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Can A Poor Family Develop Talents Like Writing Books

Some poor families do have talents, but they kept hesitating ways to make some dollars when they put their talents to work.

With all of some people put themselves at work by writing books, or posting on websites and share their stories… they often monetize their works. However; with the rise of using payment platforms, people rely on them as a way to get tips or donations from their readers/viewers.

Writing Isn’t That Expensive Than You Thought

Today; you can self-publish an ebook via free to use publishing platforms. The purpose of these platforms is to publish new books for anyone to read,–as long as you choose a public library! These free services should be used wisely, always ask questions before signing up.

If a poor family owns a computer that is exclusively designed for streaming movies, and TV programs, they’re missing out on an opportunity of writing books. You can still rely on free and open-source software to write a book like LibreOffice. This free application is key for the poor to save a small amounts of money each year. And unlike using Microsoft Office, you have more freedom. Most families who try providing entertainment for children often pay more. However; free alternatives are available to try out. When you choose to write on a computer; you turn on your creativity.

Not just writing a book over streaming content is beneficial for your creative brain; that also enables a poor family to write stories to read on a single copy of a book. However; developing talents of writing a book can be useful if you want to have an extra set of dollars for other uses. However; if you wrote a book without pictures in it, and you checked each word that is spelled correctly; you can get this book ready for publishing.

If you choose to keep your book “DRM-free” and distribute to public libraries, you can enable other poor families to read your family’s books. However; physical copies are important for people who don’t own computers, or inmates behind bars,–or psychiatric hospitals.

If a poor family repeats a cycle of writing and publishing new books with interesting and unique content; they can have money on their table! However; the poor often spend it too fast,–repeating a cycle what they’re trying to avoid. If they have at least $1000.00 earned; they can put it to good use like saving it for launching a family business as an LLC and implementing a studio for writing books for years to come. If a poor family has each family member who writes and publishes each title, and a title is priced with a reasonable price for a public library, a family can make some money,–after library patrons request these books to be included. However; physical books can be sold to actual stores, enabling them to make some money too!

As You Write, You Be Creative Like Other Writers

Okay, let’s make it easy to understand choosing genres when your family write books as a living,–even if they don’t have enough money:

If Your Books Are Related To Cooking

If your family has a talent of cooking; you can publish a book that contains recipes to make cuisines. Most restaurants do own physical copies of these books and improve these dishes,–as long as these dishes are open-source. Also, sharing your cooking skills via writing can be ideal for passing down your cooking tricks. If you have a family restaurant; you can add the another income stream to boost your restaurant’s revenue, this is extremely useful if you want people at home to cook your signature dishes. As always; public libraries help reduce costs than you thought.

Say if; you are writing a book of Jamaican cuisine recipes what your restaurant makes from scratch, or inspired by other restaurants. Your book with recipes can be ideal for people who wanted to cook these cuisines, or try something new.

If Writing Fantasy Books

If your family is writing a book that is related to fantasy; your family can reach fantasy readers. There are many fantasy writers out there, and they often use their brains to write something new! You can always share your story like usual.

Say if; you are writing about riding a dog in a fictional world as an adventure, and you are writing it as a series, you give a series title a name as you add new titles.

If you are writing a long book about space exploration; your book can take place in the future.

If Writing Thrill & Horror Stories

If your family writes a book that is about thrills and horrors; your family can write these books as a series. If your family is lucky, these books can be turned into a movie in the future. Also, scary stories can sometimes make more money than you thought.

Writing a book on a computer isn’t just fun for your family; that can be a great way to spend some time at home,–if you go to work each day. If your family write and publish a set amount of books each year; how much money would you make? If your family has managed to make ends meet; and you managed to get these bills out of the way by using your money earned from work; you can slowly catch up with your bills. However; if your family has managed to publish over 200 books via each generation, and rely on public libraries; that’s more than enough for your family to upgrade to a higher quality food and products.

How Does It Break Down?

Firstly, a poor family uses a smart choice to generate income by develop new talents by writing stories. For example; they write about a fictional family who lives in a poor village where there’s no place to work, or education, and they turn it into an adventure story.

They choose a free publishing platform. They always go for a publishing platform that is easy for them, enabling them to sell to various stores as they publish new books.

The price their works. They price their works with common sense. They will NOT gouge prices under any way. They price a book that is reasonable.

They wait as they write and publish new works for people to consume via public libraries. In order for their works to be in public libraries; patrons must request these books to be available for checkout. Or a family advertises a book that is available for librarians to include to their listings and collections. If their books are accepted; patrons can read them after checkout. For electronic books CPC is important for readers to consume these electronic publications.

