Can You Really Put Your Electronic Devices To Work When Doing Other Tasks?

Okay, you have idle computers, or electronic devices what you rarely use, or you usually use your device for other uses. However; Some people make money with putting their machines to work. Well, I am experimenting with these apps that will put my electronic devices to work. Be aware; this is NOT a “get rich quick” type of a thing, and I only use apps/websites what I’ve personally trust… also you should avoid sketchy apps that claim you’re earning enough points, and you have an ability to cash out.; please watch out for these apps that don’t do what you expected to so.

We’re going to present which of these apps/websites what we rely on. As a disclosure, these apps what I linked may be referral links, when you sign up via these referal links, I may receive a referral commission when you sign up for these platforms. Also, affiliate links may be present, when you click on any of these affiliate links to purchase a product, I may receive a commission of a sale of a product or service.

Let’s start off with these rewards platforms what I personally rely on, along with the following electronic devices or computers what you may need. However; you may need to choose a device that is dedicated to run any of these apps,–depending on an OS, or a device type, and even a browser.

Having a dedicated account for these apps is essential for enabling you to keep your devices organized. However; for some devices, you may need to insure you have enough RAM for handling heavy use of these apps.

As a reminder, don’t abuse these rewarding apps/platforms because, they have policies against fraud, and other schemes. So, don’t use a VPN, and don’t use a proxy server. If you are on a public network, verify it doesn’t use a VPN, or use your mobile phone’s internet connection. If you are in a household with limited amount of internet access, such as your parent’s home… you may need to check if you have enough bandwith for running these apps.

Be aware; if you live in a group home, or any other housing arrangement that is shared; you may need to check if your group home is NOT blocking essential elements for displaying ads. Also, if you rely on as your internet provider, turn security features off for the best results because, essential elements or programs that are falsely detected by security features is a problem.

For the best results; use a private tab on your browser as a way to keep your rewards credits going up… which platform? I’ll mention it later on via this tutorial that may interest you shortly.

If you are multitasking on your laptop computer… such as an Ubuntu laptop computer, Chrome is king when you multitask, for this instance; writing a book. If you only have 4 GB of ram on your laptop; you may need to set aside your machine for the purpose of running this app. If your laptop has at least 8GB of RAM, you are lucky! Alternatively, you can use your Ubuntu desktop computer to run this app, if it has 8 or more GB of RAM; your machine can run smoothly.

Use Hideout TV

Hideout TV is the place where you can watch videos and earn points! This platform is one stop shop to earn points as you watch videos. You can choose these categories that are suitable for your intersts. Theyb do have dedicated sites that are also part of this platform. Unlike watching videos on YouTube (mainstream platform), you can like videos, and leave comments, and even you can share these videos. Also, you can link to your desired rewards providers what I am going to mention later on.

Be aware; a preferred amount for redeeming your balance is either 9,000 points; or if you are a person who is serious about having lots of points for a long haul… you can save up to at least 90,000+. However; you are only set to cash out 3 times a day to help prevent abuse of their system.

How To Use This Platform

Follow these steps, if you are new to this platform. If you already use this platform; and you are an existing user, please skip these steps:

