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Is It Time To Distribute Your Books To Public Libraries Only & Help Break Monopolies?

From rising prices and big companies and monopolies getting stronger; consumers may have trouble consuming digital content like ebooks. Unfortunately, ebook piracy is a known threat to many publishers and authors alike, and loss of revenue is rising. Well, some publishers and authors don’t understand about why public libraries are important for us. Amazon, Scribd, Kobo, and other ebook vendors what we know today don’t always mean a great source of revenue, and that’s what some authors don’t actually understand. However; I am personally preparing my books to be republished and redistributed to public libraries around parts of the world. I only write and publish books that are DRM-free. Why I do this because, I believe DRM implementation is costly, and it may raise costs of writing my books. Before I share my personal experience of publishing books to public libraries; let’s focus on why public libraries are important to us, and why they are tools for you to save money overtime. And if you are an author, we’re going to focus on why choosing to publish to public libraries over selling your ebooks via online ebook vendos is key for you to reduce the burden of piracy and revenue loss.

As my experience of being an author; I wanted to make some money with my work, and I was trying multiples of experiments, and wait for ways for my book to be published. All of that updating, and republishing what I was doing for some while… I can only see why traditional ebook stores can be a problem for me. For this instance; a clever pirate can bypass encryption schemes what stores implement to help prevent theft of intellectual property of other authors and publishers. Well, they don’t always work as planned. Upset authors and publishers often cry over revenue loss, and causing these publishers and authors to go bankrupt as faster than you didn’t know it.

Imagine This

Conventional ebook stores are common on the internet, and they rely on encryption schemes to protect digital goods against theft. Typically, DRM is chosen by each author or company… some go DRM-free instead as a way to reduce costs of production.

Everyday, vendors who vend ebooks obtain licenses from authors and publishers and companies. However; ebook vendors use expensive servers to host content, and sell digital content for consumers like you. However; some consumers don’t support online ebook vendors because, they have concerns,–regarding privacy of their information, censorship, antitrust, etc.

Although; some authors choose public libraries over online ebook vendors because, they want to get readers from around the world. However; some authors want to sell ebooks instead of relying on libraries as a way to get money to earn. Easy money doesn’t mean better!


You as a consumer goes to a public library to find a book to read, and you are just wondering how it actually works as you borrow an ebook.

As you use an app or website, and your library card is connected. You pick a book what you want to borrow. There’s a time limit, before you are done reading this book. After a time has expired; your ebook is automatically returned to a library like magic. An author earns money per checkout, and you don’t have to lift a dollar. A library buy ebooks for us to read. Cost per checkout, or one copy… one user are common schemes. Its like Pay per view without needing to spend money! If a new user borrows a book; a cycle continues. More users means more money to earn for an author. And that makes sense for me. These authors or businesses are less likely to go bankrupt because, their content is always available for anyone to consume.

You don’t need to rely on such ebook store to consume content, and you save lots of money.

That’s when you decided to write your own book, and read other books for inspirations.

You opened a self-publishing platform, and you decided to set it up. However; your ability to distribute to public libraries are available.

You note where you found this source.

You continue writing your book via a long book what you want to read, and share it to your friends via a library.

As you are done writing, you do all of that editing, and reading to confirm if your are ready to publish your work.

You saved a file for publishing to a platform.

You set a price for a good book what you wrote for months. You priced it with a reasonible price for a library, and you publish your work, and you wait for a while.

After months or so, you received payment, and you decided to set your money aside to cover costs of your server… like your website.

You write the next book, and you repeat the cycle.

You have audience who don’t have to pay for money. You left out online ebook vendors because, you chose to exclusively distribute to a public library. Well, a public library can be fun to go to, but publishing your own work can really help you build income, and you decided to keep it this way!

Your neighbor who is reading your book was so astonished because, you have talents.

You share your talents with your neighbor, and showed him how to do your same trick, and that’s when your neighbor begins to write a book too with his computer, and you do all of that training.

Your neighbor signs up to a self-publishing platform what you are using.

However; your neighbor is publishing to online ebook vendors,–instead of distributing to public libraries.

You and your neighbor enjoy tea together as a way to become authors. Your neighbor… who lost his job… due to a ban manager who is held accountable for fraud. However; your neighbor who is struggling to keep his lights on internet on, and his rent paid must get out of debt.

You head back to your studio to write the another book.

You take your time as your neighbor borrows your internet connection to keep his device up to date. His internet has been disconnected,–due to lack of payment, and he has trouble with his payment being sent from his bank account. He does use a credit card to pay for his internet, but he must conserve his credit card for later on.

