Victory! Darrell Brooks Has Been Sentenced To Life Behind Bars On November 15th

This is a sentence what Darrell Brooks is about to begin this November… in the middle of November,–before the date when disaster happened since last November! However; I just can’t wait to party,–after Darrell Brooks is sentenced to life behind bars. Well, he will begin his life sentence. And that’s what I called it “Equal Fights” when Darrell Brooks is now facing a harsh prison sentence. Just like other crooks via any race. However; Darrell Brooks will never forget his sentence. However parole isn’t going to be possible in the future.

Darrell Brooks Will Be Missing Out Our Fun During The Holidays Each Year

In prison, you miss out holidays, birthdays, and other things what you used to experience via an outside world. Here’s the following breakdown of the following holidays what he will miss out; I think prisons do celebrate holidays… the different way:

Missing Out On A Fancy Thanksgiving Dinner

Like most prisons, food won’t be as flavorful and nutritious what you expected. Like most typical prison meals… they’re bland by design. This is common because, prisons don’t want to spend more money. Prison food is designed to be as bland and boring as possible.

No spumpkin pies for you Darrell, you will just get what a prison gives you, nothing more… nothing less, and that’s what you are going to eat.

If your relatives fill your commissary account; you can purchase items that will be alternatives, but you may need to have enough money for other stuff.

No Black Friday

Prisons don’t have Black Friday because, commissaries are just running like normal.

If you are used to Black Friday, say good-bye to this tradition. You will be missing out what we are doing via an outside world.

Well, if you have a TV, you can watch us enjoy our traditions what we enjoy like chestnuts roasting over the open fire, gifts being opened, and even sports like skiing.

Also, you will be doing work in prison,–if you earn this program.

Christmas Time Doesn’t Involve Getting Gifts

Unfortunately, you will be only giving gifts to a savier, and you won’t be enjoying candy canes, pecan pies, and other Christmas foods what we eat each year. With all of that missing out of these things; he can see what’s on TV, but he can’t get it from the outside world.

No Partying During New Years

Prisons don’t have parties, you only see this in the movies, or when inmates has saved a guard from a dangerous inmate who caused trouble. You heard of rappers rapping about prison parties, but prison parties don’t happen via a real world.

Usually time in prison is extremely slow. But Darrell can read books, work, write, rely on religious services, rely on educational services, etc.

Usually, you miss out celebrating New Years each year.

Valentine’s Day is NOT Present

Well, you can have a prison marriage, but you can’t make things for your woman what you chose.

If this is the case; you aren’t able to have plush animals in prison.

However; celebrating this holiday is too difficult.

No Easter Celebration Via An Easter Bunny, But The Rise Of The Savier During Easter Sunday

Sorry Darrell, no easter bunnies and easter eggs for you! You will be going to religious services as a way to celebrate easter, and you will be stuck with a rise of a savier, you will prepare for it, and you will be end up with him… nothing more, nothing less! That’s what you will be end up seeing.

You will just see Jesus instead! You will be end up being forced to convert into a religious group what you don’t want to choose.

If this is the case; Darrell Brooks will be end up without any gifts or candy from an Easter bunny, he will get nothing from her, but only prayers.

Darrell Brooks Will Live In Prison For A Long Time

What I’ve mentioned above; Darrell will be in prison. However; he must prepare for these possible difficulties like diesel therapy when his outbursts go out of control, solitary confinement when he goes on a rampage, etc. Well, Darrell will be making new friends in prison with other individuals who are sick, too impossible to rehabilitate, and even other people who are suicidal.

Also, Darrell will be end up on a strict routine during his life behind bars. Prison schedules are strict, and all inmates must follow it.

Why Do I Count Sentencing Darrell Brooks To Life Behind Bars As A Victory For These Victims Of A Disaster?

My thoughts of this victory is like removing this man from these streets. Unfortunately, overpopulation of prisons is a known issue. However; this is a necessary to insure justice is served for these victims. Now, Darrell Brooks won’t be able to make music videos in prison, but I don’t know if he can make music in prison… well, he won’t be able to collect royalties when he is in prison. Well, royalties may be end up being forwarded to victims.

However; after this man is removed from our streets; we still need to perform these measures to prevent future disasters.

However; what’s missing for a life sentence is a screening of a film of a car-free city per each part of a world as a way for him to better understand way going car-free is important. Or he should be be ordered to attend mandatory activities in prison.

Since Darrell Brooks is a sex offender; he is NOT allowed to possess computers, no tablets for you Darrell, you will be in a digital darkness,–for good.

All of the other inmates will be discussing about his incident about last year. And he will be experiencing lots of difficult times in prison.

What If He’s Granted Parole In The Future

If he was granted parole in the future; these conditions must be set, and here’s what they should add as his conditions of parole:

  • No driving vehicles – that means he isn’t able to drive as a way to go places. It’s NOT limited to finding any driving jobs. That means, no driving streetcars for you Darrell! You will be just walking to places, but you can pay for your friend to take you places.
  • Live in a different designated neighborhood – This condition should be implemented as a way to keep him from causing future disasters.
  • No access to firearms – This is very important because, we want to prevent gujn violence from occurring.
  • Find a suitable job – This is common for people on parole.
  • Register as a sex offender for life – He needs to register as a sex offender because, he has a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence.
  • Mandatory curfews – This is common
  • Wear ankle monitors – This is common
  • Required to live with a 3rd party custodian – this is common, but rarely used.
  • No access to the internet – This is necessary for sex offenders
  • No entering sex shops and strip clubs (including other establishments where such content is available).

If Darrell Is Denied Parole

He stays in prison, until his death.

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