  1. Visit Hideout TV (, and turn off your ad-blocking extension/software. Use a dedicated email that is different than your personal email. If you don’t have a dedicated email for using Hideout TV, I recommend creating a Microsoft account with Outlook or Hotmail for the best experience. Having a Microsoft account is king! You don’t need to use a Windows PC for running Hideout TV. If you prefer your domain’s email… and you owned a domain, always renew it on a regular basis.
  2. Verify your email with Hideout TV to act your account. Don’t add your rewards providers yet! Also, don’t start watching videos at this moment when using a regular browser. Disable ad-blockingextensions/software when setting up your computer for running this app.
  3. When necessary, disable features that set your computer to save energy (plugged in), disable automatic logouts, disable screensavers, disable sleep mode, and enable your computer to run 24/7… if your machine is designated to do so. For the best results; get a UPS for your computer, and you can buy one at Walmart, this is necessary to circumvent power cuts.
  4. Set up your dedicated router that is connected to your primary modem. If you have a modem provided by Cox Communications, connect your existing wireless router to your modem. Wired connection works the best for the best experience. If your laptop computer doesn’t have an ability to use a wired connection, get an adapter, or use a stable wireless connection.
  5. Check with your internet provider to verify you have enough speed for these apps what you are planning to use.
  6. Don’t open your private browser yet. What I’ve just researched, running HideoutTV with these other sites like Meal Ninja has resulted to a crash via my entire desktop computer, Firefox is the known issue. Google Chrome is king! If you use Chrome, you may need to allow autoplay, and ads via your settings, if you can’t do this because of a policy set by your system administrator, request your administrator to set it up for you.
  7. Update your computer (when necessary). This is important to get the latest features for your machine.
  8. After setup, do one of the following,–depending on an OS what you are using:

    • If you use Chrome OS, open your browser via an incognitotab, and log into your Hideout TV account via any of these listed sites what they’ve mentioned. Those are dedicated sites.
    • If you use Ubuntu, open a Chrome tab via incognito and lot into your account
    • If you use Windows, and you installed Chrome, activate a private tab, or use Microsoft Edge, and then… log into your account.
    • If you use Android, either install a dedicated Android app, or use Chrome to run this website. However; problems may occur when your rewards are NOT being credited when using Hideout TV
    • If you use a Macintosh computer, either use Safari, or Chrome to use Hideout TV.
  9. Choose a category, or a dedicated site. When choosing a dedicated site, same credentials are used. If you saved your passwords via a regular browser, be sure keep track of these credentials via an offline storage like a safe.
  10. Pick a channel, and start watching. You can run your browser for a long haul,–depending on an OS… Ubuntu is king when running Hideout TV.
  11. If a website asks you if you are still there, complete human verification, and activate a button.
  12. Repeat the steps often, but don’t refresh your broser. However; you can switch between channels to explore other content. Don’t be in a channel rut, diversify what you are watching.
  13. Do this daily. You can do other things as you run this app, like cleaning your house, cooking for the holidays, at work with your dedicated computer as you assemble parts in a factory, writing books, etc.
  14. Log out of your Hideout TV account and give your computer some time to free up RAM. Restart on a regular basis.
  15. Go back to Hideout TV and continue earning on a regular basis. Try to reach at least 900 points or more. If you managed to reach 4500 points on 5 days, keep saving up, until you reach a recommended amount of 90,000… redeem your points by using these apps listed below:


    Earnably enables you to earn points by using Hideout TV, offerwalls, take surveys. A minimum payout amount is 125 points via PayPal. This rewards provider is a convenient way to receive some extra income… that is also useful when you are at work, and you need to get a boost when paying up bills, tackle overdrawn bank accounts, pay credit card debts, and even help offset your server costs.

    This app is useful,–as long as you use this app on a regular basis. No more high amoumounts for receiving payouts, and waiting for your balance to reach a specific amount.

    If you are signing up, you must be a new user signing up.

    In order to receive payments via PayPal, your PayPal account must be in good standing, and your account is verified. Also, your account should NOT be frozen. if you don’t have a PayPal account; you can sign up for PayPal, and I recommend setting up a PayPal business account when relyong on rewarding apps.

    If you prefered to be paid with gift cards, there’s an option available.!

    Prize Revel

    This is a rewards provider that enables you to take surveys. However; it has a higher amount for cashing out. Five dollars via PayPal is one real example. If you are a hardcore rewards app user who wanted to have more points to get this higher amount… this app is right for you. However; you can always redeem your points often with this app. Don’t let your Prize Rebel account go inactive, use it on a regular basis, for this instance, taking surveys on a daily basis. Waking up early for taking surveys is preferred. Do this,–before heading to work!

