Don’t Hit Your Elephant To Give People Rides!

Here I am, riding my beautiful white rabbit down the path in this large fair. My rabbit and I are finding interesting rides to entertain ourselves. However; I am riding my rabbit slowly because, I’ve trained her without hitting her. Hitting your animal to enable her to give rides is cruel. It’s okay to ride animals,–as long as you train them properly, and give them long breaks after riding. You still need to care for your animals after riding. That way; they can be ready for riding later on in the future.

Right now, me and my rabbit are about to stop at this little cafe to eat some lunch. We are at a little place where we can settle down and eat with other people at this fair. This fair is kind of fun to entertain ourselves.

“Time for a break Ms. Rabbit,” I said, “would you like to have a snack? You’ve been working so hard.” The white rabbit replied, “I just can’t wait to eat Mr. Trainer. I was working so hard, but you managed to stop at this cafe, and I’m ready to take a break,–after giving you rides.” The white rabbit just can’t wait to eat, she is also going to take a break. I am glad to stop at this table because, we have to eat some food at this fair. I parked my white rabbit next to a table, dismounted her, and reached a counter to order food.

As I order food; my white rabbit hops towards me to order her own food.

I chose a vegetarian pizza.

My white rabbit chooses her favorite vegetarian taco.

Each of us use our money to pay for our meals.

I walk towards a table as my white rabbit follows me.

Both of us sat down, and start eating our food.

“And that’s what I’m talking about,” said the white rabbit, “feeding me first, then yourself… I am proud because, you are giving me breaks after riding me. Someday, you’ll ride me for a long haul.” The white rabbit relaxes her ears. She looks around this fair. She can see other people riding on rides. And other people riding animals.

As we eat lunch; we watched people riding elephants, but there’s something incorrect with this ride. These elephants hasn’t been treated like my rabbit was. “There is no wonder why this elephant is forced to give rides,” I said. The white rabbit replied, “according to a newspaper, an elephant was forced to give rides to people,–all without proper training. Although; you chose to train me to be ridden slowly, and you need to be a breeder to implement a ride-on rabbit. However; you treat me like your sister, or cousin. And you didn’t throw a fist because, you were enabling me to review all training what I’ve took since years ago.” There’s a blue elephant who is bruised with green streaks from these whips. The white rabbit reviews a blue elephant as I eat my pizza. However; I am sharing it with her because, it’s a special treat! However; I’ve supplied with clean water to drink. Turns out; my white rabbit prefers hot water,–just like people in Asia do!

We ate and view people riding elephants as a way to research why it’s bad to hit your animals.

After we ate; we recycled pizza boxes, and begin to explore the rest of this fair.

I am remounting my rabbit.

My white rabbit begins to hop forward.

She has enough energy to give me rides.

“Now, you may ride me for a longer haul,” said the white rabbit. I am riding her slowly as I enter a green path.

As I ride my white rabbit down the path; I met the red elephant who is taking a long break.

“Hello Ms. Rabbit and customer,” said the red elephant.

Only the red elephant is taking breaks. And she is about to find her trainer who treated her properly.

“Perhaps this elephant is taking a long break,” said the white rabbit, “but this elephant used up her operating minutes when being ridden.”

The red elephant is just reading a newspaper with a green elephant.

I can see a blue elephant being struck by a whip, and I can hear her scream.

“This is not right Ms. Rabbit,’ I said, “this mahout has been hitting his elephant, and she may snap out.” My white rabbit was shocked!

If we ride her, she may throw us off her back, and tear up the entire fair,” said the white rabbit, “bull elephants do go out of control when mistreated… Elephants don’t forget their cruel trainers because, their brain is complexed. Large brains aren’t good at this moment. It takes effort for us to shrink our brains for many generations.” The blue elephant isn’t able to eject her riders safely because, her riders often apply pressure that can push her to limits.

A mahout is there…
My white rabbit and I speeds towards a mahout.
We removed a whip from his hands.

Now an elephant is able to remove her riders.

Well, 3 of her riders are shocked, and they want their money back as a way to find a ride that is an alternative to this ride.

A blue elephant can see me and my white rabbit removing chains from her feet.

However; she still remembers her previous trainer who is still at the another fair,–properly training other animals to be ridden.

A Yellow elephant thanks us for taking action against a mahout.

“Keep going customers,” said the yellow elephant, “my sister has been mistreated.”

As soon as all of these chains are removed from a blue elephant, me and my white rabbit exit the fair to go home. However; a mahout was recently arrested for hitting his elephant, and he’s hauled off to jail by a team of black rabbits who were police officers.

Me and my white rabbit are now on the road.

As soon as reached home, we decided to read books.

Suddenly, a blue elephant arrives at our home with her nurse.

“You were right,” said the nurse, “don’t hit your elephant to give people rides.” A blue elephant has no riders!

“I rather train my rabbit to be ridden properly, and give her breaks,” I said, “it’s break time for my white rabbit.

I dismounted my white rabbit, and she said, “now I’m able to rest, and reboot for the next day, but I’m still going to signal my trainer to ride me,–after I was fed.”

A blue elephant isn’t able to fit inside my house because, she is too wide to go through this door.

