Reduce TV Time At 17:30 to 20:00 And Encourage Your Children To Read Books


Everyday, children watch TV after they arrived from school, and they finished homework before turning their TV on. Children watch TV as a way to be entertained. Content-providers deliver content to them as a way to supply content to kids, but there are issues with children not learning new things!

Tipically, reading books is one way for children to be entertained without TV. If you are a parent who allow children to watch TV after their homework time, you may need to reschedule when TV will be off for some time. Having your TV turned off on a regular basis can help offset power usage, and help offset your TV’s long working hours. If you have your TV shut off on a regular basis, your set may last for a long time, and you have to unplug it on a regular basis to help reduce energy bills.

Going to the library

Going to a public library is a great way for kids to start reading books. Reading books is one way for kids to learn new things. Some books are educational, and some are informational. Each book is written by an author and illustrator who work together to entertain us with a traditional book, or ebook. Try going to the library to get your kids to read, just like before TV existed. If your kids aren’t able to budge because, they don’t read 1 book; keep encouraging them to read as a way to learn. This is useful if you wanted your kids to read regularly, and your trip to a public library is your expensive trip; try going to a bookstore to buy or rent books. If you have an ereader for your kids as a way to encourage reading, be sure to choose which book to assign to a child. Or get a device from a library.

If your small town doesn’t have a public library, be sure to speak with a township for installing a new public library. Or if you have enough money, you can start one yourself.

Buy Books

Are you wanting a library in your own house, and you wanted to have books for your kids to read, and think about the olden days before TV existed? This is a rewinding method of cutting back on TV time, this can help TV manufacturers save costs of producing new units. It also enable authors who write books with traditional paperback publishing or ebook publishing to expand their sales of their books. Even your used TV set can be used to display text only. If you are still trying to reduce TV time, try setting up your TV for displaying movies during dinner time, or lunch time.

If you have an empty space in your home, you can buy shelves for your books as a way to enable kids to read books while you’re at work, or you were just cooking food. Be sure to set time limits on TV sets as you encourage your kids to watch less TV and read more content. Some ebooks have video, and you can implement a special TV to display ebooks to read. If you were just finding ways to reduce your cable subscriptions, ask your cable provider for guidence.

A tipical library has books arranged like a dictionary with categories. Renting books in bulk can help you rotate books what your kids need to read.

If you have a used table, or you bought a reading table, set it at a comfortable location of your home library. If your home library has wall outlets, you can dock ereaders on your table to enable kids to read books on their devices. Even 1 ereader or tablet set as an ebook-reader can save you money on expensive bills on running your TV sets at home.

If your kids use your new library to read new books, and they continue reading like they should, you as a parent can do anything without noise. You can start working with your home business, or you can watch your favorite shows on your own TV or computer. Having each TV not running can save you some energy, and you can make a difference with your next electric bill.

If you discovered your TV subscription is still running, and you don’t need additional boxes for your kids’ rooms, you can gradually cut the cord to free up your financial space when trying to find a job, or run your business. You can replace your kid’s TV with a stereo connected to your computer for distributing sound around the house, or buy/rent boomboxes to slow down expensive purchases of iPods and tablets. If you are doing some hybrid method of getting your children rewound to the days before TV existed.

Certain devices like record players, tape-based devices, CD players, and other devices without a video screen can help children reduce TV time by 40%. Tipically, a living room has a TV shared by a family. This is common if you as a parent prefers to have TV time shared with others. But don’t encourage your kids to watch cartoons. Set your system to play movies instead.

If we revert back to having a library at our home, that can help broadcasters save money on broadcasting their shows, and help reduce power. However; if you were just a person who prefers to read books instead of relying on an expensive TV subscription; you can buy newspaper subscriptions to be up to date when you do normal activities. Local TV is also an alternative, but you have to reduce kids’ time by discouraging TV time on a schedule.

When your TV is off for a long time, and your electric bill goes down, you have an option to save up remaining amounts of money to your savings account, if you repeat keeping your TV off 3 hours a day in each room; and you saved some remaining dollars from your normal banking account; you can have months of savings. If you saved over $1000+ each year; keep saving your remaining money, until you have a goal to help yourself do any of the following:

  • Fund trips for your kids – this is useful if you wanted your kids to go camping, or you wanted your kids to go to a mall to buy things.
  • Pay down rent – this is useful if you were in debt because, your rent is too high.
  • Clear away credit card debt – this is useful if you had an out of control debt climbing on your credit report.
  • Donate to your favorite church, synagogue, or any of your favorite charities – this is useful if you want to make a difference for our world.
  • Pay bills- this is kind of easier for you to pay with a higher amount, and you can easily use your money for other uses.
  • Grocery Shopping – NOW you can buy food for your family! You can now buy high-quality foods for your kids, and you’ll never be end up hungry again. But you can still use your sum of your savings to buy other things too.
  • Save for building a store in a small town – this is useful if you want to sell things.
  • Pay taxes – this is useful if you wanted to pay taxes for your business, or your property.
  • Keep saving up – this is a recommended way to keep yourself financially at float!
  • Medical bills- use your saved funds to pay for your medical bills.
  • Pay for hosting costs of your website – this is useful for paying your hosting bills with your saved funds as a way to keep your website running.

If you kept rotating books; and your kids read constantly, and you only have 1 TV running in your room, and you reduced your cable subscription by relying on internet and phone; you can have your kids read like bookworms, and enjoy their experience with books. If you did it for at least 10 years, you can save lots of money for your wallet, and reduce costs of laying cable underground, and help reconsider sales of TV antennas for local TV,–just like long ago.

If you have a small apartment, you can interchange books on a regular basis. Always start with short books as a best start for your kids to transition from watching too much TV to reading books. If we read over 200 books each year, or so, we can able to reduce expensive time of creating new TV shows.

Maybe reading books can help reduce electric bills like usual!

This is a reason why children should read books instead of watching TV:

  • Reading books helps a child learn, and learn, and be inspired the old-fashion way!
  • This is a vintage form of entertainment, and speaking about vintage, books were common during this time. Now these days, ebooks can be read on devices with a vintage feel.
  • This is one way to cut the cord with a gradual basis.
  • When a TV is off, you let the CRT unit cool, your screen cool, and your device expel all of the heat. When unplugged; your device can stay cool, and unpowered. However; if you have a TV that needs to be stay plugged in; you can set your set to turn on with a time set by you,–after reading books.
  • Books are fun!
  • Books are great!

Did you try reducing TV time? Let us know at the comments below this post, and don’t forget to share it your friends online, or offline.

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