You helped this poor person get his internet up and running again by paying his bill for his internet and phone, reducing the burden of overusing his credit card. He only has $700 left in his bank account. He receives payment from his former manager who wrongfully fired him from his dream job!

Meanwhile, you woke up in the morning, and you are about to type up your books for this Saturday, and you have enough time to type up your work for your audience who suggested you to write a new book for a series what you are building, its like building a franchine from the ground up.

You publish your existing books in order, and you set times for your books to be published in the future.

After you published your books; you take a break by heading outside with your friends who are hanging out. However; you can see a poor person who has no idea of you being an author; you keep your distance. You are just minding your own business getting ready to head to an arcade as a way for you to entertain yourself.

For your neighbor who lives next to you… he finally receives a check from a publishing platform. He discovered he only earned $150 for his royalties because, he only distribute ebooks and relies on subscription services, for this instance, Scribd, he is more of a DRM kind of a person, and he chose to sell licenses to access his content. He has no interest to public libraries because, be believed public libraries are for old people, but libraries is for everybody.

Your neighbor uses his car to head to the bank to top up his account, and he heads back to his apartment building to continue his projects.

However; your neighbor uses his $150 check to pay for his website and top up his phone. However; his ebooks what he wrote only reached buyers who wanted to buy his work. However; he used a subscription service to keep his books protected with copy-protection schemes available.

He slowly gains audience via subscribers with smaller numbers who is reading his book. However; his revenue is split to insure he receives royalties.

Saturday afternoon; you head back to your apartment building after time at the arcade.

You logged back into your computer to see your sales reports, and you can see your revenue stream is growing, and you begin to receive more readership of your ebooks. However; your print books are being sold for non-digital communities who don’t have computers at home.

Your DRM-free works are still circulating, and your books is receiving so many views, and your readers are talking about your work what you’ve wrote. However; your readers left reviews on your books’ pages.

Your audience grows with a sharp rate, and your books receive readership, and your readers who check out your books via a library are supporting your work without actually knowing it. Do you remember how authors make money with public library distributions? That’s how it actually works.

Your books what you’ve published earlier has been reaching audiences without needing for them to pay a dollar! How about that!!

Your books are still being checked out,–after they’re done reading them, or sampling them to take a closer look inside.

Your neighbor… your competing friend still relies on a subscription service for his works. He slowly gains his audience, and his upcoming internet bill arrives with a price of $300.00. However; his bill can wait, but he must have his bill paid.

He overpays his bill with $400 to keep his cost in check. He has $300 remaining in his account because, he wanted to have fun at the arcade later on. He needs to pay up because, he relies on cable TV as a way to get amusing content to view.

He uses his money to pay for his movie subscription… for this instance, Disney+ because, he is a supporter of monopolies, and he is a custom to it! He watches The Little Mermaid on his Roku device, connected to his conventional TV because, he is more of a DRM kind of a person. He is an annual subscription kind of a person, and he also consumes content on Scribd.

As he let his player run, he cooks his meal, such as chicken legs with bones intact, along with rabbit meat and mashed potatos,–and some green beans. This dinner take several hours to prepare and cook. He also placed his hardy fruit pastry into an oven to warm it up for his dessert later on.

Saturday evening; you order some Japanese, and you are using Hoopla to borrow books and movies, and you set your device to play movies published by independent studios. Your publishing hours are used up for this evening; you have to get yourself something to eat. For This instance, you use EatStreet to order food from your favoirte Japanese restaurant that is too far for to reach.

You watch anime as you wait for your meal to arrive. You also got your tea kettle steaming to make tea for yourself.

You receive email from your audience. And you answered them promptly.

You power off your laptop to give it a long break.

You adjust a volume of your TV, for this instance, a Roku TV what you’re currently owning. You stick with Hoopla as a way to watch movies without lifting a dollar.

Your dinner has arrived, and you signed a receipt to confirm a transaction that is made by you when making a purchase. Your food is also protected against tamperring by anyone.

You accepted your merchandise, and you head back into your apartment to enjoy your meal.

You start a movie, and you begin to eat your dinner.

You enjoy anime and movies with significate savings what you’ve just gained. However; you decided to take it slow as you watch your content. However; your ability to download movies are only available for apps what you have on your Android TV box what you’ve currently own. Well, this is not a deal because, you don’t need to worry about downloading because, you are just streaming at this moment. No more using torrent sites, and no more dealing with price gouging.

You drink your cup of tea as you enjoy your night watching your shows and movies.

Your neighbor who was cooking in the kitchen has finally cooked his meal, and he is about to watch a movie via Disney+, for this instance, Toy Story. He eats his chicken straight off the bone, and he also eats 1 strip of rabbit meat that is disguised as fish that is fished from the ocean. He also drinks his coffee and shuts his light off for a better view of a movie what he is watching.

