When A Dog Gives You a Dog Ride In Your Dream

In the real world; dogs are man’s best friend! However; in our dream world; these dogs aren’t walked with a leash like traditional dogs in our real world, they’re ridden by people instead. However; in some cases, dogs may give you rides (not driving vehicles), they give you piggyback rides as a way for you to keep up with your pooch.

What’s The Point?

Dogs are domestic animals what we taken for granted. However; they start off as wolves as our ansesters rely on them as companion animals, enabling us to hunt animals for other uses. Our today’s dogs are in different breeds in our real world. In our dream world; walking a dog with a leash doesn’t exist, you ride on a back of your dog instead! This tradition in our dream world.

Dogs can come in many sizes like small terriers and large Great Danes.

We feature dogs in TV shows, movies, books, games, children’s toys, art, etc.

Not all dogs are mean in the real world, some are friendly, if a trainer trains her properly. However; in our dream; our dogs are trained to interact with other dreamers who interpret dreams that focused on dogs. For this instance; a dog speaking to you as you hang out at your local park, or taking a train..

There are wild dogs in our real world like African hunting dogs… those are the wild dogs. Also, dingos, dholes, and other wild dogs are found around the world.


My Personal Dream About Riding Poodles?

A poodle is an iconic dog breed what I’ve personally ridden. However; she has a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle. However; a head of a girl is just an illusion! This poodle what I’ve ridden start of as either white, or pink poodles. This poodle is large, almost as large as a horse. She enables me to go anywhere in my dream. That makes it easier for me to navigate,–after I lost my vision.

I’ve ridden a red-orange poodle on November, 2004; her head is exactly like my favorite Disney Character, Roxanne. As i ride her; I can control her without any effort. That also gave me an idea to develop a story that is based-on a dream what I had, or build my own rocking-dog to ride. As my life continues, riding dogs in my dream continues to proceed. However; in the year 2024; what I’ve predicted, i’ll be riding my fairy, Anninne-Amelia Julisus, or ride Roxanne after I shrunk in my dream, that’s when my fairy, Anninne-Amelia will give me a piggyback ride in her large palace where a village is car-free, or or Roxanne will give me a piggyback ride in the large city where i was born, if I had this dream; of riding my fairy Anninne-Amelia Julisus; I’ll be be riding her , and my hands and feet will control her hands and feet… if this is the case, I may need to enable Anninne-Amelia to control switches, computers, and other devices, or if I had a dream of riding Roxanne piggyback; I may need to enable Roxanne to control machines, if this is the case; I may be riding her piggyback indefinitely in my dream, and there’s no possibility to dismount… also, Roxanne will wear an old style of a nursing uniform,–just like puppet nurses within a Silent Hill game what I’ve encountered years ago!

However; riding poodles in my dream will someday come back in the future! If this is the case; these poodles will eat berries and carrots as alternate treats, and these dogs will NEVER hunt rabbits because, it’s not clean for them to eat rabbits at all costs.

Dogs In Our Dream

Dogs do appear in our dream! Poodles, bulldogs, Great Danes, and rarely… boxers appear in our dream. These dogs come in large sizes. however; these dogs are designed to be ridden, but not walked with a leash. Pitbulls in our dream world are usually rare because, they didn’t reach mainstream levels at this moment.. Typically, these dogs are owned by dreamers who lived with dogs for their entire lives, or a person has a great experience with dogs.

If you read a book that may include dogs in it, and you continue it to do so after childhood; your dream will be tuned to this format. However; this format may vary from one dreamer to the another. Children are most likely to interpret these dreams like this!

A Dog Gives You A Ride In Your Dream!

It may occur if you wished if you wanted to ride a horse-sized dog… as an oppose to a horse or pony. If you had this wish, and you imagined you were riding dogs in your imagination; you are most likely to have this dream. It can be any breed what you’ve chosen For this instance; you imagined you were riding a dog, and you wanted to ride a large dog in the real world. If you were dreaming of riding dogs; your dog is giving you rides, after you made a wish during lights out. Well, children and adults equally may have this dream, or if your dream is stuck with a childhood format, your dreams are still in an animated form.

Depending on culture, your dream may have a meaning if a dog gives you a ride in your dream. However; she will NOT drive cars to drive you to any place, you will ride on her back instead. These animals what you’re riding will NOT drive because, that’s important for your safety. If an animal what you’re riding drives an automobile; it can be dangerous for you and your animal.

Although; a dog may sometimes give you piggyback rides to help you escape dangerous situations like floods, storms, and even fire dander.

Rituals involving riding dogs in your dream may be present when your dreams enters a state of an event after going to a fair. This is uncommon for other dreamers, but if you ridden a dog on a carousel; it may match your dream format overtime. Going to a fair, and riding a dog via an amusement ride is one way to trigger this dream format like this!

Negative Side Of Dreams Involving Dogs

If you were a person who has a negative experience with dogs in the real world, such as a biting incident, or you have fear of dogs, or you encountered a problem when there’s a dog in your neighborhood; you are most likely to have dreams with dogs that can attack you, or scare you away. However; this is common for someone who is bitten by a dog. For this instance: my mother is bitten by a large Rottweiler who is resting with her eyes open. She bit at my mother’s face, causing injury. However; an owner isn’t sued, or her dog is punished for biting someone. If my mother sued an owner for damages, her dog will be put down, and she will be facing fines issues by a large city.

