If You’ve Watched Any Of These Movies Or TV Shows… Sometimes Changes Can Happen For Real!

We love watching these movies and TV shows, and sometimes, we only see these events in movies, but some movies what you’ve watched can make a change in your family, or your society. However; our families around the world are screwed due to hidden abuse in our common cultural practices, or abuse found in most religious groups/organizations.

Okay, let’s pop in our tape, or disc and watch these films, and see for ourselves, and we will review each movie what we’ve watched years ago. I was a fan of these movies. And don’t forget some tortillas with spicy cheese, and some vegetarian pizza, but no PB&J sandwiches please.

Mary Poppins

This is a movie what we like for some years,–if you are a fan of this movie. Although; Jane and Michael who wanted a nanny who can play games, never be crossed or rude. In fact, children wanted a nanny who will watch over their children while they’re at work, or on a business trip around the world. However; in the real world, parents has been involved in spanking children over anything that is bad,–caused by their kids… spanking and other corporal punishment is cruel, and it was made illegal in Swedish territories where spanking is illegal,–resulting you as a parent behind bars, or forfeiture of parental rights, and rules in your family.

When these nannies has been blown away by a gusty winds, the another nanny with an umbrella has landed at their home in the UK. Well, I thought this town is New York City, in fact… is London. The parents who welcomed this nanny to their home.

When Mary Poppins has help their kids clean their rooms with the power of magic, they can freely have fun! In the real world, parents force kids to clean their rooms,–all without any help, or tutorials. This is considered a deceptive practice in most African/American families in the USA (all 50 states). If you are a parent who implemented this rule, you have to remove it, and stop the forcing at all costs.

What we like about this film… is the way how Mary Poppins treating 2 kids with respect, and refusing to hit, beat, or other bad acts. When children is treated like this, they’re being treated with dignity! Taking children to the park, and enabling them to have some fun. Why she is treating them like her own kids with a modern way? She was instructed to do so,–with the wishes of Jane and Michael, and that’s dignity. But there’s one another question: What happens if I do the same to my own kids? Let’s take a closer look of this movie:

  • When helping out kids do their tasks, and making a game at the same time, you provide fun for your kids. If a child has trouble with his/her task… forcing, taking things, and yelling is not necessary. This is a right thing to do because, you are leaving their childhood intact. Why our parents did not do the same within this movie because, they’ve haven’t seen it, or they believe this only happens in the movies. However; this is wrong what your parents did to you.
  • Going to the park. This is common for some families. But many families spent time watching TV, and wasting money on cable subscriptions. If you are a parent who experienced this, you should consider cutting the cord, and go outside on the regular basis. Now these days… we have mobile devices to watch TV on the go. The purpose of you having lots of money saved in your banking account overtime, and being responsible with your finances is necessary. If you stay remain at the poor side of your finances… you’ll miss out on these common perks as you go to the next tax bracket. If you become wealthy overtime, you should discontinue use of your SNAP benefits, SSI, WIC benefits, and other money-assisted services. Even your best job can earn you some money!
  • Kids being signaled to go indoors during the rainy weather. This is common in our families, but yelling and screaming at your kids who won’t budge can make things worse! If you are a parent like this… stop it immediately because, you can lose your voice, and it can make your heart get damaged overtime. Trust me, my mother has died when her heart gave out. And this is the reason why you should avoid this at all costs.
  • Storytelling during bedtime… this is common for some families. But these kids in this movie are staying awake. A parent should never force children to go to sleep because, that can damage their bodies. Sometimes kids can disreguard their time to sleep. This is normal for some children. If you have this strict rule that is indeed forceful, remove it now.

What Do We Like About This Film

This is a fun film to watch, but if this film has been played during movie therapy… if this therapy exists… that can be useful for some children who were being relocated to new homes. But this film deserves to be honored because, that is intended to make us change.

We have no dislikes because, this is a beautiful film what we recommend you to watch.

The Executioner’s Song

This movie has taught us a lesson! If you are an abusive parent; this is what you’ll get. That also includes spanking, and other abuses.

When Gary Gilmore was executed with a last words “Let’s Do It” during the firing squad, he was arrested for murder, he was found guilty of his crime… he was sentenced to death,–after the ban of the capital punishment has been lifted. This movie is based-on a true story. He was also featured on Faces of Death series on VHS! These films are designed to teach us a lesson, but many families hasn’t paid attention to these films for many years. Loopholes has been exploited, and no family has been audited for possible links to violence. Think about my cousin Trevar who was linked to violence for the rest of his life… in 2002; he was arrested for assaulting his woman, girlfriend, or something. I learned a lesson from him. And I was proud he was end up in prison. If he was not arrested, he should’ve been the next Gary Gilmore!

When Gary Gilmore was executed; that caused his family to be broken, and this is a serious consequence that will happen to your family.

If you want to avoid this consequence, don’t hit, and don’t yell at all, and never give anyone a finger!

A Goofy Movie

This movie features 2 main characters, Max and Goofy himself. Although; children grow up overtime, but there are some times when children reach an adulthood of 18; things begin to change. For this instance, Max starts off as an average kid, within his dream, Max and Roxanne are enjoying a time at the wheat field, or something similar. It may look normal, but dream starts to change, and Roxanne was startled by Max’s big teeth. He starts to get larger… and larger… turning into a same format,–just like Goofy.

When Max experiences a bad behavior at school; his principal called his father, regarding his son who was in trouble. Since Goofy is kind of concerned with his son because, he don’t want him end up in the electric chair. However; he came up with a solution, taking him fishing at Lake Destiny, Idaho.

