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Why You Should Rely On A Public Library Instead Of Subscribing To Paid Streaming Platforms & Why You Should Rethink About Efforts To Break Monopolies?

From inflation to big content platforms growing out of control with monopolies,–and even antitrust as a threat to our customers… public libraries can be your best friends when you want to consume content without needing to pay via a credit card. However; public libraries require you to have a library card, but you must care for library items like usual.

Typically, PBS has been encouraging us to check out books via a local library… this prompt has been installed at the end of each set of Arthur episodes, and it was a hit when Arthur has first came out. Unfortunately, the poor refused to rely on a public library, they rely on subscriptions to cable instead… like TV for their cable services. Public libraries can help the poor consume content and save money each day. Although; libraries what we rely on may need more support than you think.

Why Public Libraries Matter

Public libraries don’t just provide you books to read, they also provide you other content to watch, or listen like movies and music,–and other content. Today, free internet access is key for people who were heavily dependent on internet access like bloggers, journalists, ebook authors, and even content-creating groups/individuals.

If you want to support your public library, you can send donations, or you can be a member of a library as a way to help reduce the burden of credit cards when purchasing content online, or at your local shop.

Scribd, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube TV, iTunes, and other services requiring you to pay money can be a challenge for the poor, while public libraries are the easiest to consume content.

If you are already rely on a public library to consume content, just like I do; you can benefit from use of public libraries. However; if you are a digital person who want to consume digital content, here are the apps what you can use listed below:


Hoopla is one place where you can check out up to 10 items each month, like books, movies, TV shows, music, etc. This app what I’ve started using months ago has saved me up to $50.00 or more than subscribing to paid streaming services. As always, I’ll stick with public libraries as a way to help reduce spending and help reduce monopolies as a way to play fair.

Before I was a user of a public library, I’ve subscribed to paid services, and I must insure I have enough money to spend. However; my spending spree was out of control, and I must deal with living with low amounts of cash. Well living with low amounts of cash is not a good idea because, you need to pay bills, and keep your website active.

With this app what I was using, that caused me to cancel my premium Scribd subscription, and begin to save at least $90.00 a year; but this is my experiment what I’m currently working on.

I can watch any movie that is available via a public library. However; my ability to be entertained has gone easier than what I’ve expected. Well, my ability to rely on a public library is sort of helping me with finding content to consume without needing to use a credit card. How about that!


This is an app what I am currently usijng, and you can checkout movies and other content what you want to watch. Like Hoopla, you have 10 credits that will come back each month. However; my experience with this app hasn’t gone further just yet because, I rarely consume entertaining content, but on a plus side; I don’t need to go on controversion torrent websites. As a producer’s prosepective, no need to deal with pirated content, and no need to pay that much.

Why You Should Replace Disney+ With A Public Library?

Disney+… requires you to pay, but public libraries don’t require you to pay, unless otherwise noted. Public libraries is a secret weapon to slowly break monopolies, depending on which library what you go to. If you want a public library to have Disney movies for you to watch via Kanopy, or Hoopla; you may need to request your library to make these purchases by bulk. However; some libraries will NOT allow content from Disney because of their policies like efforts to keep racism at bay.

If a public library has Disney movies for you to check out via VHS, DVD, or other media formats, you can save as much money when you check out these movies. If you are done watching a movie; you can return it after that. This is key for creators to rely on public libraries. This is key to help reduce the burden of subscribers as your source of revenue. Too much licenses sold for anyone to access content isn’t a good thing! And that’s what some big media giants don’t understand!

When you rely on public libraries like this; it takes a public library some much effort to purchase all of these movies and TV shows,–and even books for us to consume. A big purchase means more content. If licensing for digital content is strategic, that will enable a public library to bulk purchase digital content for us to view, and pay for usage to this company.

If you are a subscriber to Disney+… how much money what you are wasting?

Without switching to a public library, you may end up losing more money overtime.

Unsubscribe From Scribd

Scribd is a place to read books, but a paid version of a digital library often change prices as a way for you to pay more overtime. Typically, most authors who exclusively publish to Scribd often sparked this cause because, paid platforms must raise prices to meet demands of a reading platform.

If you compare it to a public library; titles may NOT be available, but you can always have your librarian purchase these titles as a way to consume content what you want to read. Exclusivity is a bad idea for authors because, easy money often fails, and you as an author can lose readers overtime.

If you don’t know why Scribd is expensive during these days? Price changes occur to benefit authors and companies.

With a public library, you consume content without paying.

My thoughts of relying on a public library as a source of entertainment

My thoughts of using a public library is like trading a cheap rocking horse for a rocking dog of my dream with quality materials!

Also, my other thought of relying on public libraries is like trading a paid entry for a theme park/fairground for advertisements paid by advertisers who want to keep this fairground free.

My big thought of using a public library is like selling my gas automobile, and taking public transportation like a city bus. If you’re not sure about my thought, let’s break it down:

With an automobile; you must pay for maintenance for your equipment, and you must top up with gasoline (for traditional gas automobiles), you should also pay for insurance.

With public transportation; you rely on their services, and you pay a small fare, it’s like donating to a public library., and you are making a difference for a city. However; if you use public transportation each day, you can save up to either $1,000 or more… depending on where you are at.

With an automobile; you must drive and keep your eyes on a road.

With public transportation; you can just relax like usual, or read a book.

With an automobile; you must have a driveway and garage.

With public transportation, you don’t need driveways and garages, but you can convert your garage into a shop for wood.

With an automobile; you must have a driver’s license.

With public transportation; you don’t need a driver’s license.

With an automobile; you must protect your vehicle against theft.

With public transportation, you don’t need to worry about vehicle theft.

With an automobile; you are most likely to die in an automobile crash.

With public transportation; safety is higher, but there are some disasters that are taken care of… as a way to prevent future disasters. Trains, airplanes, and even buses are safe modes of transportation!

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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