People who were victims of dogbite incidents were most likely to have nightmares with dogs attacking them, or their children. Fear of dogs can start off when you are a child, or you inherited your mother’s fear of dogs. There are real news reports about dog attacks in the United States of America. For this instance, a pitbull has escaped his/her’s home, and became a rogue dog who is on a biting spree. Laws around the USA, and other countries regulate ownership of dog breeds for children’s safety. If you were a fosterparent; you are prohibited from owning a pitbull or rottweiler, or any other dangerous dog when children are around. However, these loopholes has left them unquestioned about their dog ownership. Muzzles are used to prevent dogs from biting down on anyone who pass by. People who have fear of dogs are familiar with signs that are warning you about a dog on this property what you’re passing by.

If this dream involves dogs that are associated with your fear; most likely you have nightmares.

Manual Dream Involving Riding Dogs

If you interpret dreams involving riding dogs; you most likely you’re going to ride dogs. This is normal! A dog will give you rides like usual. if this manual interpretation of riding dogs in your dream. is not working, read these following tips:

  • Do art – draw a picture of you riding a dog.
  • Keep a dream blog via internet.
  • Find any movie that is associated with dogs like an animated version of 101 Dalmatians, alternatively, you can watch A Goofy Movie, or if you were going for a children’s TV show as a different way to program your dream… you can try watching a children’s education TV show, Clifford the Dig Red Dog. Use these materials to program your dream each day. It’s okay to interpret dreams that focused on riding anthropomorphic dogs.
  • Find someone who manufacture a rocking-dog for your own size for you.

Giant Puppies Used For Riding In Our Dream

Giant puppies are usually ridden in fairs, and other amusement establishments. These large puppies are ridden by kids and adults. Typically, poodles, Great Danes, and other dogs are ridden as chosen breeds. Terriers are also ridden, but they’re only ridden by little children because, they believe terriers are used as starting animals for children who want to experience riding dogs in their dream for the first time. Only pitbulls are ridden by clowns, and bulldogs are ridden in shows. German Shephards are usually used for work and construction, and other dog breeds are used for other uses.

Typically, puppies are starters for developing ride-on dogs with a desired use. They train them with respect, but trainers tran them each day, and they use diapers to prevent accidents from happening. However; each puppy ridden by a person can cost up to $200,000 or more.

Once giant puppies are strategically trained, they’re deployed to parts of our dream world to enable us to travel to places where horses don’t reach!

There are some puppies who are still their size when their ability to grow larger isn’t possible. Those are reserved for starter riders who never ridden a dog before. These large puppies are strong enough to bare a weight of a person riding on their backs by 250 lbs each. However; these puppies are built to be ridden. These breeders in our dream world often associate their dogs with many amusement centers.

The largest puppy can carry 2 adult riders for at least 40 minutes without stopping for a drink. And this is a largest poodle puppy ever lived in our dream world, ans she is still alive in our dream world. However; this large puppy is the most ridden pup in our dream world, and she is still giving people rides each day, and she is still doing her job, and she eats fish and veggies to prevent her from eating rabbits in the wild.

How To Survive Riding Dogs In Your Dream

For the best results; let a dog give you rides; she is encouraging you to use your legs less in your dream because, you can’t run like a normal person. It’s always a good idea to let a dog give you rides in some parts of our dream world. You will get use to it overtime. However; here are the following tips you should consider:

  • Always hang on to a dog what you are riding. This is an important safety rule what you must follow.
  • If you want to go to any place desired; use your dog to go places.
  • You can speak to her… if you want to , but always ride your dog in your dream. Never dismount.
  • Keep hands and feet remain gripping your animal.

Indefinite Dog Ride In Your Dream

In some cases; you may be riding a dog in your dream as you travel in your dream. It usually occurs if you were stuck riding dogs as your dreams continues with a chapter. Your dog may speak to you, and you may be riding a dog without actually knowing it. Horses in our dream are rare because, they have to set aside other horses for keeping the frozen land from thawing. However; if you were a child who wanted to ride a dog as a wish, your dream.

If you wrote a book about your dream, and your dream continues, and you’ve managed to publish it; people may someday have a same format of your dream in the future.

If you’ve recently ridden a dog as a dwarf, or child; these dogs can be as large as a pony in your dream. However; if you overcame fear of dogs; a dog may invite you to take a dog ride in your dream.

If your dream has this format of riding dogs indefinitely, let your dog do her work, and keep hanging on tight; this is important to keep up with your animal.

If your dream has given you an idea to develop toys for adults to ride, just like children’s style of toys via a large scale, you can start making large format toys for adults to help end systematic age discrimination.

If you believe riding a dog indefinitely in your dream is just entertainment, and you wanted to preserve your dream like this; keep a dream journal, and write everything down, and share it to all of your friends via the internet. Keep track what you’ved dreamed of.

An indefinite dog ride means you’ve lost your vision in the real world. If this is the case; just ride a dog in your dream, and find a way to go forward.

What you prefer, ride a poodle, ride a pitbull, or drink tea before you sleep? Let us know at the comments below this post.

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