He enjoys his meal as he watches a film what he picked from a list, and he also takes his time eating.

Saturday night; you enjoyed a movie, and you are ready for some sleep. You listen to a book as you get ready to sleep.

Your neighbor is also getting ready to sleep, but he must clean up his kitchen, before he goes to sleep. He uses Scribd to listen to some books,–so he can sleep.

You sleep via a tatami mat.

Your neighbor sleeps via a bed.

Sunday morning; you wake up, and you continue your production. You have no time for making breakfast just yet. You just start your production like usual.

You continue your writing career like usual. And you write a new book for your friends at a local library.

You type away on your computer, and you type up all of your books what you are working with. You have 40 books published so far!

You kept your books on a shelf to prevent your books from being scarce.

You kept with your series, and you write a new series, to give your series titles some time to age for while. You usually keep your titles listed as a way to help prevent your works from being scarce. This is important to keep your content available for anyone to read like usual.

Your neighbor wakes, and he begins to continue his writing career. However; he is experiencing some difficulties!

There’s a pirate who pirated his books what he wrote, and he must take action.

He files a DMCA complaint, and provides supportive evidence for his case.

Turns out… it was a pirate from Iran because, he don’t publish his work to Iran, but an Iranian has circumvented restrictions to his book, and sold it via a website to get this country back on its feet. He don’t want to risk losses because, of piracy, but he can put this pirate in prison.

With all of that filing DMCA complaints by sending a huge fax, along with screenshots of infringing websites and URLS that are presented… he must act fast, and he must keep track of his intellectual property being stolen. He was end up losing some money, but his subscribers who read his work stick with their subscriptions. However; some subscribers can’t even keep up with his work because, he/she must cancel her subscription because, her wallet is running dry!

However; your neighbor has some money to spare, and he must use it to pay his rent.

He experienced over $200,000,000 in losses, and he must seek damages to hold this pirate accountable for copyright infringement.

With all of that stress, he must spend some time at home, and speak with his lawyer who will help him with his case.

After you published new books, and grow more of your audience, you decided to get ready for a day.

You ate your Japanese that is still safe to eat. Your leftovers are key to help reduce time of ordering new meals overtime.

You activate your laptop to write books on the go.

You head to your shared table outside of your apartment, next to your neighbor who is experiencing difficulties with his work.

Your neighbor is eating a peanut butter sandwich because, he is out of good food to eat, and he must go shopping with his cash what he just saved.

He waits for his case to go through, applies to piracy.

You enjoy your Japanese leftovers for breakfast as you watch videos on your computer. You use your library card to access content without needing to use a credit card. You enjoy your time after publishing more books like usual.

You begin to have more readers than you use to have earlier.

Your books are now easy to access.

Your neighbor’s books require you to pay for access, but you have no interest of subscribing because, you use a public library to borrow books and support authors.

Your neighbor isn’t able to view your books because, you distribute to public libraries as an exclusive channel.

You didn’t brag about it, but you kept publishing like usual.

Your neighbor has explained you about piracy what he is experiencing with his content, and he is asking you to support his work.

“There’s nothing I can do about it sir,” you said, “this is what happens if you use techniques to earn easy money.”

Your neighbor still tries to get help from you, but you advised him to write new content like usual.

He did create new content, but his books what he published has been pirated like having a shoplifter robbing a store each day.

You explain to your neighbor about publishing to a public library, but he don’t want to have his books at our public libraries around the world, he want to rely on a digital subscription like scribd for paying audience, and he want to keep his books there as an exclusive for Scribd users, despite being a user himself!

You received more revenue on the 1st of a month, and you can see how your work is generating income.

Your neighbor is only earning $150 per month; and he is still trying to keep his bills down. Well, he managed to keep his expensive bills down, but he must find a way to have more money to earn. He did earn more money, but he must keep a same amount because, he set it up. However; his bills are paid with high amounts to keep 5 months of his cable subscription in good standing. He used his paycheck what he received to overpay his cable subscription to be 12 months ahead of his bills, and be 24 months ahead of his mobile plan.

You earned a total of $400, and it still goes up like usual. However; you managed to keep your revenue stream active. You have a goal of receiving $1,000.00 each month; and you haven’t delisted your books for a long while. You just write like a person who has a career of some sort.

Your neighbor receives a small amount because, he must pay up his credit card debt, and his earnings has been garnished without knowing it. He did earned $700.00 for his earnings, but he must pay up his debts,–with an order of a court.

You use your credit card to pay your internet bill, and pay your bill as early as possible.

Your ability to stream content with these apps has resulted tyou to have enough money in your pocket.

