Why You Should Help Save Winter?

Winter is an important season of our planet. Typically it’s a cold season, but threats of climate change has been causing our large cities like New York City, London, and Tokyo to be extremely at risk of being swallowed by our oceans. However; there are way s to help save our planet, and why you should care about winter.

Why Winter Is Important

Winter is important because, cold days enable us to have these important sports what we take for granted like skiing, and other winter sports. Animals need to hibernate to sleep through long winter months. For this instance, squirrels need to hibernate to sleep for the entire winter season. We also need winter for our montains to supply snow. Snow is vital for supplying fresh water for our animals to drink, and even us rely on it too. The colder the winter days; the better. There are some animals that are dependent on cold weather like snow lepards, Arctic foxes, Arctic wolves, polar bears, and other animals who are dependent on cold days and cold climates. Well, I was born in a cold climate. However; cold climates are my preferred climates because, they’re amazing, and I got used to it… after I wa bord in New York City. Believe it , or not, this city belongs in the cold climate, not hot climate during the winter! Adapting to the cold climate require us to implement heavy coats and winter hats, boots to tread through snow, animals to ride, and relying on trains instead of automobiles. We must eat warm dishes to warm up our bellies, and we need gloves to handle all of that cold. We also need to reconsider how we did it in the past.

The winter months are important for people who drive trucks on icy roads that that are specially formulated to enable truckers to deliver goods to us each day.

The more of the frozen seas we have; the better, we need frozen seas because, seals, polar bears, wolves, Arctic foxes, and other animals rely on frozen seas to build ice caves, and even enable us to go fishing with a different technique.

Icy lakes are also important because, water below the icy surface stays cold for a long time. When the ground is frozen, that also help cool the ground too. Animals like deer, horses, and other organisms trample on frozen ground to repeat the cooling cycle of preventing the ground from warming up. That also help winter plants grow. They will also help pump oxygen to our air, so we can breathe.

Winter wheat is important for us.!

Because, without cold days during the winter; we will not have any snow. Do you remember the snowstorm that wiped cattle from a farm years ago? This is a message what our planet is trying to send us: Reduce lifestock, and reconsider our planet.

To me, winter is a vital season for all of us.

Ditch Use Of Natural Gas

Use of natural gas is a problem for our planet. If you were a person who opoosue use of natural gas… like me, you may need to plan your last year of using natural gas, and switching to renewable energy. For this instance, you can use waste oil as fuel to warm your house. If you have a gas steam boiler for heating your house, and you believe use of natural gas is no longer practical, it’s time for you to get yourself an electric steam boiler that will replace your gas boiler. Well, you need to check if your rental home uses natural gas.

If you are renting a home:

If you were moving to a new rental home, and they have natural gas service, don’t rent it! Instead, keep finding rental homes that only use electric energy. To verify if this rental home has gas service, look for a gas valve that turns it on or off.

For people who rent apartments in large buildings.

If you live in an apartment building; request an electric range and use it as a substitute for a gas range. If your apartment building where you rent an apartment uses natural gas; convince your managers to switch to renewable gas that will NOT require drilling into earth.

If an apartment buses heating oil, convince your owner who use waste oil as a fuel alternative, like cooking oil from your neighbor’s kitchen. If you saved enough used cooking oil; speak to your manager about using your own cooking oil as fuel to help reduce costs of heating.

If you own a house

If your home is using oil as fuel for heat; switch it to waste oil as fuel to help reduce costs. Speak to your oil supplier to request use of waste oil as fuel. Check iwith a manual of an oil furnace to see if it can use used/waste oil as fuel.

If you were stuck with a gas furnace, or gas boiler, request your gas provider to switch it to renewable gas. If you can’t do a switch; cancel your gas service account, and have your gas lines removed from your home with a licensed technician.

Verify if your home has enough capacity to have enough amps to run an electric furnace or boiler.

Ditch Your Automobile

Automobile dependency is a known killer of cold days what we want to have each year, especially Christmas and New Years! If you were planning on going places; either make last drives of your automobiles during the end of this year, or you can take a bus to go places immediately,–after you successfully made a change to care about our season what we must save.

To perform this action:

You must plan on making a last drive of your automobile in order to perform these steps. If you don’t own a car, you are already living a car-free lifestyle. If you were planning on owning a car to go places, don’t own any vehicle, especially electric vehicles.

If you have children in your family, speak to your children about why you will no lojnger drive a family car or van,–or any othe family vehicle. Speak to your children about harmful effects of automobile dependency, and why cold days are necessary for us to rely on.

Plan your last trips with an automobile. You can plan a trip to a shopping mall, arcade, restaurant, or even a library.

Educate your children why driving a personal vehicle is not an independent form of transportation, and why driving a vehicle is considered a job, not a hobby or personal form of commuting.

After your last drive of your vehicle; you may need to sell it to a taxi company, so they can take up surplus vehicles.

Take walks outside of your home, and go to desired places where you want to go to. Educate your children why automobiles crowding these streets is not a good thing. The more of your children are educated about why these automobiles should never use these streets to go places in the first place, and don’t forget to educate your children about why riding a bike instead of driving is a better solution when going to school, or work.

If you have neighbors who still drive, convince them to ride bikes.

If you were planning on traveling via long distances; take a bus, or train. Air travel is only reserved for going to other countries.

After you successfully removed a vehicle from your family, and you successfully transitioned to public transportation, you are ready to go car-free.

Speak to your governor of your state where you reside about banning private vehicles from public streets and roads. This is necessary to help cut down CO2 levels.

The more of your neighbors free up streets; the better our place will be.

If you managed to build a car-free community; speak to any of these governing bodies about imposing higher taxes of vehicle ownerships. If you can compare these differences between driving an automobile and riding a bike, you are making a difference.

Switch to wind energy

Switching to wind energy is key to implement a decentralized version of your electrical service for your home or business who rely on windmills installed. This is key to help cut ties with the coal industry. Windmills can help build decentralized electrical services for your town, and that will also help slow the production of CO2.

If you already rely on wind power service via a company; you are already on the right track. Watch out for companies who claimed to be green energy providers. These companies are notorious of falsely advertising their products and services.

Quit Eating Land-Based Meats

Switch to a vegetarian diet, and you can consume fish and seafood. Be sure to plan your change to this diet as you help reduce animal-based farms on land. This is key to help shrink these farms that take up land where forest use to be located. Try a Japanese cuisine that is diversed with various food items what you’ve never eaten before.

You can also go vegan if you want to.

Recondering banning land-based meats via your family in the future.

Plant windflowers as an oppose to lawn; they take up more water, and they help reduce floods during the times of warming up, after a long winter.

The less meat-based farms on our planet; the better we can reduce climate change.

When going to restaurants; try to choose seafood that is sustainable.

When shopping; try to consume more vegetables.

Avoid purchasing products that came from deforestation.

Try replacing an American cuisine with an Asian cuisine of choice.

Cut ties with a bank who support use of crude oil, gas, and coal

Find a bank who will help save our planet by planting trees and support use of renewable energy.

Common large banks who fuel coal and oil,–and gas usage are Chase, Bank Of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and other banks who support the crude oil industry.

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