My white rabbit continues reading a book, and she hops towards a sofa and begins to settle down.

I walked outside to see the blue elephant.

“This elephant who is hurt isn’t going to give rides to me,” I said, “unless this elephant is trained properly, I’ll just let her recover from a cruel abuse what she experienced.” A blue elephant is still scared to give me rides.

I am walking down the street to go to a library. A blue elephant follows me.

As I reach a library, I drop off my books what I’ve finished reading.

I walked back to my house, and a blue elephant follows me.

As I reached my house, a nurse was proud because, I skipped an elephant ride at this moment.

“Be like this man!” the nurse exclaimed, “and stop mahouts from hitting elephants,–forcing them to give rides. Training elephants to be ridden take many generations, and time. Proper training is necessary to manage your ride-on animals. A fair is not responsible if you skipped an elephant ride.”

Later, my white rabbit is now done reading her book. She was reading a book for 4 hours!

“Now my white rabbit has a long break. Sure glad I’ve fed her during dinner,” I said, emptying a manure bin to be recycled as fuel for a power plant. The white rabbit said, “now it’s time to have some fun.” My white rabbit hops towards me. She looks at me for a moment… she thinks I’m her only trainer who trained her to give rides without using whips. Her tummy is full, and she is kind of ready to give rides.

I mounted on my white rabbit.

“That elephant was in a hospital earlier,–after a long trip home,” I said, riding my white rabbit down the hall,–towards our own library, “let’s find other books to read at night, and you can choose a title.”

My white rabbit was happy because, she taken breaks, and she was fed correctly. She imagined she was a different animal… for this instance, a cat being trained to give me rides inside a large mansion. However; she still memorized me training her when she was just a little bunny.

After I’ve ridden my white rabbit towards a library, I am finding a shelf of books to read to my rabbit.

“Looks like your slow riding has enable me to speed up. and you must train me to do other functions,” said the white rabbit, yanking a book from a table.

Days went by, me and my white rabbit are now watching TV via internet to see the updates about a blue elephant.

A blue elephant is all fixed up, but she is no longer giving rides to people because, she was abused by her current mahout who used a whip.

Now all of the customers at the fair are now riding machine-based rides as an alternative to riding real elephants. They want these elephants to be trained correctly, but a red elephant is an only elephant to ride because, a mahout trained her to give people rides without using whips, and she often take long breaks,–so her memory of giving people rides can settle. However; a yellow elephant is currently returning back to her herd because, she is finding other elephant friends.

Well, we’ve been featured on a news report, and we’re allies who stopped a cruel mahout.

Currently, my white rabbit and I are on a sofa.

I am on the left; and my white rabbit on the right… she is still reading books because, she’s a cord-cutter who relies on internet to watch TV.

“Now, it’s time to let a blue elephant go back to her herd,” said the white rabbit, grabbing my right hand, “you as a trainer Mr. Trainer… you did a good job training me without inducing pain. You’ve pet me for parsing your commands, and I’ve enjoyed your training since years ago.” My white rabbit pets me… there’s no wonder why she pet me!

“There’s hope for a blue elephant, and other elephants who wanted to steer away from cruel mahouts,” I said, “that’s why I’ll never hit my bunny. My bunny will take long breaks after being ridden by me.’ I pet my white rabbit. She pets me back.

“I’ll explain to you,” said the white rabbit, petting my back, “you pet me… I pet you back. Some animals exchange pets between you and your animal. In some cases, your animal will trust you overtime, and if you keep it unchanged, and you used your same format of training rabbits to ride, your rabbit… like me will trust you forever. However; a new visitor is coming to our house.” My white rabbit removes a fallen book from a sofa, and places it on a table next to it.

As I ride my white rabbit; we met a new visitor who is a purple elephant, and she is shorter than a blue elephant.

“Well, I am offering rides, but I usually taking a walk down the street. I’m just finding a house to buy. I won’t give rides because, I have other work to do,” said the purple elephant, pushing a load of bricks for a subway station underground.

My white rabbit was impressed because, a purple elephant isn’t giving rides… her mahout who is selling coffee across the street don’t usually ride his elephant each day, but each other day. She has to take timed training, before she give rides at the fair. However; she is limited to give 4 people rides… after that’ she goes back home, and do her job next time.

After a purple elephant leaves our home, I ride my white rabbit down the street to a fair that is far away.

At the fair; I am continuing riding my white rabbit.

Well, we took a long trip because, a purple elephant was driving a large truck.

Now the blue elephant is no longer at this fair, however; a herd of elephants has left this fair earlier, and they’re finding a different fair where they can have a delay of rides set by mahouts. However; robotic elephants are prefered because, they’re easy to use, and program.

This fair has replaced real elephants with robotic elephants to ride.

Now, me and my white rabbit are enjoying our fun at this fair.

Only a real red elephant is doing her limited job. She only appears on Sunday.

This elephant is now giving people rides,–after she was fed, and trained properly.

Now, a red elephant who saw me riding my white rabbit days ago can see me ride my animal without using whips.

“Ride away Mr. Trainer, said the white rabbit, “you deserved to ride me anytime. Ride carefully!”

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