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Looks Like It’s Time to #DropDisney For Now!

Okay, you went to various Disney establishments, and you consume content by Disney. However; it’s time to stop supporting this company now because, there’s something wrong with this company, their content, and their practices with consumers and employees.

This website, #DropDisney is a campaign to boycott Disney. I was inspired by this campaign, and I decided to take a powerful plunge to join it!

Why This Campaign?

Here are the following factors:

  • Not freeing their character, Mickey Mouse for the public domain
  • Racism
  • Monopolies
  • IP hording
  • Corporate greed
  • Ownership of Star Wars, Hulu, National Geographic, Marvel, etc
  • LGBTQ rights infringement
  • Lobbying
  • Price Gouging
  • And More…

Disney isn’t a friendly company after al! There are something wrong with Disney… and I believe corporate greed is an issue, along with sex trafficking, child grooming, and even relying on sweat shop labor, racism, selfishness, and even NOT freeing Mickey Mouse,–after he’s due to enter the public domain.

WAIT A MINUTE! Disney is really violating our laws. Being such a big company doesn’t make you above the law. However; our government can forfeit Disney’s intellectual property, just like any other property, such as: trademarks, copyrights, etc. However; trademarks can be end up in an eminent domain, after our US government has condemned Disney’s trademarks of their characters, and character names, character designs, symbols, etc, or revoke Disney’s trademarks, when needs arise, Disney losing Mickey Mouse can be sad for this company, but you can still rely on your new characters what they can create for the newer generation, and change logo designs..

There’s the another problem, antitrust! Disney is really causing antitrust, and this company needs to break up. We must have this company broken up because, they’re stifling competition each day. Also, price gouging is a problem. Unfortunately, our community of people who are NOT cable subscribers are so addicted to Disney, and there’s no way to quit. It’s like alcohol addiction.

If you’re still unsure, Wikipedia has an article about Criticism of Disney available with proper information.

How To Correctly Drop Disney?

The following instructions are associated with each instruction set. Do any of these instructions listed, if you were a cable TV subscriber, or NOT… always follow these instructions carefully.

If You Were A Subscriber To Disney+

Don’t let this money-hungry support racism, and other bigoted factors. If you were a subscriber to Disney+, unsubscribe immediately! If you have a personal account, these instructions are just straight forward!

  1. If You Have Children, Speak To Them

    Use the following script below as you speak to your children,–regarding unsubscribing from Disney+:

    We need to speak children (no profanity included).
    Disney is such a bad company, and we need to "Mute Disney" for good! This company has something that is NOT right. We must remove Disney from our house immediately, and do get our money back. We're NOT feeding this company.

    Customize your script to your liking (no using of profanity should be used under any way).

    Keep your kids from viewing any Disney content.

    Have a long talk with your children with common sense.

    If you don’t have children; skip this step.

  2. Prepare For Unsubscribing

    Do the following before unsubscribing from Disney+:

    1. Write down the alternatives that are “non-Disney” in nature. Common alternatives are Nintendo, Sony, or you can go for independent creators who are alternatives to Disney.
    2. Note your findings about why you are no longer supporting Disney.
    3. Check your financial stability.
    4. Go to, and create a petition to boycott the Walt Disney Company altogether, and promote it

    After you performed the following; you’re ready to unsubscribe from Disney+.

  3. Unsubscribe From Disney+

    Visit a website or app, and cancel your subscription, and close your account. If refunds are being issued, confirm if you received a refund.

    If you have a computer, remove Disney+ from your browser and OS.

    Don’t forget to remove/delete account from associated Disney-owned apps.

    Don’t accept offers for resubscribing to Disney+.

If You Have Any Physical Media

If you have books; games, music, software, toys, and other media, you may need to remove them from your home. However; books can be recycled,–after being torn up. DVDs can be turned into coasters, and you can have a majority of these items recycled as a way to ditch Disney from your home.

Alternatively, you can scrap them indefinately.

If you can’t get them disposed properly, you may need help with your friend who also boycotts the Walt Disney Company.

Don’t Book Any Disney Cruises

If you want to really keep Disney out of your lifestyle, you can choose an alternative to Disney by finding the another cruise provider.

