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Top 20 Reasons You Should Rely on Wind and Solar Energy

Although; wind and solar energy is a new trend so far for our planet… some people are just sticking with oil and coal industries. Within this article; there are 20 reasons to switch to wind and solar energy for your new choice of electricity.

I’ve broken this top 20 article with 2 sections, making it easier for you to distinct between wind and solar countdowns.

Let’s start off with wind!

20: Wind never runs out

Everyday; we feel wind because, its been around for years. wind has been converted to power,–during the times when windmills were first built. For example; a windmill that is used to grind grain, pump water, and grind corn,–and shred wheat. These windmills don’t generate any smoke because, they don’t need coal, and they don’t need oil to run.

Recently, there were newly built versions of windmills that are built to generate electricity than any other windmill on earth. However; some people has been finding ways to generate more wind power by relying on strong winds. There’s no way to use up all of the wind!

19: No CO2 emissions

Wind is the only source of energy for these machines… they only release heat from their systems to keep the parts cool. When the windmill turns in the wind; the wind stays clean. That establishes endless amounts of clean air. If you have 200 windmills running, and you have each unit generate up to 4 GW of electricity… it can generate 400 GW total. That’s more than enough to power a city that is using a subway system, or dedicated to power the transportation system. Say if a subway system uses windmills to make their transportation service officially ran by wind. If you take a ride on a wind-powered subway train; that can erase about 4000 cars on a road a day.

The advantage of relying on windmills is free of CO2 exaust gases. Even people with breathing problems can live with these units. You can find these windmills anywhere in parts of your state, region, or country.

18: No mining for fuel, but reach for the sky

You don’t need to mine for fuel, all you have to do just build these blades that will spin in the air! The wind will simply just turn them, and drive the generator. Depend on a size of a machine; it will take some time. That’s more than enough to cause the coal industry to go bankrupt forever. If we push for wind energy, and make it a mandatory law to supply power from windmills. That will make it illegal to mine for coal. If coal-miners were caught attempting or mining for coal, that will be totally great if we shut down all of these dangerous coal mines.

17: Both decoration, and function

Some gardeners like windmills turning as they plant a large garden that will feed the villagers who were hungry. If they rely on this unit to run their store; they don’t need to rely on a traditional grid that supplies coal-based electricity. This can also offset pounds of carbon a day. For example:

A gardener installs a windmill to run his store where she sell vegetarian products. She uses her windmill to keep her store active 24/7. The garden what she planted has fed over thousands of villagers who were hungry. She has offset shipment of food from other farms.

If you have a windmill in your garden,–if its on a rooftop of a large building, your visitors may like this feature. If you have all buildings equipped with a set of windmills; that will wipe 2000 tons of carbon every minute. That’s enough to wipe the coal industry from our globe. If many people chosen wind over coal, and the coal industry crashes, that’s more than enough to close all coal mines.

Everyday, windmills are being built to get power from these units directly,–enabling their homes to run without a connection to the grid.

16: Its green energy!

This clean form of energy is so fun to use, even some companies has started a business by relying on wind energy. Green Geeks is the known hosting service who run servers with renewable energy. If you chosen a hosting provider like this… that will enable you to think about our planet,–just like I do!

If you ran a desalination plant with these devices, and you placed these windmill blades in the sky,–after building an off-sure windmill set… that will take about 4 days to start offsetting CO2 when fully active. If you taken up to all of these plants; that will reduce carbon by 99% daily. That’s is more than enough to slow down climate change, and establish cooling our planet.

Running windmills in the cold environment,–what I’ve imagined years earlyier can be tricky, but some engineering will take some time.

15: Windmills can be built at sea,–capturing wind each day and night

You heard of a news. about the off-sure wind farms where they generate more electricity. UK is the known country where they implemented a wind farm that is located at sea,–freeing enough land to enable people to conserve forests, and other important environmental places.

Like most land-based wind farms; they still spin in the wind. There are some off-sure wind-farms in the USA,–but you might need to take a trip to these places to find out.

14: No smoke generated!

Windmills don’t generate smoke when running because, they don’t burn oil, or coal, or any other fuel. This is useful if villagers has outlawed smoking tobacco products, and outlawed use of coal-burning plants,–and implemented mandatory renewable energy choices.

13: This is a legitimate form of clean energy

You heard of these commercials about windmills that are being set as power for your city, and they advertised they generate clean energy. This is true advertising. But coal industries has been involved in fraudulent advertising schemes that are built to lure customers to their services, and harm our ecosystem.

Windmills don’t harm ecosystems because, they don’t cause our air to be dirty! That’s why you get constant amount of clean air that is smoke-free.

12: No ashes generated… and no fumes

We are getting closer to 1 half of this countdown article! In common… windmills don’t generate ashes, and fumes! That’s more than enough to keep our planet clean for a long time. Unlike burning coal… you don’t need to empty the ash tray, or dispose these ashes. That can also help you reduce waste by 100%. It takes people to mine coal to generate waste,–after burning fuel.

