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Being Too Old For an Easter Egg Hunt & An Easter Bunny Is No Excuse!

If someone says “you are too old for Easter bunnies, or Easter Egg hunts”… don’t let them force you into this situation. Despite us who have previous persons who have a longest life over125 years or older… we need to rethink about our age, and growing up,–and help eliminate this practice of systematic agism during each Easter via each year.

You have lots of time to live

Let’s at least reach a higest age of 110 as a way to restructure our young lifestyle. Being 18 years of age doesn’t mean you are too old for Easter. We’re NOT talking about going to church and celebrating Easter like that… but a simplified way to celebrate this holiday.

Even switching your eating habits can solve the problem, that also applies to avoiding tobacco products altogether, and going outside often. Well, you may need to plan what you’re going to do each Easter.

Why NOT Say “You Are Too Old For Easter” In The First Place?

Age caps when celebrating Easter for kids are a serious problem. Growing up can wait! You can wait a bit longer in order to reach a specific age that enables you to make a decision to keep celebrating Easter with a children’s format or NOT. A decision is always set by an individual who has a right to participate in Easter egg hunts, or any other event that is available.

If you are a teenager at least 13 years of age, you can still participate in these activities.

If you are 18 years of age, don’t stop participating in these activities right away! Keep going instead. These activities are essential for better experience. Games what we play, along with these activities are good for our brain. Well watching a movie, or having an Easter dinner (no rabbit meat included) is NOT enough. Typically, you don’t watch a movie during Easter. Instead, you join activities.

If you are 21 years old, or a greater age category; you can still join these activities. Again, these events are good for your brain.

Untold; discrimination, agism, and other systematic bigotry has caused many of some people to experience bordem, and no activities to do.

If you are planning on your next Easter event what you are hosting, here are the following things what you need to do for the best experience:

Restructure age Categories

If your even involves an Easter bunny in your community, make it equal for both children and adults. Keep it the same as it was set for children. However; modifications may need to be implemented.

You may need to test out these activities with other communities when planning for an event during Easter.

Going to church should NOT be included, but reserve it for people who wanted to celebrate Easter with a traditional format.

Host Tea Time

Hosting tea during Easter is a key to help offset costs of drinks. This is useful if you want to help mitigate purchases of soft drinks. This is useful if you wanted to have a different approach with your event.

If anyone can’t drink tea, offer alternatives.

A Prompt To Quit Smoking

You can help clear the smoke by helping other people in your communiquit smoking.

Helping to quit smoking help us increase our lifespan and breath fresh air. Many people has died from smoking tobacco products each day. That’s why we have too many people living shorter lives!

Reconsider Things What You Use To Do During Easter As A Child

We need to revert back to these activities what we did during Easter as a child. However; we need to slow down, and rollback our lifestyle just a bit. Aging can wait, being too old for Easter can wait! We are pushing our aging too fast, and we are making it difficult for us. We need to be very careful when joining these activities as we’re children. And I am NOT supporting fetishism!!

Rethink about going to an arcade, and playing games, and rethink about going to a playground, and rethink about going to a fairground.

Over many older folks has been missing out on these events during Easter targeted towards children each day. This ongoing issue continues each year. However; we can make a difference as we can do positive things for each Easter.

Things To Do

Ride A Merry-Go-Round

Visit a shopping mall, or a fairground. Find a merry-go-round. Ask for rides that will NOT include kids with you. Use the following script below and say it to ya ride operator. Having a paper copy is useful:

If you started a club for people who ride merry-go-rounds in fairgrounds or shopping malls, replace bracketed text with your name of your club or group,–or community.

Personalize your message if you wish.

If you are including children, modify the text above. Ask an operator to rase money for your favorite cause.

If you run a fairground, provide a merry-go-round for everyone (including adults).

Reduce Time On Your Mobile Phone And Visit An Arcade

Find an arcade of choice in your area. You may need to take a break from using your mobile device/phone. As you visit an arcade; you help offset use of data on your phone. However; time on mobile devices are known killers to gaming arcades fairgrounds, shopping malls and other physical places. We need to balace use of digital worlds and real worlds.

Visit Parks Often

We need to reactivate these activities what we use to do as children as a way to take part of helping reduce all of that bordem during Easter time each year. You can find an activity that is available in your area.

By doing these activities again… you are rethinking about your lifestyle. That also help offset use of electrical energy in your home, and conserve water like usual. Also, going to a park with properly maintained fields play a key role of taking in fresh air. In Japan, forest bathing is usually a key activity that help reduce the crime rate. Thanks to trees that are present… they help reduce stress and crime rates. Well, with all of that driving by parks, that doesn’t do anything good at all!

Playing in your home’s private yard doesn’t always mean better. With all of that borden during Easter, this is a current problem.

Have A Tea Party At A Public Location

Find a restaurant, arcade, or any establishment that is an eatery with an arcade, and ask if they have reservations to setup for these tables. This is useful if you want to gather with your friends, famimies, or, other people what you know. This is useful if you have a community of people who do costume parties. For example; you are wearing a costume that does an illusion of a person riding an Easter bunny, and you have a friend who is dressed up like a character from a book.

Ensure your party is free of profanity as possible by at least 299.99%.

If you are at a Japanese restuaurant; you may need to check if reserving a table is available.

Keep alcohol purchases away. Instead, purchase hot or iced tea.

Don’t let anyone spit into someone’s food because, that can spread germs, and somebody can get sick.

Don’t dictate what someone can eat (especially if you are a parent), let them choose. Food allergies should be prioritized at all costs. If you are on a tight budget, always plan ahead.

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