When Opossums Give You An Opossum Ride In Your Dream

Although; opossums may appear in your dream, and give you an opossum ride. However; this dream what you may encounter isn’t only targeted towards children. If you have this dream, be sure to write it in your dream journal, or dream blog on your website.

What’s The Point About Opossums?

Opossums are American marsupials that live in the north and south parts of the Americas. A female opossum is called a jill, and a male opossum is called a jack,–and a baby opossum is called a joey. These animals feed on rodents, plants, and dead animals. They also feed on insects. Virginia opossums are the known types of opossum that are usually located on some parts of the USA, and they’re population is still in many numbers. Typically, opossums do eat ticks to help reduce the risk of Lyme disease. These tick-eating machines help keep tick population to a minimum level. Without opossums; our world will not be safe for us to live, and Lyme disease may someday wipe out human population, and that can be a pademic that is waiting to happen.

Opossums were used to be farmed for meat and their fur. However; there is no such version of a domestic opossum derived from Virginia opossums. Only taiming is current. Most exotic pet owners prefer opossums… instead of owning a domestic dog, or a cat, or a domestic rabbit. Despite opossums classified as wild animals; no strategic domestication of this animal implemented. If this animal wanted to be domesticated, that requires selective breeding, research, and purpose of this animal.

Opossums do eat snakes because, they’re resistant to snake venom. If this animal has been domesticated for this purpose, that should’ve enabled us to safely reduce potentially deadly snake numbers as anti-venum is being developed. However; a lab opossum that lives in s science lab were used for model organisms. However; opossums are often ran over by automobiles, and there’s no such action that will reduce automobile traffic. If you don’t own an automobile, and take trains to go places; opossums are still ran over by trains.

Opossums do have symbolism, if you believe these animals have a symbol that represents your dream or faith, it may have any of these meanings. For example; an opossum has saved you from being ran over by an automobile; she is symbolizing an incident that happened to you when you were struck by a rogue motorist who don’t care about cyclists on the road.

My Dream Of An Opossum Ride

This is a real story about a dream what I had in the year, 2019; an opossum is giving me an opossum ride as I try to go to the another nation. However; an opossum has to carry my cargo as I ride her. my hands and feet are used up. This is important to control her as I ride her. She must point me to a right direction. However; there’s no symbolism associated with this animal what I’m riding in my dream. Most likely, I’ve never encountered an opossum at a local zoo, or owned a plush version of this animal.

Fortunately, this opossum has to give me an opossum ride in my dream because, I lost my vision since years ago, and I must ride her as I dream normally. All of the other dreamers aren’t riding opossums. They own smaller opossums as they reach their micronation to make it legal to own opossums as exotic pets.

If you believe exterminating opossums is a bad thing to do; you may need to ride an opossum in your dream. Fortunately, children’s style ride-on opossums are available in our dream.

Opossum Ownership In Our Dream

In our dream world; opossums aren’t classified as meat to eat for your dog or cat, or your predatory bird. These marsupials are classified as mounts to ride. Via early parts of our dream world; ownership and domestication of opossums has been established to help keep tick populations down, and naturally reduce infecting rodents, and even help keep snakes at bay. These opossums were intentionally bred large enough for riding to help reduce costs in our dream world. keepers who keep opossums are highly privileged. These animals were raised for pets, and vaccines has been implemented to prevent spread of diseases. Also opossum keepers vaccinate their opossums to keep viruses at bay. Unfortunately, opossums aren’t able to be farmed for producing opossum milk, but these animals are often deployed in dedicated communities. However; our dream world take issues with misuse of cages very seriously. Opossum manure is turned into fuel for power plants, and most of these other opossums were strategically deployed to eat dangerous predatory birds that attack humans, and most of these house opossums has strategically gobbled up house mice, making a domestic cat jealous about an opossum’s capabilities.

Before domestic opossums in our dream world aren’t available for general public, until a century later. These animals were only used for riding,–if horses aren’t able to be imported from other nations. Typically, early ride-on opossums were once children’s amusement rides as larger breeds were being implemented. However; there’s one opossum named, Judy has looked after an infant by cradling her, the came way as a human does. Judy is a known opossum who gave children an opossum ride in our dream world. As large breeds were developed, adults has ridden them as a way to pull freight carts for delivering tea, carrots, chocolate, coffee, sugar cubes, and other goods.

As domestic opossums were finally available for the general public for our dream world, they’re only found in petting zoo sections of a fairground.Today, there’s only 400,000 domestic opossums in our dream world, and they come in many colors like white, red, yellow, cinnamon, fawn, brown, black, gray, blue, pink, beige, peach, cream, spotted, gold, and silver. Unfortunately, they’re not raised for pelts because, these animals are designed for riding. A typical opossum ride in our dream world costs only $.50 per child; $1.25 per adult; and $2.00 per older adults.

