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Living Without Natural Gas Isn’t Just Going To Be Fun, But You Need A Contingency Plan!

If you live in a big city like New York City; its time to live without natural gas, and rethink about our planet. However; cooking with gas doesn’t always mean better! We haven’t use common sense to understand the risks of cooking with gas, and other activities what we do with gas. With the rise of electric appliances that are replacing gas appliances… switching to electric appliances has a key role to make gas appliances obsolete. However; some skilled chefs may argue why cooking with gas is a key to control the heat. However; induction cooking has a power to cook food without any fallout via gas, or an expose heating element. Gas usage has also been associated with destruction of rain forests, meadows, small farms, and even our environment.

Before you, your family, your company,–or even your restaurant transition to live without natural gas; you may need to have everything planned out,–before making a transition to a “gas-free” lifestyle, or completely saving our planet each day. Don’t let myths keep you from making a transition.

Why This Is Important To Live Without Natural Gas Generally?

Electric Ranges Are Faster Than Gas Ranges!

Although; we’ve been using gas ranges indoors in our kitchens for many years. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other dangerous compounds are common when cooking with gas. That’s the time before electric ranges are invented. However; cooking with electricity used to be a luxury when electric ranges has first came out. On a bright side; that caused natural gas usage to decline, and that also helped reduce costs of installing gas pipelines beneath our sidewalks, streets, railways, and even our parks! However; cooking with gas require you to run range vents that must vent air to the outside, deal with incomplete combustion, and other dangerous factors. However; accidents associated with gas ranges has contributed to structure fires each year. Also, gas pipes that are left unchecked for many years often corrode, or get damaged overtime. Gas leaks, and other dangerous factors has also contributed to health problems among people who has breathing problems like asthma, COPD, and other breathing problems. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand these risks. If you were paying for gas; you are supporting the fossil fuel industry each month. This addiction of fossil fuel is speeding up climate change, and even if you have appliances that can save on gas; that’s just a placebo effect. Homes with installed gas appliances are typically designed for running gas appliances like the old days. To me; its NOT safe to cook with gas indoors, but outdoors because, fresh outside air mixing with gas that is ignited with a flame receives oxygen,–allowing gas particles to burn off. However; I am NOT advocating use of fossil fuels, but I am just using common sense when cooking with natural gas. That’s why gas grills are used for outdoor use only. Replacing a gas range with an electric range for your kitchen must be a proper upgrade when you make a commitment to cooking without harming our planet. However; gas heaters don’t do any better at all, but I’m going to mention this later. We’re still focusing on issues with cooking with gas.

For your safety, carbon monoxide alarms must be installed when cooking with gas. There’s no such specialized license to use a gas appliance for cooking, heating your home, heating water, using gas lamps, or any other gas appliance for household or business use. If licenses are issued, after a payment in the first place… that should’ve enforced safety. However; some people has NOT understand about risks of using gas appliances. This is the case of use first, ask questions later. You heard about people has been advocating use of gas to cook with. Cooking with gas isn’t just risky for your home, and your business.

Every year; we have these furnaces inspected before we heat our home. However; some people within the poor community can’t afford electric cooking appliances; they’re stuck with gas appliances,–causing further climate change, and health issues. Gas companies make money off of the poor with high prices to pay, and they often use their money to damage our ecosystem. Deforestation is a serious problem what we are battling. Having gas pipelines underneath our forests is such a bad idea. Money fueling corruption, and fraud has resulted to serious issues what we have trouble resolving. Untold; death caused by gas furnaces has contributed to loss of loved ones and families each year. Some people didn’t install these important alarms to save lives. However; people who own dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals has often saved lives when carbon monoxide attacks. Defective install of gas appliances are the known issues. Sometimes, gas companies, and contractors cut corners to rush their jobs, and parents don’t fully educate their children about dangers of natural gas, they often become lazy and rely on faith instead… however; faith doesn’t solve any problems when using gas appliances and other machines that require natural gas. If families didn’t have carbon monoxide alarms installed, no have pets has a backup,–trained to alert their owners/keepers; the whole family is killed. Gas companies continue to make money.

Gas water heaters can also contribute to death when things go wrong. And that’s what’s some people don’t understand! Even properly vented machines can still get clogged by debris on rooftops. However; incomplete combustion has resulted to some animals killed when nesting at these vent caps, such as : birds, opossums, wild rodents, and other animals.

With all of that use of gas furnaces, and water heaters… this is a typical issue what we haven’t resolved just yet for some large cities. Gas dryers what we use are usually vented to outside, but they don’t do any better for our ecosystem because, that require you to use natural gas piping. If this dryer has a problem, like a clogged vent, fumes can build up, and death can occur when things go wrong. Excuses for having gas appliances shall NOT be taken because, that can lead to serious risks down the road.