Your neighbor uses his laptop to publish his new book what he saved on his computer for a long time, and he prices it with a high price.

He only adds it to subscription services as a way for him to receive royalties as his books reach mainstream market.

He received over 22,000 reads for his work.

For you; you received over 10,000 views per book, but you have a broad set of books what you’ve written for a long time!

Your neighbor has experienced falling sales, but he received damages from a pirate, and used it to pay his debts. He managed to keep his rent paid, and his internet active,–along with renewing his subscriptions what he currently have.

You also overpaid your internet bills as a way to keep them down by 60 months, giving you enough time to be an author who write new books, and help to stream new content.

Your neighbor is back to production, and he uses his credit card to keep his internet active.

You kept distributing your books to public libraries, and you are breaking monopolies without actually knowing it! This is a good thing because, you are making your books available for the general public to borrow via public libraries.

Your neighbor only relies on Scribd as his main source of revenue, and he mastered it! He is really catching up to your audience.

Well, your audience is the poor community, but they don’t have to pay, and you are making a difference. And you are really pushing it beyond how much books what you are publishing, and your revenue continues to climb.

As you have enough money to support yourself, you pay all of your bills, and you added more months to your mobile phone as a way to help keep your hotspot available.

Your neighbor still uses a credit card to support himself, and he is no longer having his earnings garnished, but he must pay for his past due internet bills, and he has enough money to pay for it.

You published over 200 books, and you are keeping your series active, until you have enough books for your series to age like usual. However; your books that are still listed may be pirated by pirates, but you decided to disregard because, your books what you re writing are available to borrow. Well, those are the books what your neighbor is trying to protect. He wanted you to read his books, but you don’t have an ability to access them because, they’re only available on Scribd.

Your neighbor is really missing out on your books what you wrote for years!

Your rent is paid, and you decided to keep renting this apartment, and continue to live here!

You kept writing like usual, and you publish like usual. Some of your other neighbors begin to publish books to public libraries by 99%. Only 1 person isn not distributing his work to public libraries.

Your neighbor is 1 person left!

He kept refusing to publish to public libraries… and he is still missing out.

His exclusive content is only consumed by subscribers.

You, publishing to public libraries… there are NO subscribers needed to see your work.

Your neighbor can see his sales going up slightly, but your sales are high with a fast rate.

Suddenly, your neighbor’s sales rate begin to go down because, his books are only exclusive to subscribers, and he is running out of reders who want to consume his content.

He publishes his new book to regenerate his audience. However; a server owned by Scribd is overwelmed by his books being read by subscribers.

His subscription revenue is still active, and he can still write new books.

You get endless revenue because of public libraries!

Your neighbor has published over 500 books, but you only have 250 books published because, you introduce a book via a timed sequence.

You got a global audience, and you almost have the entire planet reading your books via random books!

Your neighbor only has pockets of readers of these countries.

Your neighbor kept publishig books that are targeted towards children, and he is really having a broad audience via a subscription. His book sales are catching up towards your book sales.

Your book sales are still high because, you are exclusively publishing to public libraries.

Just wondering Why public libraries are better?

Public libraries help you save money on purchasing books and subscriptions.

Public libraries help reduce piracy with a positive way.

With all of these professional pirates with a criminal career, they often make it available on torrent sites, and file sharing applications that are decentralized. The more torrenting, the more loss rises. Nobody wants to be end up without money, falling into debt. These pirates are usually located in some parts of a world where intellectual property laws are non-existant or corrupted,–or disregarded. However; authors who apply DRM often lose more money when pirates sell their works that are pirated via their websites. Well, many of these authors still don’t understand risks of only selling their books to online vendors who sell access to your works. Common store like Kobo, and Amazon are NOT immuned to attacks caused by pirates who are extremely clever to be as stealth as possible with these clever tricks what pirates hide for years. Also, your DRM-free book is no exception!

Do you remember when Google Play Books has been infected with stolen books that has DRM enabled, and it infected some computers? This is piracy with a whole new level! And I was shocked when these pirates has invented the another form of piracy that can trick users. How about that!

With all of that selling access to your work, your customers don’t own this piece of content; its NOT sold, but licensed for you to access it. If you ran out of customers; they’re going to be NO new customers, and servers must keep up with all of these users, and that can lead to further costs, and once you’re out of customers; your revenue begins to go down like skiing down a slippery slope with a terrible crash, nobody wants to be end up in a terrible crash like this.

So, you repeat publishing your work to online ebook stores of choice, and you experienced a same cycle.

Somehow; a server has crashed to the point of an extreme loss, and all of your books what you’ve published has disappeared. With all of that repairs being done by server administrators… that can also lead to serious loss of money, and a broken service. The only works published by authors who are lucky… are authors who switch to public libraries as a way to break the monopoly, and I’ll mention this later on.

