and muskoxen are also important. Typically, few animals is a typical start, and it may take years for established numbers to grow. It may also take time for Pleistocene Park to have more animals to emulate pleistocene conditions. Well, we are also from a pleistocene era, and we must reconsider cooling down our planet,and reduce air pollution.

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What If All People Rode A Subway?

Although; people who take underground subway trains often travel places without needing to own a car. In NYC; taking an underground subway is key to help reduce cars off the road. Everyday; people in New York drive cars and vans to go places. However; driving your vehicle is only used for professional uses like taxi services, and other business use like delivering hot goods. Typically, driving your own car as a personal form of transportation is risky than taking an underground subway. If you live without a car, and you rely on trains like a subway to go places; most likely you are helping to help reduce cars off the road.

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Why You Should Consider Eating Red Lionfish To Save Our Ecosystem In America?

Okay, I do eat fish as my primary source of that replace conventional land-based meats. However; red lionfish, and invasive species in America are still living in the Atlantic ocean via our east coast… to the tip of South America. Well, you can eat red lionfish, and sushi restaurants should add red lionfish as a sustainable option for most sushi restaurants in the United States Of America.

If you are a fan of ham dishes, you may need to consider consuming feral pig ham. Feral pigs and damaging wild hogs in the USA are causing issues with crop growers and farmers. Hunting feral pigs in the USA is NOT enough to stop the pig bombs. Well, your dogs can rely on feral hogs as a sustainable source of meat, or zookeepers can feed feral hog meat to carnivores like coogers, wolves, lions, tigers, and other carnivores. Unfortunately, feral hogs don’t chew cud like most animals with cloven hoofed feed, and 4 stomachs. Well, restaurants should add feral hog ham as a sustainable delicacy.

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Why You Should Help Save Winter?

Winter is an important season of our planet. Typically it’s a cold season, but threats of climate change has been causing our large cities like New York City, London, and Tokyo to be extremely at risk of being swallowed by our oceans. However; there are way s to help save our planet, and why you should care about winter.

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What If We Switched From Coal-Burning Power Plants… To Relying On Renewable Energy For Our Town?

Imagine you were just recycling your metal cans, and old metal pots… and you were just doing your recycling task? You were just listening to the news about the coal industry that was defeated by the wind industry that is so powerful enough to wipe all of the mining jobs out of the USA. You used to rely on a traditional energy service where you rely on traditional power. You are just getting ready to get ready to use a new power service that will be a new norm for our country.