    It takes 90,000 points to reach 4500 points via Prize rebel.

    If you want to use this platform; and you are new here, you must be a new user coming to this platform.

    Real Surveys That Pay

    That’s right!! This is a site that pays you, after you take surveys. It has a payment amount of $30 to redeem. This high payment amount is essential for helping to pay up credit cards, and other bills in the future. This is also useful if you have a goal to get paid with real cash via PayPal, check, or gift card. This is a useful to take surveys on a regular basis. Recommended time to enter this website is via early in the morning!

    If you are new here, you can sign up for this platform, and you must be a new user coming to this website.

    You can use this website to make some money, and save up your balance as a way to help reach your goal of how much money what you’re planning to save with a dedicated purpose.

    If you chose a check, you may need to wait for days for your check to arrive. This is useful if you want to save up for starting up a business, or getting enough money to buy a house, invest on stocks and bonds, or even shop with lots of money to buy new equipment for your apartment/house.

    BrowseJoy (former app)

    BrowseJoy was a small app, but lost its luck when its offerwall account has been terminated somehow, and went out of business somehow.

    Perk (former app)

    This app what I was using for years has been out of business for years, and this app was running for years, but this company who run this app no longer exists, but most of these apps are left behind. Well, I miss this company, and I almost got the most from them.

  16. This app, Hideout TV is always ideal for your PC, or phone.

    Passive Apps For Your Computer, Phone, Or Tablet

    There are some passive apps for computers, phones, or tablets. However; not all apps don’t always go to plan. For this instance, some apps that enable you to earn rewards for mining cryptocurrency. However; I am aware of these apps that don’t always go to plan. Well, there’s too many fraudulent apps that often scam you without actually knowing it. Most of these apps that may scam you originate from India! Sometimes, you managed to cash out, but you didn’t get your payment what you’ve expcted to get paid. Sadly, Google has jazzed up their Google Play Store for years. Letting these scammers off the hook is such a bad idea.

    However; I stumbled upon a legitimate app what I am trying out.


    Honeygain is an app that works on your computer, phone, or tablet. Well, if you have a phone, tablet, or computer, you can implement these apps to have a source of passive income. Just download this app, and set up your device for sharing your data, they use encrypted connections, and that gives you an ability to earn points as you share your activity. Be aware; 1000 points equals $1.00. It takes 20,000 points to cash out $20.00 via PayPal. This large cash out requirement may be daunting, but that’s how they’ve set this app up. Don’t overpower your network with these devices what you own. That requires you to have an extended network. Typical for some people who rely on this platform.

    This app takes time for you to earn as you use your devices that are on and active.


    The common drawbacks with putting your devices to work are the following:

    You… As A Sex Offender

    Well, we don’t glorify sex offenders under any circumstances. Sex offenders are NOT supposed to own/access computers (depending on regulations), and they’re not supposed to access social networking websites.. Also, if you are a sex offender who is under remote monitoring via the internet with software installed, you can’t use a private browser, and your privacy has been forfeited.. Also, sex offenders miss out on rewards providers, and there’s no such platform targeted towards sex offenders.

    You Don’t Have Internet

    If you are a person who don’t have internet at home, and you don’t have a computer, but you only rely on older forms of communication, you are really missing out.

    People who are NOT familiar with computers are most likely to miss out on these platforms, and things what we do with computers each day.

    You Don’t Own Any Of These Electronic Devices

    If you don’t have a computer, phone, or tablet… you are really missing out..

    My Thoughts Of Putting My Devices To Work

    My thoughts of putting my devices to work is like earning rewards each day, and having an additional source of passive income, and I am always putting my machines to work each day, and I often find ways to insure my machines are busy, and I rely on these apps that are useful. I am still trying to get the most out of them, until I succeed.

    My other thoughts of putting my machines to work is like being busy in my studio.

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