Can You Be Really Creative As You Write Outdoors?

Right now, I am experimenting on writing a book on my Ubuntu laptop computer as I enjoy fresh air. Typically, I write when I have time. Unfortunately, lack of fresh air has caused me to sleep incorrectly, and miss out days of work. I always try my best to attend my job. If a job is not available; I can go on my computer and write content, or take surveys.

I decided to get out of my apartment and head outside with my computer as start doing this experiment as I enjoy some fresh air. They do have trees at this apartment complex, but 1 or 2 trees are NOT enough for me to keep my productivity active, I have to figure this out.

However; rainy days are usually skipped as I go to work, but I must ensure I am at the dry area of my place where I currently live. I don’t want my laptop to be end up damaged by rain or moisture. I am using common sense as I be productive when I take fresh air and work at the same time. I can amp up with speaking with some people as I work on my PC… writing content.

My thoughts of heading outside, and being creative: is kind of like refreshing my lifestyle setup and speed up my thinking as I enjoy the outdoors as I think what I should do next. However; I always use common sense when going outside. I can’t go outside when gun violence is present. This is a bad combination. However; having a “gun-free” location is key to prevent gun violence, but crooks who have guns still shoot at these locations from vast distances, and this is a serious problem what our government needs to solve as soon as possible.

If my studio has an outdoor production area, my creators can take in fresh air, but you need to have the power of plants in order to get this experience. You must have the right kind of plants that will take out CO2 levels with common sense.

Unlike being in my apartment the whole time; fresh air is received. With my apartment; I need to open windows to get fresh air in, but stale air is still the problem. High levels of CO2 is bad for your health. Also, helping to reduce these levels is essential for our health.

However; I am currently taking this opportunity,–before construction crews enclose this area to make an enclosed hallway to connect these buildings. So, I decided to take this limited opportunity.

Have you went out of your house/apartment to take fresh air? Please let us know!

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff

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