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Tired Of Disney? Here’s How To Correctly Boycott Disney

Racism, greed, financial misconduct, deception, evasion of taxes, lack of diversity, unnecessary buying of independent businesses, NOT freeing Mickey Mouse from their “copyright prison” for a long time, discrimination, bigotry, destruction of ecosystem, exploiting loopholes, and taking of public funds that are provided by tax-paying citizens like you. This is a permanent standard of Disney!

If you were recently subscribed to Disney+, or any other streaming services owned by Disney, its time to put the breaks on, and stop supporting this company. And you also need to purge all Disney products what you currently have in your household.

Mickey Mouse Is Stuck In A Cruel “Copyright Prison”

Disney is still evading our government’s effort to free Mickey Mouse from Disney’s long copyright ownership, and he needs to board the public domain express train, and he has to be free, but Disney still owns a trademark of their character. Well, the United States government must revoke all trademarks what Disney owns for evading copyright expiration that is designed to work like how other copyrighted material expire after a long period of time.

In your imagination; you can hear Mickey groan from a cruel copyright prison, stuck in a small cage that is too crammed for him. He isn’t able to comfortably rest or turn around, and he isn’t able to exit out of a cage what Disney has put him in, after performing, and even after running of these TV shows. Mickey was brainwashed, causing him NOT to disclose to our audience about his troubles with Disney. If I were a owner of a real mouse, I will never cram her in a small cage, even if I imagine riding my large white mouse, I won’t use cruel techniques of training her.

Every night, I imagined Mickey Mouse trying to get us an attention, and he needs to be free. Well, a prison that mistreated inmates can be dissolved when lawsuits are successful! Even Mickey Mouse can do the same what these guys do, its just natural. With all of that groaning from him, I can barely sleep. What a bad thing what Disney has did to their mouse!

If Mickey Mouse hasn’t been freed from this greedy prison What Disney is hiding, he can end up lose all of the freedoms what other fictional characters has enjoyed,–after copyrights and trademarks has been expired. Once these characters have their copyrights and trademarks expired, they take a public domain express train.

That’s right! If Mickey is freed from this prison, he can see therapy, mental evaluation, proper treatments, better food to eat, better water to drink, a new place to live, be adopted by public domain communities, and even get an emotional support animal of choice. Also, he can enjoy as much hot dogs he want, and I mean vegan hot dogs!!

In order for Mickey Mouse to be freed, the US government must revoke Disney’s trademark and copyright associated with this character indefinitely, and impose a permanent injunction against Disney to prevent future copyright and trademark schemes. However; USA has the enormous power to punish Disney by doing these following actions what I want the United States government to do:

Impose permanent injunctions

Disney deserves to face injunctions because, they relied on schemes to prevent Mickey Mouse from being freed. If this is the case; Disney will be prohibited from restricting, copyrighting, trademarking, or in some cases; using Mickey Mouse on all of their branded products of any kind. That is not limited to distributing, performing, making dirivitives of, manufacturing, or even producing any products associated with this character. Also, this injunction will force Disney to forfeit trademarks, copyrights, and other exclusive rights to their characters, logos, symbols, toys, etc.

However; 1 injunction is NOT enough to provide a clear message to many business owners why evading public domain is NOT a good idea. Disney is NOT above the law, nor it runs its own nation.

Seize ALL Of Disney’s Assets

That’s right! All assets must be seized. The United States government has the enormous power to seize Disney’s assets, that includes theme parks, TV channels, cable channels, foreign assets, cruise ships, vehicles, land, bank accounts, real property, creative works, and more. This is necessary to provide a clear message to all business owners.

If USA seizes Disney’s assets, even after an approval by court; this is going to be good. However; big companies are NOT immuned to asset forfeiture. Even their domains can be forfeited too!

Forfeit Disney’s Intellectual Property Altogether

This is going to be my favorite part when Disney loses ALL of their intellectual property. That means, Disney will be forced to start from scratch, and this company will NOT be the same. That means, Pixar, Marvel, Hulu, and other companies what Disney owned (included franchises) will be sold back to respected owners and go independent.

That means; no more Mickey Mouse cartoons, no more Donald Duck cartoons, and no more cartoons produced by Disney. Nothing more, nothing less! That what’s Disney gets, and that’s what they’re going to do as they start new things from scratch. If Disney publishes new content that is different (with no known characters), they can keep their recent works what they made from scratch, if they don’t too bad!

My thoughts of helping to free Mickey Mouse is like rescuing a child from a house of horrors where child cruelty takes place. Or in some cases, opening my barn doors to allow Mickey to roam with a free range.

Also, dealing with Mickey’s groaning, signaling to get help from us… is like an endless hours without any sleep, causing me NOT to catch a bus to work!

Here’s my transcript of Mickey’s groaning:

Mickey: Get me out of here! I’ve been locked in this prison. Get me out please!

It’s a same groan what I hear each night. Mickey’s voice needs to be heard, and Disney should be held accountable.

However; I do have my white mouse, Amy, and I am riding her,–before I ever go to sleep. Well, I don’t treat her… the same way how Disney does.

However; with all of that ordeal what Mickey is suffering… this is an outrage for our creative world.

Taking Of Our Public Funds

This is illegal! And Disney can be facing serious troubles like being accountable for money laundering, and other financial crimes.