With all of these authors who sue pirates over piracy, and receiving damages that will get their losses reduced is a major struggle for all authors around the world. Typically, the poor consume books from torrent websites and other sites where they can illegally obtain copies of the author’s works.

The cycle of pirating repeats, and this chronic cycle is too difficult to break.

Imagine, you were an author who is reading a news about a piracy problem that occurred on Amazon and Kobo,–and even Apple iBooks… you were just minding your own business, publishing your books that are DRM-free, and you decided to publish it and distribute it to public libraries. You licensed your work under a Creative Commons license to allow someone to reuse your work, or republish it on their own websites. You also set print on demand (POD) books for your offline audience. You moved your existing books what you have to public libraries by migrating to Overdrive, Hoopla, and other library vendors of choice to broaden your audience with a different way. If you already publish to public libraries; you can delist your book from these other stores to reduce the burden of our community using credit cards, and help gain use of library cards. However; with all of that distributing to public libraries, what you’ve discovered… some of your new readers who are poor are checking out your ebooks, and they don’t have to pay, but they can pay for the internet, or use the library’s internet as a way to help reduce costs at home.

You repeat the cycle, and you kept publishing your books to the public library, and you see your revenue surge. You can see how your work is read by anyone, and you managed to grow your audience who are in poverty, and you are making a difference. Each penny what the poor is saving begins to count up. Also, you help traditional ebook stores offset the load of their servers. If this is the case; servers via Overdrive and Hooplaw get filled up, and with all of CPC (cost per checkout) and OCOU (one copy and one user) revenue climbs; you begin to experience a difference what you are making. Public libraries get filled up, and library cards are being cherned out with an alarming rate. With all of that distributing your ebooks to public libraries; you begin to make money behind the scenes, and you begin to receive your first payment of some sort. And you received your first payment via check.

You head to the bank to add it to your account; and you head back home to pay your bills and expenses.

The secret of authors receiving sustainable revenue via public libraries, is the way how how libraries purchase ebooks, or in some cases, they receive requests from other community members. Also, public libraries are one stop shop to borrow books, and return them later on,–before a due date. Wuith ebooks; you can renew your loan anytime. After a return date reaches; your ebook is automatically returned to the public library, this clever technology via Overdrive and Hoopla, and other library services are very useful. The more people use the library; the better.

Authors and readers alike can experience public libraries. Supporting a public library via donations can also keep these libraries active.

If you kept publishing your books to public libraries while pirates attack traditional ebook stores for these reading devices what we own today; you can dampen the blow of your revenue and your wallet. The only content that will be effected by a serious blow… are the books what publishers don’t want to distribute to libraries,–focusing on easy money schemes. If big companies choose public libraries in the first place; that should’ve prevent them from experiencing huge loss of revenue. Also, public libraries can also be useful for anyone around the world. Also, be aware; erotica can’t be distributed to public libraries because, they don’t allow erotica. Well, erotic fiction and romance novels are always at risk of piracy like this.

You as an author… made a right choice to use public libraries as your preferred channel can be a safe way to distribute your ebooks. Fortunately, having your books exclusively available to check out at public libraries is an alternative way to easy money… a sustainable way.

If you spent 10 years publishing to public libraries as your mode of distributing your DRM-free ebooks (including DRM-enabled ebooks), and you read the news about online ebook sellers struggle… due to piracy, this is what happens if you don’t be extra careful when publishing ebooks. Paperback books can be resold, or it can be shared to someone who has interest of reading a book. Ebooks are just only digital files. Adobe is NOT immuned to clever pirates either. Even if you only dristibute your ebooks to public libraries via OCOU business model.

Suddenly, you got an update from your platform account what you currently use, telling you about these stores that are hacked by some hacker in Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, and even China! It was a group of hackers who launched a serious attack that caused $200,000,000 in losses to all of these authors who have trouble selling their books. A group of hackers were centralized in India,–at some building where scammers are running some scams that fooled every customer. That source of a hack has been traced, and the FBI has discovered these scammers are hiding in Japan, and that’s when these scammers are finally caught.

You spoke to other authors to convince them to migrate all of their works to public libraries, and spread the word about an incident involving a powerful hack that effected online ebook stores.

You wait for some authors to migrate to public libraries.

Servers via Overdrive and Hoopla begin to receive content what you and other authors distribute to.

More requests are sent to libraries.

Authors what you’ve communicated with earlier begin to gain alternate revenue from public libraries.

Online ebook stores perform repairs as these scammers are in a Japanese prison, waiting to be extradited to the United States. These scammers must’ve put on diesel therapy when they’re caught.