A person who is over 100 years old often owns an opossum in our dream world. However; trusts has been implemented to help reduce costs. If a person dies, and opossum is moved to the next owner in line.

In our dream world; there’s still plenty of wild opossums, but 400,000 are domestic opossums; this minority is still current because, you need to be at least interacting with opossums for 12 years. This requirement is necessary to keep domestic opossum numbers at max of 400,000.

One or more opossum keepers are passel keepers. Typically, opossums are solitary animals in the real world, in our dream world, domestic opossums are social animals. When there are no predators around; they can slow down their reproduction, and grow larger with an controlled environment. A passel of opossums can cost up to $900,000 each year. This high price is necessary to keep revenues of our dream world intact. However; other species of opossums are secretly chosen to develop large forms of opossums to attempt to breed dairy opossums. However; this project is still in the works. And it takes so many years to go from one generation to the another.

How People Were Placed On The Backs Of These Opossums?

First, a person is weighed to determine a large size of an opossum to ride. This is key to get the ratio correct. Mammoth opossums are prefered because, they’re specially bred for this purpose. Why mammoth opossums are chosen by default because, adults who ride these animals are treated the same way how children ride animals. This is key to prevent systematic age discrimination. This law is so powerful, that caused tradition companies who manufacture toys only made for kids to go bankrupt.

The person is placed on a backk of an opossum (bareback). If it’s old outside; a special quilt is draped over a rider. Special cloth straps are used to keep the rider safely mounted. It takes a strong person to load this person on an opossum’s back, 2 people now do their job.

An opossum is launched, establishing a ride.

An opossum ride can take long hours. However; they’re strategically fed with sequence, confirming if they have enough energy. Opossums need to drink pure water to stay hydrated.

This ride is ideal for these following applications: trail rides, traversing grass fields, navigating streets where cars once used for going places, and even rounding up ride-on rabbits,–if rabbits aren’t available to ride. As people ride opossums, they can use them as proxies to replace automobiles. Typically, a group of opossums often pull carts as people ride them, they don’t ride in carts… they rely on opossumback-riding skills. Only a person riding in a cart control the brakes, they take turns, and interchange opossums to keep their freight going forward. They usually reach a train to finish their phase of delivering goods around our dream world.

Ritual In Dream

An opossum may give you an an opossum ride as a ritual in your dream when you interpret dreams involving opossums. However; this dream format hasn’t been implemented at this moment. Well, opossums may implement a ritual that will encourage you to ride an opossum as a way to participate in this event. Male dreamers ride jills, and female dreamers ride jacks, and people who were too tall ride large bronze opossums. This ritual is key to help reduce cars off the road, and reduce greenhouse gaslevels. Special parks has been implemented to minimize human activities, and enable scientists to implement parks to reduce climate change by 77%.

During this ritual; old cars are recycled by millions, unwanted automobiles were also recycled as spare parts, and streetcars has been reconsidered for transit for public use. These streets are intentionally cleared of cars to experience a car-free movement. Underground subways has been conected to renewable energy plants, and rely on green energy that doesn’t rely on crude oil or coal. Sales of pork chicken and beef are placed on hold or discontinued. More people eat vegetables as a way to help reclaim missing nutrients. Typically, opossums are housed in special shelters when not in use. If an opossum dies, he/she is turned into fuel for power plants to help manage reduction of burial costs. Each tree is planted to serve as a memorial for an opossum who departed from our dream world. Over 200,000 tree seeds are planted each day. Opossum rides are usually required for most dreamers.

If you were an opossum in your dream via a ritual, and you were an owner, owning an opossum can set you back $200,000 each year, and you must share this animal with other villagers. Most villagers invest on live opossums as companion animals/ service animals. An opossum as a service animal can cost you up to $400 per month. A person ride-on opossum costs you $500,000 each year as a subscription. If you were blind, or disabled… costs are dropped by 44% to make it affordable for the disabled to ride opossums.

This ritual is only active during development season of breeding opossums by choosing next generation of opossums. This ritual requires you NOT to eat opossum meat at all costs.

Largest Opossum That Is Ever Ridden

Long ago, in our dream world, a rich man and his wife lived on a farm where an elevated train has been installed. A rich man is riding his opossum that is almost a size of a large horse. His opossum is strong enough to bare a weight of a man, and his wife. She also reached an age of 99 years because, she has been fed with strategic amount of food, and relied on protection against predators. That also caused her life to be extended without any effort.