There’s no fumes to worry about because, you don’t need to worry about acid rain; damaged forests, and other toxic fumes from the coal-burning plants.

11: No black water issues to worry about

Although; you can still pump water to get water from wells. As you get water from a machine built to the windmill that will treat water for you; you don’t need to worry about water contamination caused by coal-burning plants.

As you process coal; you contaminate water,–causing it to turn black. Many people don’t want contaminated water to enter their water supply. But these coal industries who were liable for damaging our planet hasn’t been halted for years.

Now, let’s go through these reasons why you should choose solar energy

10: Some devices rely on them

If you taken a look of the small window on your calculator… This is the solar panel that is used to power your calculator. The reason why they rely on this form of technology because, you don’t need to install any batteries. That’s more than enough to cut down on purchasing button cell batteries.

However; there’s a break-through when new devices are being built to run via solar energy… enabling you to cut your energy bill in half.

9: This is an off-grid version of power for your home

Now these days; houses that are newly built, or modified can run without a connection to your local grid. This is useful if you want to keep your home active during power failures, or during the time when a power company has gone bankrupt.

This is useful if you wanted to cut your bills in half, or partician your home to run solar energy exclusively,–like your furnace, electric boiler, or your electric freezer.

8: You can use it for running your home’s cooling system

Many people were upset because, they experienced high energy bills, and this is common for some people who live in super hot climates. Some people don’t want to support greedy power companies who were responsible for environmental damages.

If you run your cooling system via solar energy, that will help offset your electric bills overtime. For example; it’s hot as 100°F; and you ran your solar-powered unit to cool your home; that will enable you to constantly cool your home during each sunny day. You set your home to 75°F as a prefered temperature for your home. Depending on a build of a machine; it will take minutes or hours for your home to be cool.

If all homes rely on this solar scheme for hot days; that will cause power companies to make less money, and order less coal.

7: If you live in certain states, solar panels are mandatory!

However; in some states; like California… buildings needed to have these solar panels installed as a mandatory strategy to cut pollution. However; some tallers are exempt from these laws. That means… you will rely on solar energy as a way to cut carbon when using electricity.

If all of US states has implemented these vital laws,–along with new laws to ban coal-mining to protect our planet… that will reduce carbon by maybe 77% in my opinion.

6: Useful for generating steam-powered power plants

Some solar farms harness the power of sunlight to power our power stations without harming our ecosystem. This is useful for some countries in Africa. If All countries in Africa has relied on this power scheme. That can reduce all of the drout-like conditions. In my opinion… That can take more effort for people in Africa to push for solar energy. If you installed solar panels everywhere in africa… you may reduce carbon by maybe 75% each day,–depending on where their cities are located.

5: We never run out of sunlight

Each morning; the sun rises,–enabling solar panels to harness the power of the sun, and generate lots of power for some pwople who live in homes where solar power is installed. If you have a backup power source, this is useful if the storm has blocked the sunlight. However; solar panels are still affective when used during the sunny days.

4: If you only plant crops on your farm… but you need cold water

This is useful if you wanted to keep your tanks of water cool,–if you built a solar-power water chiller for your cop-based farm. This is useful if you used to farm cattle for dairy. You were revamping a barn to use solar energy to run your utilities, and your lights. You still have lots of unused hay. Keeping your barn cool, and free of explosive gases is easier than ever.

In my opinion; maybe it will help you reduce water loss,–due to drout, or you need to cut ties with the power company,–trying to reduce carbon by 99%.

3: Some transit vehicles you used everyday has upgraded to solar energy

Solar-powered airplanes are taking off now these days. This is one example of these transit vehicles cutting ties with the oil industry. These airplanes are now reaching for the sky without puffing smoke. This is necessary to upgrade their fuel system to keep carbon reduced by a mandatory carbon regulations.

If 1000 of these solar flying machines has overpowered a traditional aircraft, that will offset carbon by 77% in my opinion… however; it may take some time for this change to fully evolve.

2: Free power anytime

Almost any device uses solar power for free,–including houses,–if they rely on these dedicated devices. If were experiencing issues with a power company; you can have solar power running on demand to help offset your electric bills. Depending on a size of your home; you may need to rely on other efforts to reduce power. For example; choosing to use LED bulbs to reduce energy for your home.

Since solar panels pay for themselves; this can really stretch your dollar overtime.

1: Tackle Climate Change

Since solar panels can pull in sunlight, and deflect the sun at a same time… this can also cool down our planet just a bit, or further. People have been fighting climate change for the past years,–trying to save our planet from global warming. Thanks to the new law in California… solar panels are mandatory. If we rely on this units by 400%… we can slow down this issue, and choose to stop mining for coal, and other dirty fuels.

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