However; these scammers pled “NOT guilty,” but they’re being extradited to the United States for a trial.

You spent 4 months publishing your 9 books to fill your series as you kept your other books published as a way to enable newer generations to read your books in the future.

These hackers who were extradited are held in prisons,–right before their trial.

Somehow; they’re been released on $2,000,000,000 “cash only” bond, and they’r required to wear ankle monitors and live specific residents where firearms are NOT stored. Also, these scammers must surrender their passports indefinitely, causing them to be stuck in the United States indefinitely. However; 22 of these Russian hackers are put on diesel therapy when they’re in prison,–after they attacked these guards and overwelmed the entire prison, causing a wardent to run for her dear life. Twenty guards has been overwelmed by Russian hackers, and they scammed other guards for money. However; these Iranian hackers are put on diesel therapy too via a different prison vehicle. Over 66 hackers from Saudi Arabia has started hunger strikes, only 88 of them are put on diesel therapy,–after they threaten prison staff.

You tuned to a TV channel on your other computer as you type up your new book.

The trial begins.

You kept working on your projects.

You waited months for a guilty verdict to arrive.

You hope these hackers will be held accountable.

You are in luck! These hackers are guilty of piracy, bank fraud, credit card fraud, copyfraud, copyright trolling, trademark trolling, patent trolling, money laundering, copyright infringement, conspiracy, assault of prison staff, licensing fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, tax fraud, ID theft, sex trafficking, illegal deforestation, poaching of elephants for ivory, water pollution, illegal air pollution, trademark infringement, patent infringement, vehicle theft, air piracy, ship piracy, illegal whaling, illegal commercial fishing, illegal distribution to Iran as a way to circumvent sanctions of Iran, “honor” killing of women and young girls, rape, and treason attempts,–and attempted computer chip laundering. These scammers who are hackers are convicted of all charges. All of them are sent to prison in Kansas. However; there’s over 20,000 of these criminals what they should deal with. That require ground vehicles to transport these prisoners to this prison that can hold 50,000 inmates.

All authors and yourself has celebrated by seeing these crooks go to prison.

However; these scammers who are in prison… working as janitors must have their work money be forwarded to victims of this terrible attack. These scammers who were involved in sex crimes are banned from ever owning or possessing computers,–despite NOT having access to computers… however; once their released from prison; they must register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Ten years went by; these crooks who were sex offenders and scammers who scammed these ebook stores are released from prison, but they can’t access a computer. Only other scammers are sentenced to stay in the United States indefinitely, and live in a specific residence where they’re no computers are available to use. These scammers must find a job as a term of their probation requirements, and wear ankle monitors. They can have access to land-based phones, but not mobile phones that connect to the internet. If they own computers, they must have their internet monitored.

All of the other authors what you’ve helped are still recovering from this big hack, and it may take several years for this recovery to succeed.

Your revenue of your books that are still in the public library continues to climb, and you discovered your books that are DRM-free are left intact.

It’s extremely scary when your ebooks via online ebook stores get hacked like this.

If You Want To Switch To A Public Library

Follow these instructions, depending on which self-publishing platform what you are using:

  1. Log into your self-publishing account.
  2. Edit your book listings, and edit your book price. If a library option is available; activate it, and set a library price, don’t gouge it. At the rest of these stores listed; delist other stores after you chose all library distributions.
  3. Republish your books.
  4. Wait for your revenue stream to rebuild, notify your audience about a transition to libraries as a way to reduce the burden of piracy and credit card use, and help reach the poor audience.
  5. If you encountered losses; your platform administrator may notify you about losses that may be paid towards other users,–if necessary by court.
  6. Confirm if your revenue is going up. If NOT, give it some time.
  7. If you are a company; repeat these steps above, and speak to your employees about why distributing to public libraries are important. Also, educate your employees about why public libraries are a source of consuming media without using credit cards.
  8. Educate your employees about why antitrust should be discouraged, along with discouraging monopoly formations.
  9. Set aside funds by using a savings account via your bank.

If you only distribute to public libraries as a source of audience, you don’t need to perform these steps.

Limit Online Stores To Sell Paperback Books

If you want to reduce the burden of ebook piracy; always add paperback books as an option for your offline audience who don’t have access to a computer, or having concerns to privacy, or concerns,–regarding content piracy.