Closer Look

Max wanted to see the Powerline concert, but his trouble starts as he woke up from his sleep, and he discovered his time wasn’t right. And he has to rush to go to school, but Goofy has offered to drive him to his school,–on his way to work, and speaking about work, if you keep your working job, and you stick to it, and stay in a same city, you can still make some money like normal. As we switch gears back to topic; Max prefers to walk to school, and be there.

Max starts his show at a theater section of his school; Bobby has pulled a lever to make the principal go down with his stand. Max tries to proof Roxanne his talent. However; his tricks has backfired,–after his enemy has busted him.

When Max arrives home; he discovered Goofy packing up his car to go fishing. But Max wanted to go to that party, but Goofy has used his tricks to get him to go with him. And his tricks did work. And why Max has to go with his dad because, he don’t want Max end up in the electric chair. He also got advice from Pete, “nothing, but the great outdoors, to strengthen the bond between father and son! In the real world… this is important because, there’s ways to do it. Going fishing, and a time on a boat is a relaxful way to help the bond.

Max was kind of frustrated because, he was at the old amusement park that was revamped or renovated.

As we jump to the part where they supposed to go to Lake Destiny. But Max shouted “left turn”, causing them to be off the route. Max didn’t get the right format when interacting with a driver. You have to let the driver drive places.

Sometimes families go into a fight. Within this argument, Max wanted to be home, but his dad has concerns because, he don’t want Max end up in prison, being in the electric chair. Max isn’t a boy anymore. Kids do grow up.

Goofy has realized Max is getting older. And kids do turn into older teens, and they become adults at age 18 or 21. Once you reach any of these age brackets, your parents don’t have control of you anymore.

As we take a closer look of the end and there’s a place where the concert is active. Going to concerts is common for teenagers.

However; in my opinion, Principal Mazer should be held accountable for illegally confining bad kids in the principal’s office. What he just did: he illegally locked them in. And that’s also a fire hazard. This is a controversial scene. If your principal ever did this to your kids, this is a nightmare.

In the real world, kids always change.


From officers in blue with occasional ambulance and firefighters, to car chase, to sting operations; these places are filmed by the crew, and the police themselves. The police has a job to enforce the laws for us. They don’t start taking action from nowhere! An emergency call has to be made via 911; or a non-emergency number 311; or something similar. Emergency numbers are only for emergencies. When police are initialized for an emergency, they sound the sirens on their police car. Tipically, a police car has 4 doors like a 4-door car. The back row is used to transport criminals to a police station to be detained, or directly to jail to be held. Sometimes, they use police vans to transport bad guys. You’ve seen these people getting arrested for their crime, getting pulled over, and also helping victims of violence.

This show has first taught me a lesson. If you are involved in assault, battery, domestic violence, or other forms of violence, you’ll do the time.

Most of these shows may start off with a 911 call; or a start with a police officer on patrol.

Why This Show Is Important?

This is useful to see how police officers actually work. If you were interested being a police officer, there are corses available.

This is useful,–if you support the law enforcement in blue, helping to reduce crime.

Animal Cops

This is a dedicated show for saving animals from abusive owners, and cracking down on mills where animals are bred. This is useful for animal lovers in the USA, and other countries. Like COPS; the police arrest people for animal cruelty. What makes this program unique; there are rare happy stories, and there are rare scenes in court. The AHSPCA has been advocating for these animals who needed to be protected against cruelty. It’s also a non-profit organization, many donations has been sent to this organization to help prevent cruelty. If you watch this show on Animal Planet; sometimes, it may feature other animals being saved, E.G. rabbits, farm animals, exotic animals, and even preventing dog fights!

If you’ve watched this show on a regular basis; you are supporting efforts to prevent cruelty to animals.

Why This Show Is Important

This is necessary to have this program because, they help cut animal cruelty! If you care about animals; always go vegetarian, and stop purchasing all meat products. If you have meat products; slowly phase them out.

You can think about why you should be responsible when caring for your animals. If you take steps and do research.

Helping to educate our minds about why animal cruelty is wrong

If you were arrested for animal cruelty, you are most likely to be banned from owning animals. If you were arrested for this… you are out of luck.

Arthur: Arthur’s BIG Hit

Okay, our family traditions has a violent ticking time bomb that is unpredictable! But within Arthur – Arthur’s BIG Hit by Marc Brown; Jane Read has punished Arthur for hitting DW over his model airplane. Jane has taught Arthur a lesson because, in his family, violence will not be tolerated. That’s what some people didn’t understand! This is an episode what schools should present to students. If you are a parent who don’t want violence in your family, present this show immediately. This can teach us an important lesson.

Why Jane Read Punished Arthur Over Hitting DW?

This part of this show help our families cut violence. And why this is a necessary content to view because, that also help cut violence.

That’s right! NOBODY knows better under any way, and please don’t say it to your child.


Like solving mysteries? If you started a family of children who like to solve mysteries, you can do this to help solve mysteries. This is useful to crack cases, and bring criminals to justice. If you take a closer look, Scooby and gang has been unmasking villains for a long time. That can result to criminals being end up in prison. And that is a family-friendly show that is now evolving overtime, ranging from a legacy style to a modern style.

This is fun, and snacking has been promoted. Most kids are treated with dignity. Like Mary Poppins… mentioned earlier in this article, these kids are respected, but their parents aren’t present because, this show promotes a way to live without parents. Although; our parents often die out when they’re ill, or any factors. Sometimes kids form a good gang to help fight crime, and be inspired by other people to make our place better.


Those are the movies and TV shows what we’ve watch when we’re kids. Did you ever got your families changed; let us know at the comments below, and thanks for supporting our website, by becoming a paying member on a Fairy Side of Living!

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