If You Were Using Your SNAP Card When Buying Food For Your Kids Or Yourself… Don’t Buy These!

Every month; our SNAP benefits help us as parents or the disabled buy food for our everyday life. But there are certain foods what you shouldn’t buy! For this instance… dog meat, or cat meat,–or rat meat. Those are the items what you should not add to your grocery list. If you already have them, remove them. This is an effort to be on a “Fairy Side of Life”.

Together we can save our remaining SNAP benefits to be topped up on the next month, for example; you have $100 remaining on your SNAP card; save it for the next month. Depending on your resources, your SNAP Benefits may be affected. For example; your SNAP benefits are topped up each month at $112. If you save $100 earlier, that equals to $212!

Don’t make PB&J sandwiches to save you money, and attempt to make your kids healthy like that, and don’t dictate which food what they should eat.

So, get yourself a cup of tea, and some vegan scones, and help us restore humanity, and extend our food supply, and use our SNAP benefits wisely!

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