If you are an author; follow these steps:

  1. Log into your self-publishing account.
  2. Enable paperback copies per each book what you are publishing, and set a reasonable price. Paperback book production, but you must price it to a reasonable state. If your book has more pages; use a higher price. For this instance; a $100.00 paperback book with a largest size.
  3. Republish your books by repeating a cycle.
  4. Wait for your revenue to go up. If it does; give it time for your books to be sold. Also, paperback books can be resold or shared,–or donated to other people/entities. If your revenue doesn’t go up, give it more time.
  5. Never delist your paperback books; keep your sales channel active.
  6. Save money often, use a savings account to set your revenue aside.
  7. Educate your employees about supporting the offline communities who don’t have access to computers.

If you already enabled paperback books; there’s no need to follow these steps.

Adding Scribd Alongside Library Distribution

If you already distribute your books to public libraries; you may distribute your books to Scribd. Be aware; Scribd uses Book ID, a copy-protection system that is designed to protect your ebooks. If your books are licensed under a Creative Commons license; open a support ticket, and remind them to remove your books from their Book ID databaseses. Although; you need to perform this step when publishing to Scribd. If you reserve all rights to your work; you may distribute to Scribd like normal.

Be aware; Scribd requires a paid subscription in order to access ebooks to read. Typically, a subscription option is for people who have money to spend, and they have proper jobs around the world, or hardcore subscribers.

Here are the following instructions to add your books to Scribd, even if you distribute to public libraries:

  1. Log into your self-publishing account.
  2. Edit a book and add “Scribd” as your listing and set a price. Your book must be as long as possible for your book to be included.
  3. Repeat the steps per each book when republishing.
  4. Notify Scribd about removing your books from Book ID when Creative Commons Licenses are present within your work. That way; they can tune their Book ID system to NOT include Creative Commons licensed content in their datebases. Always provide detailed information about your books what you don’t want to include in their Book ID system.
  5. Wait for a response.
  6. Reply to a response promptly.
  7. View each book to confirm if their added to a chosen listing.

You don’t need to add your books to Scribd, but a decision is yours.

My thoughts of choosing to distributing to a public library

My thoughts of choosing a library for my ebooks is like opening a fairground for everybody, but I’ll go to this thought later. However; my other thoughts of choosing a public library for my ebooks is like sharing a pet rabbit with my community of owners who want to care for it,–without needing to breed in vast numbers. With sharing 1 rabbit with a community of owners; you don’t need to breed more rabbits that are being raised as pets.

My another thought of choosing a public library for my ebooks is like removing plastic from our oceans and planting trees, and putting out mine fires that are burning for decades.

Also, publishing my books to public libraries is kind of like breaking a monopoly daily, and being as more independent than having to distribute to online ebook stores, and be dependent on them for a long haul.

With public libraries; you can borrow ebooks like borrowing real books. No more selling licenses to access ebooks on online ebook stores, and no more having to create accounts per each platform.

Having more books in the public library means business to me, and I don’t have to deal with pirates that much. All I have to do just wait for my books to be checked out, and even wait for my revenue to build up. That means; more money in my pocket, and losses are mitigated. However; being exclusive to public libraries is like a new kind of exclusivity what I want to rely on!

What Happens If We Don’t Publish To Public Libraries

If we don’t publish to public libraries; monopolies grow; people spend more money, and an ability to consume content will be impossible. Too much of these digital goods waht we have in our accounts isn’t a good thing.!

Once all of these licenses are purchased to the point of having no customers left; revenue falls down overtime.

Paperback books can still be sold, but that may lead to us to having too many books in our collection, or lost during a powerful storm of any kind.

Surplus inventory has no place to go.

Servers will have no space, and there’s no way for new authors to publish books, and there’s going to be no room for new publishers in the future. We’re going to just only have licenses. If a store goes bankrupt and goes out of business; content is lost forever.

Public libraries are going to be empty, and they will not be any libraries for us to use.

If we can make a difference

If we choose public libraries for our books what we publish by default, we can reduce all of the money what our audience is spending, and enable our audience to save more money, just like I chose to use Overdrive and Hoopla for checking out books what I want to listen to.

If our whole country like the United States chooses to publish content to public libraries; we can ease the load of servers for online ebook stores, and someday; online ebook stores will implement a subscription service for unlimited reading, just like Scribd, and Amazon. However; erotic ebooks aren’t going to make it to public libraries because, most publishing platforms have these policies that govern erotic content. However; they can still be sold like usual online. And as a prospective; authors who migrate to public libraries as a way to break monopolies can help break up companies with ease, and help competition rely on public libraries.

Also, when online ebook stores have less files, and smaller servers, and public libraries having lots of books to read via digital devices, we can make a difference of how much energy what we’re reducing. Also, online stores can remarket their online ebook stores to a different audience who don’t want to use public libraries, or vend content that can be distributed to libraries like erotica.

