The Pro’s and Cons Of Dining At Momoya Ramen & Sushi Restaurant

Okay, I decided to write this topic about a restaurant where I went to weeks ago as a way to get lunch, or dinner. I decided to eat some Japanese, and explore other types of food.

Although; I’ve ordered Japanese via an Eat Street app earlier, and I decided to set this restaurant as my upcoming favorite.

What I am talking about… is Momoya Ramen & Sushi! It’s a japanese restaurant what I’ve visited weeks ago as a way to eat some lunch there, or eat some dinner when I have no time to cook my own meals.
If you never have Japanese before; this is a restaurant what you may enjoy dining at this place. It’s in Salina, KS… and you can order food via an app what I’ve mentioned, or you can dine there.

However; some people are not sure about drawbacks when dining at this restaurant. I’ve written these pro’s and con’s,–so you can make a decision when dining at this restaurant.

What’s In The Works?

Momoya Ramen & Sushi… like most Japanese restaurants is a typical Japanese restaurant where they serve Japanese cuisine, well… they do have a menu available on their website,–so you can take a closer look. This is useful when writing down what you want to order at this restaurant.

Inside this restaurant, they do have typical seating like most restaurants. Unfortunately, they don’t have very low dining tables with tatamis because, they usually rely on typical dining furniture. Well, I am blind, and I aren’t able to describe what does this place look like. If you go there; maybe you can describe it to me.

There are people who work at this restaurant, and they do speak Japanese. They do speak some English, and I can sync what they’re speaking. If you already studied Japanese language; speaking to them is just normal.

At each table, there’s typical Japanese dinnerware when food is served. For this instance, they have cups for tea without handles. Also you have chopsticks for eating your food; they do have forks for making it easier for you to eat your meal. Well, if you mastered eating with chopsticks, you can use them as your preferred method of eating your meal.

Minimum Requirements

I’ve compiled these minimum requirements before you dine at this restaurant:

Budget Requirements

You must have a least $50.00 to spend, this is a minimum budget when eating from one dish o the another. However I recommended an amount of $75.00 than a minimum amount. I’ve eexperimented with these budget requirements when dining at this restaurant, or ordering a delivery for your apartment/house.

Ability To Eat Soy Products

You may need to consume soy products when dining at this restaurant.

Eat With Chopsticks

If you never eat with chopsticks before, refer to this article to get started, or you can take a look of this video below.

Japanese Dining Method

Try to rely on Japanese dining experience when you eat at this restaurant; it can take lots of practice when dining Japanese style.

Japanese Language (optional)

With my experience, some people do speak English like I do, and I can hear some people speak Japanese, but it doesn’t stop me! If you already have an ability to speak Japanese, maybe you can understand them.

How To Dine At This Restaurant

After you reached this restaurant via public transportation via taxi, or other forms of transit, follow the instructions with people who work at this restaurant. Choose a table, or a bar to sit at.

If you were blind; ask someone to read a menu for you, so you can make a choice.

Always start of with appetizers to get started. Don’t just put all of these eggs in one basket. Instead; order one dish , and other dishes. If you never dine via a Japanese style; start off with a single dish, them the next dish when making orders. Don’t just eat one dish. If you have other dishes waiting on a table,–where you are sitting at; try out these dishes what you’ve ordered via a menu. Typically, you interchange each dish as you eat Japanese cuisine. Be aware; these dishes are smaller because, that makes it easier for you to meter how much you were eating. Always check with a price of these items that are stacking up, so you can make a decision when ordering dishes to eat.

If you consume tea over pop; that is a cheaper option.

If you were done dining at this restaurant; pay your bills before you head home. If you have food left; request a takeout, that way; you can eat it while you’re at work.

Why Dine At This Restaurant?

This is a place where you can get started with Japanase cuisines. This is a useful restaurant to upgrade to a Japanese cuisine.

It has no background music to listen to, dining is an only experience.


You can order takeouts, andeat these meals at home. This is useful is you were watching Japanese anime of choice, or you were studying Japanese culture at your college dorm.

The Pro’s/Con’s For Each Food Item

I decided to make the following list of these items with advantages/drawbacks. It’s always a good idea to take a look of these before you order these items.


There are varients of udon dishes what you can order. Here’s a handful what I’ve encountered:

Vegetable Udon

This is a vegetarian option for starters who wanted to try out this dish. It has series of vegetables what you’ve never consumed before. Well, I typically order this dish when possible. And I currently order this dish with other items,–only if I have room in my belly.

Seafood Udon – it has seafood. This is a useful dish to try out later, and you can use this dish for later visits to this restaurants. If you eat seafood as an alternative source of protein; check which ones they’re using.


You can order this dish with your sushi, but it’s used for a main dish for your dinner. Useful if you wanted to stay longer at this restaurant.

You can have a combination varient of this dish. Useful if you wanted to combine vegetables with seafood.

It can fill your belly,–if you have room.


If you have no teeth… due to smoking, you can’t eat this dish. However; if your jaw muscles are too week to chew thick noodles; you must avoid this dish.

If you were using chopsticks; you may need to get a grip of these noodles; I did this experiment by grasping noodles with a tight grip.

An egg is placed on top of your dish, but you can exclude it for special reasons like healthconcerns, allergies, etc.
If you have certain health problems that prevent you from eating udon, you may need to choose the another dish.


This is the most consumed items on the menu. Cooked varients are always available.


You can eat at the bar, and watch a chef cook food. If you sat at the bar; you can order food like usual. However; this bar can only have up to 5 people at once.

Real food what you’ve never eaten before. Typically, Japanese food has more real food than American food. However; these food items are true Asian cuisines.

If you were blind; you can ask them to describe what’s on the menu.

Japanese theme.

If you want to eat slowly, use chopsticks – chopsticks are useful for eating slowly, and take your time.

Tofu included – this is useful if you wanted to substitute fish for tofu,–if you don’t consume fish. You can also eat tofu with sushi if you want.


There’s no background music – this is strategic when this restaurant reduces costs of running this restaurant. Most japanese restaurants don’t run background music because, they don’t have this feature.

Uses lots of soy products – if you aren’t able to eat soy products, this restaurant may not be right for you… if you have soy allergies.

You may need to be comfortable using chopsticks, but there’s always an option to use forks.

Knives are not available – typically, you don’t see knives at this restaurant because, most japanese dishes require you to eat with chopsticks or hands. This is an important strategy to prevent anyone from using knives for offensive uses and disputes.

If chopsticks are an option, and you need to eat with your hands, you may need to check if forks are available for your dish.

Sake is not included – they don’t serve sake at this time.


This is a great place to get started with Japanese cuise, but they do have a handful, in the future; they will have more Japanese dishes to serve. It may take some time for this restaurant to roll out new dishes, if they do roll out in the future; check their website, and their menue when possible.

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