Can You Really Take Surveys Outdoors On Your Laptop Computer Or Mobile Device Via SurveyJunkie?

Okay, I’ve experimented on taking surveys via SurveyJunkie via my iPad outside of my apartment as I enjoy the outside air. Well, that supercharged my thoughts just a bit. I’ve also have an opportunity to speak with someone outside as I take surveys and multitask like usual. With all of that fresh air has also refreshed my time to sleep later on. Well, I am using my time to get an opportunity to take surveys like a person would each day. I’ve managed to take a survey yesterday, and I managed to make it through at least 1 survey. Sometimes, these surveys fill up, or not be relevant for me. I can still earn points when I try taking each survey, and rely on these important things to do. What I didn’t know; taking surveys outside of my apartment has caused me to think further. Fortunately, trees are available to get me a boost of thinking as I take a survey.

Previously, I’ve mentioned about 20 things to do after taking surveys via Survey Junkie! And I am currently investing more time as I take more surveys, until SurveyJunkie has ran out of serveys via a feed on my iPad.

The Experiment

I’ve started this experiment earlier at 10:00 CDT; and I begin to take surveys after my morning cup of coffee. According to SurveyJunkie, taking surveys during the day is a best option because, people often wake up, and start their days with a cup of coffee. Also, I start using my iPad to take surveys, and take my time. However; I need to connect to my mobile phone to connect to my phones’ network. My Cox internet has been shut off because, my payment via my payee will be late because, a check needs to be processed. However; I always have a contingency plan to stay connected. That also enable me to take surveys as fast as possible. And I am whipping up a storm of taking surveys and earning as much as I can. Fortunetely, my experiment has started, and I am still figuring it out as I take surveys on my iPad. Well, I decided to do it because, I need to leave my laptop plugged in as a way to perform this experiment.

However; I need to head back to my apartment to dodge the storm because, I don’t want my machine to get wet.

After I went back into my apartment; I decided to spot the difference.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Taking Surveys Outdoors Taking surveys indoors

Thoughts supercharge, thanks to trees and fresh air outdoors.

An opportunity to speak to someone outside.

An opportunity to get fresh air from trees planted.

An opportunity to greet someone.

An opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Stale air causes my thoughts to be slow and incorrect.

Indoor air pollution has caused me to have no opportunity to think as I take surveys.

No possibility to greet someone outdoors.

No opportunity to speak to anyone.

Raises screen time by 52%.

Constant circulation of stale air causes me to think incorrectly.

Make bad financial decisions like unnecessary spending on items via credit cards.

I didn’t know nature has the power to enable me to make better decisions, and use my brain. Nature is amazing, even if I take surveys on my tech what I am currently using.

So far; I was reaching my goal to reach a desired amount of points,–beyond 1000 points, and I am still working on this goal. And I will never give up on one try.

I keep trying and trying, and I use my brain as I can. However; I need to take breaks as I shut my computers, and head outside. Unfortunately, spending time streaming media and other distractions is a result of me using too much bandwith on my internet equipment. However; taking surveys sshould be an option for me to make some extra money, and rethink how should I use bandwith for my internet connection. Also, taking surveys over watching videos on YouTube should help offset your computer’s wear and tear.

This experiment what I’ve did has made me feel proud of my work what I was doing.

My Thoughts

My thoughts of heading outside and taking surveys, is kind of like coming out of my house, and heading to a garden with other people who often gather together. Also, I get an opportunity to socialize and take surveys at the same time. Its kind of like reducing screen time by 45%, and speaking to someone. With that; I can speak to someone about taking surveys, and making some extra money. However; some people don’t understand why I was taking surveys with my screen-reader on. My ipad can still connect to the internet via my phone. However; I always take efforts of conserving my screen time as I head outside often.

With heading outside and enjoying nature, I can slowly use my brain power as I take surveys and take my time. According to Survey Junkie; taking your time is very important as you take surveys. However; me as a screen-reader user often has a set speed as I take surveys because, I rely on a screen-reader. Although; some survey providers don’t understand which person is using a screen-reader when taking surveys. Screen-reader users are notorious of taking surveys with a set pace. When you listen to a screen-reader as you take surveys; you are taking a survey faster than an average visual person who take surveys and make money. And that’s a major gap between screen-reader users, and visual users.

And nature buffs are right, especially people who plant trees! Trees do give us fresh air, and plants do have a calming effect on us, and help us be creative, and keep our mood in check, that can also keep our thinking in check.


Well, taking surveys outdoors can be fun, but you need to take safety very seriously. Always check the weather, surroundings, and even public spots before you do this experiment what I’ve did.

Nature does have the power of keeping creativity, and productivity, and thinking in check! You should head out of your apartment or house very often, and get some fresh air to breathe. Opening windows to get fresh air is NOT enough. Stale air can still mix with fresh air. Stale air is bad for you. Well trees outside can take in stale air, and push out fresh air as a way to keep our air clean.

Well, this is my start of my effort of going outside often, and enjoynature as I take surveys, or create something new.

I’ve never became a nature buff before, but I will consider being one as I enjoy the outdoors as I take surveys.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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