If You’ve Dreamed Of Riding Any Of These Animals… Here’s What Does It Mean


In the real world, we ride certain animals for many centuries, or even thousands of years. We’ve ridden horses, mules, donkeys, steers, cattle, camels, watter buffalos, reindeer, elephants, and other animals what we ridden. Why do we ride animals? We ride them as a mode of transportation, as a religious ritual, as a cultural practice, as a living, enable us to travel faster, as therapy for some people who ride animals, entertainment, or just for fun! However; we invented a carousel with different animals to ride,–so we don’t do any expensive breeding of these animals! And we usually explore other animals to ride besides horses, and other common animals what we’ve ridden for many years.

Overtime, our dreams reflect these common events. If you go out to a fair, or ride any animal, your dream is most likely to copy it like a floppy drive on steroids!

Sometimes we have dreams of riding animals, we can ride any animal besides a horse. That enable us to develop new ideas, create new stuff, and understand how we ride animals in the real world. Does riding any animal in your dream has a meaning? I believe some animals what you ride in your dream has a meaning! Let’s unfold the mystery of why riding animals in your dream has a meaning. As we ride animals in our dreams, we ride them bareback… no saddle needed.

Dreamed of riding a rhino, a rat, a turtle, a lion, or even a pika? Post your entry of your dreams what you have each night,–within this topic, and let’s enjoy a ride on these animals!


Do you like a black and yellow insects flying in your garden, or you are a beekeeper? This insect plays an important role to help other plants grow. And they supply honey for us, and they pollenate our plants for our world. If you imagined they’re large bees and you believe they’re better, they’re located in your dream. What’s special about these large bees, you can ride them, and fly with them inside a large hive.

In the real world, we have to save the bees, and stop use of toxic pesticides altogether.

What If You Rode A Bee

It will be a flying experience, not recommended for people who have fear of bees. If you can ride bees in your dream, you can visit each flower, and collect nectar to enable bees to make honey for our planet. These insects are beneficial for our planet because, they help plants grow, and produce food for our world.

You need to be comfortable with flying in your dream in order to accomplish riding a bee. If you already flown in your dream, and you started to ride a bee, you have to be mind of their stingers, and enable them to land, giving you time to mount one.

Wings flap fast to enable a bee to fly.

What Does It Mean If You Rode A Bee?

Riding a bee in your dream doesn’t have a meaning at this time. Each person has a personal meaning, if you have a meaning that focuses on riding a bee, let us know at the comments section of this post.


GROWL… ROAR… Roar! These furry beast in the real world are strong, and they’re usually come in many species like black bears, polar bears, brown bears, and you can name a few. If you were a fan of these animals, and you like these snorting beasts, you may experience a dream involving bears.

If you had a teddy bear as a child, and it’s large enough; for you to sleep alongside it, you may have a dream about bears,–if your dream matches your toy. However, it takes a book with bears as characters to match a desired dream about bears. And it take lots of reading books, and imagining as you read a book each night.

What If You Dreamed Of Riding A Bear?

If you dreamed of riding a bear, it can match to your dream, but you may experience a fuzzy ride. Bears do navigate on all 4 limbs. And some bears do climb. If they do, hang on tight!

What Does It Mean?

Riding a bear doesn’t have a meaning in your dream, if you believe riding a bear has a meaning in your dream, tell us about it at the comments section of our post.

If you have a large teddy bear:

If your teddy bear is large enough; you can ride it to format your dream. You may need to place your teddy bear on a soft surface. And you also have to sit on it’s back and adjusts it’s head,–making it look like you riding a bear… however; it takes practice. Alternatively, you can get a custom-made teddy bear to ride,–if you can hire an artist who is willing to do it for you, or you can make it yourself.

Bigger teddy bears can work the best for this trick when formatting your dreams, positioning your teddy bear to a right position can take some time. Doing this before bed can do because, that gives you some time to read a book as you sit on your large teddy bear via a riding position.


