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What If All People Rode A Subway?

Although; people who take underground subway trains often travel places without needing to own a car. In NYC; taking an underground subway is key to help reduce cars off the road. Everyday; people in New York drive cars and vans to go places. However; driving your vehicle is only used for professional uses like taxi services, and other business use like delivering hot goods. Typically, driving your own car as a personal form of transportation is risky than taking an underground subway. If you live without a car, and you rely on trains like a subway to go places; most likely you are helping to help reduce cars off the road.

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Top 20 Reasons You Should Rely on Wind and Solar Energy

Although; wind and solar energy is a new trend so far for our planet… some people are just sticking with oil and coal industries. Within this article; there are 20 reasons to switch to wind and solar energy for your new choice of electricity.