The more libraries, the better for our community. And we can have customers who hold library cards to borrow books, and reduce use of credit cards by 99.9%. That can also help reduce all of that overwelming use of credit cards and debit cards with less swiping, and less debt.

If we keep migrating to public libraries today; our ebooks will fill a server that is mainly for distributing to public libraries via Overdrive, Hoopla, etc. Also, our servers will be full of books in 2030;–if we managed to migrate from these online ebook vendors’ stores. Our privacy will be protected, and there are goijng to be few ebook vendors, or these vendors will downscale by size and rethink how we sell our works. Also, migration may take some time.

If Canadian authors do the same; that will repeat same results.

If Mexican authors did the same; that will make same results.

If both North and South America did the same thing; that will impact how we distribute content. And that will help reduce all of that spending by 99.9% via customers who traditionally purchase ebooks to read.

If Europe does the same, just like I mentioned above, that will make a major difference. Also international readers may be possible.

If Asia (including Japan) did the same; that will also reduce ebook piracy by 99.9%; and that will also enable the poor to have more money in their pockets each day.

If Austrailia did the same (including New Zealand), that will make a huge difference.

With all of these regions what I’ve mentioned above; how much impact of saving money will it be? That’s more then enough to empty traditional ebook vendors with an alarming rate, on a plus side; we can consume content for free, and we have enough money to save. If Some African regions did the same; the entire globe will slowly save up money, and that will give public libraries an ability to provide content to read, and that tips the scales of monopolies who are too big to fail. Running a “de-monopoly” is key. The less monopolies… the better.

If we have middleeastern regions set aside, we decided to find out what happens if other regions have authors and publishers use public libraries as their main channel for receiving revenue:

Things start to quiet down for traditional ebook vendors out there; but libraries gain some readers. A library has many people reading, but more words are captured each second.

As you use a public library full of books to read, you can see how much books that are available. The larger the library; the more books it can handle.

If libraries grow by 51%; that means, more readers. A 7-story public library with a high surface area can yield so many books. Libraries switch over to cloud servers via hosting companies who care about an environment, such as GreenGeeks!

If the trend of publishing to public libraries continue on, we will someday have libraries as our new giants of reading material.

However; public libraries that are funded with greater donations may someday enable libraries to grow larger than usual.

If you have a public library with lots of books available, you can really find a book with ease, depending on which library what you go to. Some libraries are specialized of having fiction and fantasy, some are specialized of non-fiction.

If you have a digital reader; and you use Overdrive, or Hoopla, you can borrow books like usual. For authors; publishing your work to these vendors who distribute to libraries is one way to have your books be read by vast readers of any kind.

Revenue continues to pour into your bank vault, PayPal account, or receiving large checks like a career author! Also, piracy will slowly be reduced each day, and that will also generate jobs for companies who publish books for us to read.

NO more piracy? That’s a good question! I’ll be mentioning this later on.

Also, some countries in the middleeast… if authors publish books at these regions may have a similar effect.

Reduced server costs for traditional ebook vendors… they will scale back to small vendors, mainly for authors who publish erotica, or companies who has a policy that prohibit distribution to public libraries to prevent children from checking out erotic books. However; traditional vendors can implement a paid subscriptions for erotic ebooks written by authors or companies who publish erotica. If this ever happens; that will prevent children under 18 from consuming erotica by 99.9% with a subscription requirement that requires a valid credit card and age verification,–and even an Adobe ID, and even verification by land-based phone.

Although; public libraries are going to be revamped as carriers of non-erotic content, while traditional ebook vendors will only carry them.

No More Piracy?

Yes, the more people use public libraries to check out ebooks; the better we consume content. However; piracy will never go away. But relying on public libraries to publish your work can always help.

Having books distributed around the world in the first place is key to reduce piracy, and that’s common sense!

Momonopolies don’t have common sense.

However; even if you don’t distribute your content to middleeastern regions, you still risk piracy.

More authors should use common sense when publishing books. Public libraries should be a priority! Traditional online ebook vendors are NOT substitutes for public libraries around the world.

If you are a reader who want to support an author who write these books

Follow these instructions when find a book to read via your favorite author:

  1. Use either Overdrive, or Hoopla website or app to find an author what you want to support when reading his/her books.
  2. Insure you’ve logged into your account, and insure you have a valid library card. If you don’t have one, get one.
  3. Insure your borrow inventory isn’t used up. You can check it by checking your account control panel.
  4. Check out a desired book. If a book is part of a series, start with this book.
  5. Repeat the cycle after you read each book during reading hours at home or school.
  6. Find an author’s website to get the latest updates.
  7. Don’t leave negative reviews.
  8. If following an author on social media, don’t stalk!
  9. Feel free to become an author by writing and publishing your own book (its your decision).

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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