Money is received via a check, or a payment platform. A check is used for getting cash from a bank, useful for the unbanked families. If they use a payment platform, they receive digital payments. Sometimes they can get direct payments to their bank accounts.

Why Some Families Who Have Talents Didn’t Publish Books or Barely Publish Books?

Copyright concerns is their major concern. However; if you register your copyrights in the first place; that shouldn’t be a problem. However; you can always use common sense as your family gets used to publishing their works on a regular basis.

Some families who have money problems often don’t want to explore this source of income because, they want to find ways to solve their financial issues. Gambling doesn’t solve financial issues. NOT working doesn’t solve these issues either. Lack of proper sources of income, and bad financial decisions are common factors within these poor families who are selfish… not willing to publish books what they’ve planned to write.

Some families don’t have talents of writing books, but only 1 person may have talents when writing books. This is a typical issue what poor families often experience. Even 1 talented person who is willing to help the poor get out of debt don’t always go as planned. If a talented person leaves a family home; the entire family will experience missing out this opportunity.

For some families; they don’t have talents of writing books at all, but developing talents take lots of time and effort. Most poor families who don’t want to explore this opportunity, but deal with obstacles.

Sometimes, families often make bad choices,–even if they successfully published books, but often use other means to make ends meet the wrong way. Even if they have earnings… they still won’t find ways to keep their bills down. Or in some cases; they forget about publishing altogether when financial issues rise.

What Your Family Should Do When Writing Books As A Living?

Use common sense when your family write books as a living. You need to be extra careful when sharing your talents:

  • Make a schedule when publishing and writing new books
  • Save your royalties by using a local savings account
  • Always distribute to public libraries for electronic publications
  • Limit your streaming hours via your computer. You can still use a dedicated TV to listen to as you write a book, or power off your TV altogether.
  • Keep your publishing business consistent as you write books via a same genre, or a mix of genres.
  • Avoid these traps when self-publishing your works
  • Switch to a high quality home when necessary
  • Steer clear of financial traps
  • Use DIY techniques as you design your book cover
  • If you successfully saved lots of money, don’t use it just yet; let your savings grow overtime.
  • If you have other parts of a family, encourage them to do the same, that way; they can keep up with your other family.
  • Use a pen name when writing books, this is necessary to keep track of your works under 1 pen name. Your family can set a pen name as a way to let your readers know which author is publishing these books.
  • If at anytime; your family has published over 100 books; keep them on a shelf for other readers for the future to read, don’t delist them like other authors and big publishers!
  • Protect your work against copyfraud attacks caused by other IP trolls who are causing trouble. Always register your copyrights when possible.
  • Avoid NDAs what other companies are offering.
  • Think twice before licensing your work other creators and companies.
  • Avoid deceptive contracts.
  • Keep your family business independent as possible by NOT selling your business. Pass it down as possible.
  • Always have a contingency plan for issues down the road.
  • Save your business funds to your business savings account, CD accounts, and other accounts to set aside your funds for years to come.


How do we get new books to read via other people? Being creative and using your brain as you write a book is key to help keeping our creative world active. If we didn’t have new creators who write new content; we won’t have any new stories to share, and our creative world will stall with a grinding halt!

If your family has a goal after publishing books; ensure your family has a meeting to take care of business. If parts of your family go to work; set aside your earned money from employment for essentials like food, transportation, energy, and other essentials. Always diversify your sources of income as a way to minimize issues down the road. Here are the common goal examples:

  • Own a better home
  • Plant trees
  • Live longer
  • Travel to places
  • Dine at restaurants
  • Learn a new language
  • Switch to renewable energy
  • Go “gun-free”

If your family has low amounts of earnings from publishing books; try NOT to give up; if you opened a savings account; ensure your earnings are sent to this account, so you can focus on other things as you let your money grow overtime.

Poor Family Do’s & Don’ts When Writing Books:

  • Go to work
  • Visit food banks
  • Visit public libraries
  • Take public transportation like bus, subway, or streetcar
  • Find resources to generate legitimate sources of income
  • Save money to savings accounts
  • Poor families need to learn to save money properly by using a savings account via a local bank; and save little money each month when writing as a business.

  • Own family cars for going places
  • Spend money on expensive streaming platforms that require subscriptions that are monthly, or annual
  • Buy poor quality foods
  • Spend money on unnecessary cable subscriptions

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