These furry little critters in the real world are curious, and sometimes they’re used as service animals to help other people. They come in many breeds. And some people praise cats for many functions. Some people like to keep cats because, they naturally reduce mice and rat population. And some cats don’t exterminate animals at all!

In our dream world; these animals are bigger, and they have an ability to speak like us. for this instance, if you ridden a female white cat with blue eyes, and you are in an apartment building, or house. She can get commands from you. If you ride her like a rocking-cat, she can capture your rocking motion,–just like a dream what I had since 2009! If you like cats, and you dreamed riding one; this is what is actually like to ride a cat in your dream.

If you are blind, and you are riding a cat in your dream; she can see things for you. Unlike visual dreams,–if you have them, you can feel what they actually look like. However; it may be too impossible to picture how large a cat is in your dream. If you use to have vision, but you lost it during a defective eye surgery, an accident, or a disease,–or you lost an eye or both, you can still attempt to picture how large a cat is. You can work around picturing a dream what you’ve trying to get each night.

What Is Like To Ride A Cat In Our Dream?

We don’t need a harness, and we don’t need a leash, we can just ride her bareback! That enables us to reduce costs of gettig a leash, or getting a horse to ride. That can also offset breeding costs of most horse-breeding farms or ranches. Since cats lack a collarbone, we can have a better view as we ride our cats anywhere. If you have a large cat like this… we can also reduce costs of owning a donkey.

If we ride cats in our dream; we can enjoy a quiet ride in our sleepy old town. They don’t make any “click clack” sounds like a horse. They can see at night for us. Their eyes are designed to see at night. If you were blind, and your eyes don’t work; she can be your ride-on “seeing-eye” cat, and she can give you a comfortable ride. She can see traffic for you, and if she has ability to speak; you can speak to her as you ride her, and she can describe what she is doing, or describe objects, and places. And unlike horses, her eyes are facing forward, and you don’t need a bridle! Her ears on top of her head can capture sound like usual.

If we are outside; their fur acts like a blanket to block cold air. Depending on a breed of any cat, we can use their fur that is trimmed regularly; we can convert it to fabric, or yarn. In our dream world; yarn via cat fur trimmed during the hot days can cost up to $4000 per yard. Many cats are treated with strategic care. One major drawback to recycled fur trimmings are low stock, and expensive blankets developed by an expensive shop. Our dream world rarely own cats, but it’s now catching up.

If we ridden cats, we can able to keep ourselves warmed up,–using them as a “live hot quilt” in our homes,–reducing our heating costs!

We can able to climb construction beams, and prevent ourselves from falling down. In the real world; construction workers has fallen to their deaths when building large buildings. If we ever ridden big cats in the real world; that can prevent further deaths.. However, in our dream world; we can ride cats just fine! They respond well, and we often ride cats as a form of entertainment. If you are a cat person who care about cats; you may experience bigger versions of your cats in your dream.

What Does It Mean If I Ride A Cat In My Dream

If you ridden a cat in your dream, here’s what it actually means:

  • When riding a cat – You are still active in your dream when sleeping. But your dream takes you to a world generated by your mind. This is not limited to you asleep in the real world. That also resembles you renouncing your previous faith… whether you left Islam, or you wanted to believe in something different like fairies via fairy culture. As you control her, she responds to you without delay… as long as you are a gentle rider, and you don’t overwelm her, that also means you are finding a warm section of your home for the cold days.
  • Riding a kitten – If you ridden a kitten, that also means you are resized to a smaller person. If your dream transfers you to riding a kitten, just like my dream; that indicates you are entering the another world in your dream. If a kitten what you’re riding bounces, always keep good control. That means; you are finding a way to navigate this town when shrunk. As you ride this kitten; she bounces to condition you to ride her. When you’re riding a kitten in your dream, don’t force her to do anything. Don’t panic if you were switched to riding a kitten! A trained kitten for riding can be your dream’s next generation of ride-on cats.