Don’t Attend Disney Establishments

Just skip Disney establishments. Don’t dine, shop, or purchase products from Disney. Also don’t pick up any Disney product at your local retailer. Ask your local retailer to cut ties with Disney.

If You Own A Local Retail Shop

Discontinue stocking on Disney products.

Notify your customers about your efforts of boycotting Disney as you drop Disney.

Don’t Attend Movie Theaters Where Disney Movies Are Playing

Just skip a trip to a movie theater when Disney movies are active. If you are consuming an alternative; wait it out. The less people in theaters watching Disney movies, the better the world will be.

Also, don’t pay attention to Disney’s advertisements.

Skip All Broadway Musicals When Disney Is Active

Don’t purchase tickets to see a show that is associated with Disney. You should find alternatives instead.

Cut The Cord

Unsubscribe from cable TV, and save money.

This is necessary to cut a lifeline what Disney is relying on to receive money from cable providers.

Unsubscribe From YouTube Premium

This is easy, just cancel YouTube Premium/YouTube TV

You can also unsubscribe from ALL Disney-owned channels.

If you Are A Librarian

Dispose all of Disney’s content of any kind, and impose a ban on Disney indefinitely.

Speak to your community about alternatives to Disney.

If You Are A Licenser Of Content What YOU Create

Revoke all licenses, so Disney won’t use your work.

Don’t Tune To Radio Stations Owned By Disney

Just skip this station.

Cleaning Up

After you got yourself away from Disney, you may perfrom a cleanup. Check if you can live without Disney for a year. Declutter your home, or institution, and rethink about why you should care about your community.

Enable ad-blocking software on all browsers, and clear cookies on your machines as a way to help reset your browsers. However; you may need to sign back into your accounts.

Now, you can find many alternatives to Disney. You can enjoy a handful of local alternatives to Disney!

OUT THE DOOR goes Walt Disney.

Just say “good-bye” to Disney, and say “hello” to these alternatives what you desire!

There’s Other Things To Do To Get Disney To Sink

Liquidate all Disney stocks, and other company stocks owned by disney. This is necessary to cut support by investors. If you recently invest on Disney, deinvest immediately.

We need to deinvest from Disney because, we need to get Disney stocks to tank. We must shut down Disney by NOT supporting this company.

Together; we can all get Disney to sink as a way to drop Disney even further. This bigot has to go!

We don’t want bigots out there! Bigots are gross, nasty, greedy, corrupt, and even racist.

If you already deinvested from disney, great work! I regret being a shareholder of the Walt Disney Company, and I didn’t know Disney is racist!

If you are at an arcade, don’t play any of these games made by Disney.

If you are at an amusement park, skip Disney altogether.

If you are a school district, remove all Disney content.

If you are a sponsor, stop sponsoring the Walt Disney Company.

If you are an arcade administrator, replace Disney with alternatives.

If you are a network administrator; block Disney altogether.

If you own a business, don’t accept any advertising from the Walt Disney Company.

The more of us Drop Disney, the stronger the impact.

Don’t do business with the Walt Disney Company.

Don’t go to Disney parks.

Don’t host any parties that feature Disney characters.

Alternatives To Disney To Explore

Here are the following alternatives to Disney to explore:

  • Sony
  • Nintendo
  • Universal
  • Hershey
  • Smaller Media Brands

Alternatives can be a replacement for disney, and that can help with getting Disney stocks to tank, and get Disney to sink. Once Disney sinks, there’s no floating back up!

Local alternatives to Disney can be your best friend.

You can also make an alternative to Disney from scratch, just what I am doing now. I am slowly setting up Fairies Dreams & Fantasy!

Can You Live Without Disney?

Yes, you can live without Disney! Ant that can be a smart choice to do. Also, you don’t have to support this monopoly each day. However; It takes time to live without disney, and all you have to do just skip Disney altogether.

Try to live without Disney for at least 4 years.

With all of these alternatives what you are consuming, you are helping to make Disney stocks tank. We need to get Disney to sink to the point of NOT recovering.

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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