There is still a mystery about why this opossum has lived long, and reached a large size.

Indefinite Opossum Ride!

A person who is recently killed by a drunk driver must choose which animal to ride, like rabbits, dogs, cats, rats, mice, sheep, goats, hares, foxes, or even opossums. A DUI victim who dreamed of an opossum ride may ride an opossum indefinitely. This is why this is may be a factor for a person who is now in the sky, after a fatal DUI incident in our dream world:

  • Your legs were damaged beyond repair – this is critical because, there’s no wheelchairs in our dream world. You will be placed on a back of an opossum. If your arms are damaged, an opossum will operate controls for you.
  • If you’re NOT a car owner, and you oppose ownership of automobiles, and you were struck by a rogue motorists, and you’ve died; this animal will shrink you and give you an opossum ride, until you reach the sky.

If An Opossum Gives You An Opossum Ride

Always hang on tight as you ride her, and let her do her instincts. Your feet and hands must be positioned as you ride an opossum. Typically, male dreamers ride jill opossums while female dreamers ride jack opossums. Do go anywhere as normal. Let your dream take it’s corse. If you were an only person riding this animal, your opossum is always there with you. Never hit your animal if she won’t budge, your hand and foot commands are the only way to speak to her. Her capability of receiving voice commands isn’t possible! If you try to speak to her with your voice, she won’t respond.

Your opossum will NOT drive automobiles. Instead; she will function like a normal opossum. Let her carry you on her back,–the same way how a horse carries a person on her back.

If you need to open doors, operate machines, or lift objects; let your opossum do the rest of your work. Also, avoid dismounting your mount… you can be lost in your dream.

Opossums What We Know Today!

Although; there are fictional opossums what we encounter in movies, and TV shows, and even books. However; some authors may add opossums to their books as a way to create new characters, and even villains. However; there’s no such work that focuses on a person who rides an opossum, but I’m working with this book currently.

One example of a fictional opossum is Lester Possum, a character found within Lest Possum’s Park, a fictional amusement park within A Goofy Movie, but Max dislikes this attraction.

Other fictional opossums may come up in the future,–if there’s newer characters established by any creator.

Surviving An Opossum Ride

Here’s how to survive riding an opossum in your dream:

  1. Let an opossum give you a ride, let her carry you on her back. She must prevent you from using your legs in your dream too much.
  2. Don’t pull out your mobile phone; if your alarm rings, and you need to silence it; let an opossum know about your device ringing.
  3. Don’t dismount; you’ll can get lost in your dream easily. You must ride an opossum to be safe.
  4. Keep your hands and feet controling your animal. If an opossum detects your feet is loose when grip is reduced, she will grab your feet, preventing your feet from swinging out of control.
  5. If an opossum rocks back and forth; let her do her corse.
  6. Don’t let go of your opossum, this is a dangerous action in your dream because, you may fall.
  7. If an opossum stops, and she won’t budge, don’t hit her because, she may throw you off her back. Instead; use your hands and feet to control her, if she won’t budge, she is most likely eating plants, or insects,–or even birds. Let her stop at red lights, and let her look both ways.
  8. Always follow instructions as you ride an opossum in your dream.
  9. Unexpected Opossum Rides

    An opossum ride may be unexpected when critical events occur. For this instance; fire emergencies to evacuate villages, ships, or even underground subways. Also an opossum may give you an indefinite opossum ride,–all without stopping for restrooms. Nurses may be present… changing your diapers, clothing, giving you baths, and more. This is also critical if you have severe fear of opossums, or you were in a hospital as a nurse helps you overcome fear of opossums. If you were exterminating opossums in the real world, you are making it worse for you and the environment. Without opossums, ticks can multiply, certain bird species may multiply, and Lyme disease may climb to unpresidented cases… that may be a pandemic waiting to happen. If this is the case; cancel exterminating opossums, and let them do their corse, secure trash bins, freezers, and other places where food is stored, plant opossum-friendly gardens, built opossum boxes, and do educate your children why opossums are important for our environment, also, visit a local zoo where opossums are available to meet them. Petting zoos may offer you to interact with opossums, but wash your hands after interacting with them.

    If you were a vegetarian, and you were placed on a back of an opossum in your dream; most likely, you’re experiencing difficult times with your family who often cause issues with feeding you correct type of vegetarian/vegan products. If this is the case, don’t panic! You are free to speak to an opossum as you ride her, so she can explain why you were riding her in your dream!

    What do you prefer, ride an opossum for your child’s birthday party, or never eat meat again? Let us know at the comments area below this post.

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