Taking our tax-payer’s money is a serious problem to me. If I were a company, I will never do it. We need tax dollars for essentials like public transportation, hospitals, running state and federal prisons, emergency services, public libraries, schools, repairing streets, run EBT programs like SNAP or WIC, improve efforts to fight climate change, enforce food safety like NOT having chemicals in our food, better air transport, investing on renewable energy, preventing terrorism, preventing child abuse, run DCF offices, run Social Security Administration offices around the entire USA, run IRS offices, enforce licenses and permits, enforce hunting and fishing licenses, run state casinos, run state lotteries, space exploration, run FCC offices, run FBI offices, enforce liquor licenses, prevent gun violence, improve law enforcement, improve the ADA, improve the FDA, improve the FTC, improve our copyright offices, improve patent and trademark offices, improve building codes, emergency preparedness, improve healthcare services, improve our communities, and more.

We can’t be dependent on Disney as a benefit for our community. This is NOT the way how our use of public funds go. Well, Disney must pay taxes to our government and like other citizens, abide to all tax laws. However; Disney should be held responsible for taking our public funds.

A channel, Legal Mindset on YouTube has videos that cover Disney’s bad practices, slowly bringing them to light.

What You Should Do?

Write to your elected government officials, and help hold Disney accountable for their practices.

Don’t take any trips to any establishments owned by Disney.

Be a cord-cutter. Cord-Cutters News has these resources available when being a cord-cutter for the first time, you can save lots of dollars for a long haul,–depending on your financial stability.

Cut ties with the Walt Disney Company by terminating their accounts,–if you run a platform that is designed to be ganerated by users, distribute content, distribute games, distribute music, distribute books, etc.

Don’t book any shows what Disney is offering you to see in theaters, ice rinks, circuses, amusement parks, street parades, movie theaters, public libraries, restaurants, bars, night clubs, water parks, etc.

Run a “Boycott Disney” campaign on your website, and keep your campaign strong for at least 4 years.

Payment platforms should boycott Disney. Stripe, PayPal, and other payment platforms should stop doing business with Disney altogether.

Close all accounts what you created with Disney.

If you see any Disney movie listed on digital stores, don’t purchase them. Leave them on a virtual shelf. Instead, find alternatives.

If you already own digital copies, speak to a customer representative for removing a purchased digital copies from your account, and do get your money back, and explain them about your boycotting efforts, and refer an article or video about why you are no longer supporting Disney. Speak to your customer representative about your purging of digital copies that are associated with Disney.

If you are about to head to a movie theater, If you see a schedule for an upcoming Disney ,movie, don’t purchase a ticket to see a movie by Disney, find an alternative instead, or make your own movie from scratch.

If you are heading to a public library, ask your librarian to discontinue suppoorting the Walt Disney Company because of your boycott campaign.

Keep doing all of your boycotting efforts, and convince your community to do the same.

If you owned a TV or a streaming player, such as Roku, contact Roku to cut ties with the Walt Disney Company immediately.

If you are an Amazon user, write to Amazon about cutting ties with the Walt Disney Company. Tell them about your boycott campaign.

Speak to all brick and mortar retailers about boycotting Disney. the more retailers do the same what you are doing, the stronger the boycott.

Speak to all restaurants to convince them to boycott Disney.

Convince an arcade operator to purge all Disney content altogether.

Schools have the enormous power to boycott Disney. Convince them to do so, or transfer to a different school where Disney is being boycotted.

If you are a company who offer TV services for your customers, notify Disney about why you ar discontinuing business with them. Also, notify your customers about your efforts to boycott Disney.

If you owned a retail store, announce a clearance sale of all Disney products, and remind your customers about why you are no longer supporting Disney.

Other Things To Do After Successfully Boycotting Disney

Start a community that is NOT related to Disney.

Start a business that will be an alternative to Disney.

Find “non-Disney” establishments what you want to support.

If you are a former Disney employee; find a job that is an alternative to Disney like an anime studio, and don’t forget to tell your story, don’t let NDAs keep you trapped inside, you have the right to speak up.

Use or ForceChange to create a petition to convince others to boycott the Walt Disney Company.

Speak to your children about Disney’s dirty practices what you’ve encountered, and convince them to say “NO” to Disney.

Keep the boycott strong! Don’t lift it. Keep it strong, until Disney’s stock tanks by at least 88%.

These “non-Disney” alternatives are: Nintendo (originated in Japan), SEGA (originated in Japan), PBS Kids, and more. Consume these, and give them a try!

Wait for Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, Hulu, and other brands to decouple froom Disney, you need to wait for a long while.

Wait for the Walt Disney Company To Dissolve completely by the United States government.

Pay more taxes if you are a business owner, and write to your elected officials about your concerns,–regarding Disney taking your tax dollars, and refer them a link to relevant resources what you carefully researched. Keep overpaying your taxes, and keep writing… until they respond. Sending a fax over an email can help because, you can keep your copy for records. This is useful; if you have a fax machine. If you don’t have one, buy one, and use it when sending faxes. You may need to prepare for a response via fax. You can also request FOI (freedom of information) if you are extremely concerned with your tax dollars being mishandled by Disney.

Speak to your employer who runs your retire investment account, and discuss about liquidating Disney shares from your portfolio.

If you have a self-directed portfolio, remove all Disney shares from your investment portfolio, and replace it with other investments of choice.

Remove all Disney software from your computers in your home or business.

Remove Disney apps from your mobile devices.

Things To Do After Is Dissolved

Just enjoy your days like usual, you can just work, create something new, or anything you pleased.

Have a cookout during the cold days.

Plant trees.

Live without using natural gas.

Take public transportation often.

Recycle more.

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