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If You Were Using Microsoft Windows… Switch To Either Linux Or FreeDOS Immediately!

If you think Microsoft Windows is a great OS, without needing to type these expensive commands on your computer. However; Windows 11 has been set to take screenshots each time as you use your PC,–taking up disk space. Currently, I shut off my Windows PC as a way to reduce the burden of having this experience. Well, the point of having a GUI is to make it easier for a typical person who never owned a computer before. However; some people choose to type commands over using a GUI.

With all of these privacy evading practices found within Windows 11; this is a serious madness when you are about to power on your computer.

Causes Consumer Issues Corporate Accountability

If You Were Buying A New Computer Or Receiving A Previously-Owned Machine… You Need To Remove Windows

Untold; unsold computers with previous versions of Windows are discarded at landfills,–causing electronic waste to rise. However; helping to ditch Microsoft Windows is key to help reduce electronic waste.

Everyday, new computers being advertised with new versions of Windows has caused older machines to be end up on a huge pile of unsold items,–causing these machines to be wasted. With all of that price gouging that is illegal,and harmful effects of discarded PCs… these people who buy computers just only set them, and forget other things what you can do with these computers.