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What If We Switched From Coal-Burning Power Plants… To Relying On Renewable Energy For Our Town?

Imagine you were just recycling your metal cans, and old metal pots… and you were just doing your recycling task? You were just listening to the news about the coal industry that was defeated by the wind industry that is so powerful enough to wipe all of the mining jobs out of the USA. You used to rely on a traditional energy service where you rely on traditional power. You are just getting ready to get ready to use a new power service that will be a new norm for our country.

What If It Happens?

Somehow; your power was turned off for 30 minutes because, you had paid your final bill,–before you were switched to a reliable power source that doesn’t require mining for coal. You did had a notification about a power company who were going bankrupt, and going out of business. You were refered to a new power service that will never run out of wind, solar, or other renewable fuel sources.

Your power came back on,–after 20 minutes. You’re the first who reduced power use at your home or apartment. Your water service is about to be upgraded to a non-polluting system. And you had to rely on a new service that will help keep your clean too. However; the windmill service will pump water for you via a super windmill that will provide lots of power what you expected to get. That can also enable you to pay for electricity only. If both of these services connect together… you will rely on a fixed monthly plan for a service what you’re currently joining. At this case, you are on a starter plan where you rely on a shared power system with other residents… like a subscription to a common service online/offline, you pay for these utilities that you use everyday. If you kept using low amounts of energy, and you relied on a dedicated power source that runs on a stored-energy system; you allow others to use more power than usual. If you were just using other sources of power for your computer, oven, and other electric devices; you can use only your lights to light your home. This is useful if you were just testing your home’s ability to receive renewable energy.

You use your power like normal later on.

If The Wind Industry Is Successful:

If the wind energy is successful… and it served the homes/businesses of our society, and the coal industry dies out; we can reduce all of the CO2 emissions, reduce rising seas, and save our ice caps from melting. For example; you had a windmill farm with 200 windmills that generate up to 4 GW each. If you had a small town, and you powered it up; it will take more houses to take up lots of power. Running windmills in a cold place can be tricky… but there’s possibility! Everyday; we tried ways to harness the power of wind for our town, and our everyday life. However; years ago; we built these wind devices for pumping water, grinding grains, run machines, and more. Windmills don’t need to rely on burning fuel. They rely on wind instead. The wind is the endless fuel what we’re trying to revert to. But windmills that are built to handle damaging winds hasn’t been developed just yet,–due to lobbying coal industries.

If the coal mines has been left without employees… the mines stay abandoned, and the ability to mine for coal is about to be halted. That also requires the company to clean up, and seal up the mine, and reabilitate the entire mine for nature to take over. You heard of some towns where mining for coal is prohibited via some movies. Many activists has been trying to remove coal for our normal life. We tried our best, but we’re still fighting for our planet 24/7… mining jobs are the risky jobs on the face of the planet! Coal mine explosions are common when something that is dangerous hides somewhere inside the mine itself.

If you take 200 windmills at each state of the USA 48 continental states, and you add more windmills to each building… and you shut off coal-based power plants; it may take some time for the wind-based power to fullytake over our power industry. For example; NYC subway has its subway system connected to a windmill-based power plant. You rely on a subway system to take a trip across town without needing a car to travel. It’s kind of like having a constant power for a transit service without emitting any carbon,–except these trains were relying on proprietary builds that take up more energy than they used to. If the NYC subway has switched to renewable energy,–as a way to save our planet; that will enable the subwayto run during the blackout.

If the wind energy was extended to all parts of the USA, and powered all street lamps, and enable electric cars and trucks to travel without any carbon emissions; that will cause the carbon levels to drop during a switch to wind energy.

If windmills were installed in Alaska, and they stopped use of coal-mining businesses; and removed all coal-burning plants, people will live longer than they used to. For example; you woke up this morning; you were about to go out for a run to a park to watch the activists protect the forests to keep our environment protected against mining, and other illegal activities. You discovered a powerful truck carrying all of the parts of the coal-burning plant to the recycling center to give these parts a new life. Almost all of these old parts has been removed each day. However; the coal-distribution train tracks has been removed as a way to end use of the coal as fuel. You experienced cleaner air than you used to experience. You discovered 22 new trees being planted without any trouble. Its kind of fun when you plant lots of trees. These trees play an important role to give us fresh air to breathe, homes for animals, food for animals, and us alike, shade, reduce sunlight, and more.

If the solar industry is successful

If the solar industry is successful, the coal industry, and the oil industry will collaps. That enables new jobs to be created without any effort. Whether if they are mandatory laws to implement solar panels on each buildings that requires an array of solar panels that are designed to cut energy costs.

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