Laying gas pipelines for natural gas distribution is no common sense! Instead; it’s a bad choice what your town is making. Not just tribes in the USA and other parts of the world were robbed of their land by narcissistic contractors and corrupt officials, they’re NOT using most of common sense when choosing where to lay gas pipelines. Corrupt law enforcement has been arresting environmental activists for no reason. They’re should’ve canceled permits for a construction of gas and oil pipelines. However; we are focusing on gas pipelines as which. Trains that carry gas pipes often have to haul weights for long distances. Derailments has been documented on most of these trains carrying these gas pipes to construction sites, and other places where gas pipes are needed.

If you own a house with gas piping installed, and you somehow quit using gas,–even you paid all of your bills, but you are still using gas that isn’t used for normal use. gas is often wasted to our air what we breathe,–instead of being recycled via special piping. Even if you shut your gas valve off to ditch natural gas; you are still a gas utility customer.

Untold; gas utility employees are attacked by aggressive dogs like Rottweilers, and other dog breeds that are trained as guard animals are killed, and some are severely injured,–resulting to dog owners being sued, having their dogs seized, or worse. With all of these news reports, some utility workers often have to quit their jobs,–due to dog attacks.

Earthquakes can damage pipelines, and that can cause explosions to happen.

Use of natural gas for everyday use, and people who said “we natural gas to live” is noting special about our precious lives around the world. With all of these gas pipes under our streets doesn’t make our lives easier; they make our lives difficult. If at anytime; these pipes leak, explosions can occur. Some people can’t stand gas pipelines under our feet. Gardeners, crop farmers, reforesting clubs, nature clubs, land owners, campers, and other people/groups who oppose use of gas pipelines are often deceived by corrupt corporations and government agencies.

Living with natural gas is not required for us. What kind of a government, or corporation, or a person who condone use of natural gas? Living with natural gas is actually a narcissistic lie! With all of the damage to our ecosystem; this is a serious consequence what many people don’t understand! However; we can reverse the trend of using natural gas, and transition to electric energy to rely on renewable energy as a way to further save our planet each day. Also, living without natural gas… what some people don’t understand has believed in myths, and other misinformation that is passed down for many years. If we kept using natural gas; we can further damage our planet by 99.9%.

Transitioning To Electric Is A Must

Fortunately, New York became the first state to ban natural gas for newer buildings. This is a correct state where I used to live has made a smart decision to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and help reduce these harmful effects of using natural gas. Together; we can speed up banning of natural gas across the United States of America by advocating for new laws to outlaw use of natural gas for new buildings as a way to help fight air pollution.

Each time we heat our home, cook, or heat our water; we make a choice. Choose to go electric. Do it for the environment, do it for our ecosystem, and do it for your health. Check with your landlord, manager, or city for any information about switching to electric appliances to save our planet. Making a transition should be a “stress-free” way to ditch gas. If you think you will miss cooking with gas; you may need to find a focus group to get help switching to electric appliances.

“Gas-free” boilers, water heaters, grills, dryers, generators, and other appliances are available at your local hardware store. You can use these appliances without damaging our planet each day.

If YOU can’t transition; you may need to buy a new home, or have a new home built without gas piping installed. This is useful for people who live without dealing with dangers of natural gas.

Things To Do

Start a community, or start a city without use of gas pipelines,–or repurpose a city that has very few people, and plan out how your community is going to live without natural gas.

Speak to your elected officials in your city about transitioning to electric appliances.

If you have a newly constructed building being built; always ask for excluding gas from your newly built property.

Create educational, or entertaining media that support living without natural gas.

If you have an existing property what yo currently owned; speak to a city representative about having natural gas removed from your property, and get help with having these pipes removed.

If you are a restaurant owner; speak to a city representative about transitioning to bio gas, and other renewable fuels.

If you are renting a hotel room, speak to a manager about transitioning away from natural gas.

Find a focus group that focus on living without natural gas as a lifestyle.

If you are a skilled chef; practice cooking with electricity, make videos, and share it to your supporters who support your restaurant or bar.

Plant a tree to indicate your milestone. This is useful to help remember your time when cooking with gas.

Before you shut off your gas supply; speak with your gas company about having a special party as you make your last bill,–before you shut off your gas supply. Shutting the valve is the final way to say”good-bye” to natural gas. Someday, museums where cooking with gas will remain in some states where gas lines will remain. With less gas lines; the better.

Ask your parents about living without natural gas, that way; they can prepare for living without natural gas.

My Thoughts

My thoughts of living without natural gas is kind of like; trading a trip to a strip club for an arcade. Typically, both establishments require permits and licenses. With an arcade; these permits and licenses are easier. For strip clubs; you need to have permits that are required, and you must have a license,–and you also needed a bouncer to keep minors out.

To me; I don’t need to cook with natural gas, my home doesn’t need to have a requirements to use gas for getting hot water, or heat,–or use lighting.

We don’t need natural gas, and other fossil fuels.

If you still want gas to cook outdoors; there’s plenty of choices, there’s bio gas, and other renewable fuels available to use.

Living without gas pipelines is your best option for your house.

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