[Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s Future Prediction] Kansas Adopts Japanese-Style Food Regulations by 2023

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is predicting the future for the first time! Well, predicting the future is key for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to find out if any of these predictions will match these events in the future. Be aware; we’re just predicting the future. This is going to be posted each Saturday on our website.

Japanese Stores Will Arrive In Salina By March, 2023

From running out of American workers in Kansas… to changes to our community, Japanese stores will take up former stores that once occupy former locations like former department stores, or in some cases, former buildings that are once schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc. Having a diverse community isn’t just enough yet because, with a rise of Asians in America, and Asian-Americans finding jobs, and starting businesses… these shops will be a new way to help get our community together. So far, we already have Mexicans who live in Kansas, and other Latinos. Unfortunately, xenophobia found in families of any race, or religion are too strong to deal with, and that can lead to serious problems in the future. That’s when new Japanese stores arrive, starting with Salina, Kansas. Well, this is why we need Japanese stores in Salina Kansas… as a city to start off with:

  • An opportunity to revitalize towns – Asian and other exotic products what we enjoy may be easy to obtain and consume,–without needing to travel to a different country. Useful for people who don’t have passports, or if they’re NOT comfortable spending time in foreign countries.
  • As tools to get started with transitioning to Asian culture – We’re focusing on Japanese culture because, these Japanese shops can be useful for getting yourself Japanese furniture, and other good things what you wished to have in your apartment/house/mansion.
  • Help generate more jobs – If Japanese shops are included, after a shop goes out of business, Japanese shops can be a good replacement for former stores/shops. That will also help reduce blights by 99.9%; and help reduce the burden of dealing with abandon properties. As a prospective, that will help generate a diverse selection of shops that will ease competition. However; the more diverse our community, the better.
  • Generates growth for your area – That applies to Salina, Bogue, and other towns. This is important to helpreduce the burden of losing population of these small towns. If you were living in a small town, it will be repopulated by Asian communities.

We alreay have plenty of Chinese people in Kansas, and across the United States. However; diversity still needs lots of work, and we need to help reduce hate crimes, and help reduce xenophobia, etc. Most Americans don’t understand… living in USA isn’t just about living in a free country, it’s a diverse nation of people of various types.

With Japanese stores filling up vacant shops, that will help keep our towns diverse like usual.

Momoya Ramen & Sushi Expands When Demands of Japanese Cuisines Rise On January, 2023

I’ve dined at Momoya Ramen & Sushi once, and I believe this small restaurant is kind of mighty! According to my prediction of the future of this restaurant (also according to my dream), they will expand with a restaurant with a 3-story restaurant with more dining facilities, and its own delivery service for people who prefer Japanese over American cuisines. Well, they’re already connected to a delivery app/website via a 3rd party. With my prediction, they will expand beyond their primary location, and have a purpose-built dining facility as a way to gain more customers when a smaller version of a restaurant reaches beyond capacity. A smaller restaurant that can still be functional can serve as a takeout restaurant, just like these Chinese restaurants in New York City. I like this restaurant because, that’s the place where I started dining at this restaurant in 2020. I am proud to support this restaurant.

If this restaurant grows, and it uses a strategic method of expanding… that will generate more jobs.

Schools Will No Longer Require To Serve Dairy… Such As Milk On February, 2023

Tired of your child going to school, and being required to drink milk, even if you are a parent who raise a child as a vegan? With my prediction, schools will stop serving dairy to children at schools. Having your child to drink milk at schools is a bad idea in the United States, and parts of a world. If you think cattle has been mistreated, and you are concerned of how does a school get dairy from a certain supplier, you can always disallow your child from drinking milk, and other dairy products. Milk allergies are common in the USA, and some children don’t want to drink milk. However; according to some animal activists, we don’t have any requirement to consume milk from cattle, goats, sheep, camels, rats, dogs, cats, mice, squirrels, rhinos, moose, deer, yaks, rabbits, etc, only we can get milk from our own species as infants, and we gradually upgrade from drinking milk, and continue by eating solid foods. Plant-based milk should be a replacement for dairy. If you are a lacto vegetarian, you may need to be better off choosing a different source to get your dairy.

This is a problem. Unfortunately, an extremely dumb law that require schools to supply dairy for kids to consume is making things worse. However; some schools reserve the right to disallow dairy altogether! Well, all schools should have this policy to mitigate animal abuse, or require a student to purchase a ticket to get dairy with a reasonable surcharge! That will definitelygoing to help students choose plant-based milk with ease.

You are right!! Dairy cattle are dehorned, and mistreated on large farms. I regret!! This is a problem when I was at school. However; drinking milk should be optional… not mandatory. These commercials that promote consuming milk makes things worse.

Cows give milk for their calves, not for people. If you were consuming milk, you are supporting the veal industry.

You are right! Milk allergies can be deadly, and that can result to a school being sued for a wrongful death, or a school will be suspending providing dairy altogether.

Too much cows in the USA isn’t a good thing!! There’s is no such mandatory limit of cattle, nor taxes that will be mandatory for farmers who run cattle farms.

Also, too much cattle farms are bad for our environment. We need forests to get fresh air to breathe. However; we can live without having so much cattle. However; we can implement restricted regions where cattle can be farmed as a way to mitigate methane levels.

Kansas Adops Japanese-Style Food Regulations By March, 2023 To Mitigate use of Chemicals And Additives In Our Food That Are Bad For Our Health

This is a prediction what I am extracting from my dream! Japanese-style food regulations what Kansas will adapt will definitely put some food manufacturers out of business,–if they don’t switch to these new regulations. That means; Kansas will implement its own food regulations that are better than ever,–by using Japanese official regulations.

By the next time you head to your local store, and you have a shopping trip, you will see products that are better than ever!

This is necessary to protect our health.

That means, cancer-causing chemicals/additives will be banned altogether, and if any food manufacturer has continued to use these additives/chemicals, a fine of $200,000,000 will be imposed.

As a prospective, this new law will help rethink about how we produce food for our food supply.

Railway Travel Reconsidered On April, 2023

With the attack of drouts, and a predicted fuel shortage, biodiesel will be used as an alternative, exclusively for public transit vehicles like buses, trains, taxis, and other public transit vehicles. However; train travel is safer than driving to one place to the another.

This measure for reducing climate change is key to clear the roads that are only intended for buses, trucks and other vehicles. That’s when private vehicles are banned as a way to help mitigate vehicle collisions that are deadly. Well, owning a car is not about driving fast, its about going on a steady pace. Only emergency vehicles and race cars go fast.

Streetcars will comeback to reduce automobile dependency.

Mandatory Install Of Solar Panels Will Be Implemented On May, 2023

This is one way to help mitigate energy costs, and that will help people in Kansas transition for coal to renewable energy. That will also help mitigate use of coal. That will also help mitigate grid overloads, power cuts, etc.

Although; if all buildings has been fitted with solar panels, that will enable the entire state of Kansas to have off-grid energy. If they have surplus energy; they can send it to grids when necessary.

This mitigation is important as a way to speed up transition to renewable energy.

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