If you wanted to memorize it within your dream journal on your website/blog

You can memorize your dreams, and write an entry onto your website/blog. If you can draw pictures. Here are the following tips you can take if you want to add it to your dream journal/blog:

As You Wake Up

Immediately log into your website, and add a new entry to your blog. You can title it as your dream what you’ve currently had. You can say for example; “A Cuddly Cat Ride”. Be sure to varify if you have enough energy to record your dreams what you’ve had each night. Write a long post as you can. And describe as much as you can. If you are at home with controlling parents; always lock your door to prevent theft of your device. Or if you are at your home where your adoptive parents adopt you, always keep your doors lockd for your safety.

As you write your dream entry, you can add images if you want. If you chosen to do so; always license your photos under a Creative Commons ShareAlike international license, including your text,–or if you are refering to something that is the same in the real world, publish your content as is.

If you published your content, and your visitors has read your entry, enable them to leave comments below your posts.

To Reproduce Riding A Cat In Your Dream:

Go to any of the stores where large stuffed animals are sold. Be sure to find toy cats at the toy aisle, or something similar. If you can’t see it, speak to a store associate for guidence.

Ask for a custom size of your favorite toy cat,–along with color, and other styles.

Sit on her back, and ride her like a cat in your dream. This is useful if you wanted to memorize dreams what you have since days ago.

You can pretend if you are riding a cat, but skip snapping your fingers. Cats have paws, not hoofed feet. Keep it quiet, and imagine you are riding a cat.


Our best friend what we love for many years,–even during an introduction to domestic dogs. They come in many breeds. A poodle is a known breed what I’ve ridden in my dream. In the real world; there are big dogs, and they’re used for other functions. Some dogs are gentle, and some are malicious,–depending on a breed and trainer. They bark, and they can help people do tasks, and some dogs are service animals like “seeing-eye” dogs, or hearing dogs for the deaf.

What It Doesn’t Mean If I Rode A Dog In My Dream?

Within my dream, I’ve ridden a poodle, and she looks like either a girl or lady in a poodle costume. Head of a lady and a body of a poodle is a known poodle what I was riding since 2004-present. She enables me to go anywhere in my dream. And I can navigate faster. No leash to use, no harness to use, just ride her bareback.

Here’s what it does it mean:

  • Riding a dog – That indicates your dream format is changing, or you are just entering a dream world with lots of dogs included. This dream like this applies to poodles in your dream. If you ridden any of these dogs, and you are just having fun, you are actually indicating you are taking courage when trying to adapt to a new environment, and you are also taking courage when you lost your vision. If a poodle gives you a ride, enable her to give you rides to navigate faster. Within my dream, I ridden a white poodle since 2005, she has a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle,–almost like a cartoon-formatted dog. Since I ridden poodles in my dream since 2004; that enables me to take courage.

To Reproduce Riding A Dog In Your Dream:

Buy a large stuffed toy dog of your desired breed. Be sure to order a custom version with your liking.

Ask them to add rockers to your toy, so you can ride it.

Hop on your toy, and ride it.

Alternatively, you can pretend if you are riding a dog, just use your imagination.


Quack quack… ducks are small animals in our real world. In our dream world, these ducks are bigger, and that applies to a specific species of duck. A mallart duck because, they’re been converted to domestic ducks.

What Does It Mean If You Rode A Duck In Your Dream?

There’s no relevant meaning about riding ducks in your dream, this is a common reason why some people won’t think about ducks in their mind. Tipically, many of us haven’t imagined riding ducks,–unless if you are a hardcore animal-rider who like riding animals. If you have a meaning about riding ducks in your dream, let us know by leaving comments to this article.


Long ears, furry, and they’re featured in most children’s books. Rabbits are great animals to own, but these little critters were also used as therapy animals. And some rabbits are service animals to help people. Although; bad guys often eat these creatures as source of meat… however; these animals can be in your dream.

What Does It Mean If I Ride A Rabbit In My Dream?

In my dream, it may had a meaning, but it depends on a person. I’ve ridden a bunny in my dream once. And I have to find a way to navigate in the garden. Here’s what does it mean:

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