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The following features you will access is the following:

  • Spectator when viewing certain forums like dedicated forums for people who discuss about hosting content on their own website when users via a higher level host their own websites on our server for personal/corporate use. Ideal for people who don't have a plan for hosting their own website.
  • Access to social features within Fairies Dreams & Fantasy
  • Few ads - Only 1 or 2 ads are shown when viewing content to read on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium, unlike other premium text-based content providers; only few ads are shown.
  • Access to other communities built-in.

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Terms Of Service

For general Terms Of Use, please go to

The following terms are policies that govern use of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium, along with services included within this premium platform like hosting, and our premium forums, and our content, please read these following terms displayed on this webpage before you use this website. If you don't accept these terms, don't use this website, or just fly out to other websites.

General Info

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium, a feature of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, owned by Aaron Johnson, an owner of this website provides you premium content to read, host your own website, and participate access to a forum. Typically, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has no signups on parts of our websites... for this instance, our main multisite. A premium account enables you to own a website via hosting, read fictional content intended for members, an ad-free experience, and posting on forums with other members.

Premium Content

Premium posts what you can read like a book, free or with fewer ads displayed on your browser. All premium content is written via an offline editor that is either written via a text-editing program on a local computer, or directly written online on our website altogether. Unlike Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (free version), you can read longer without any distracting ads being displayed,--even with an ad-blocker turned on!

Premium content is published via a schedule, all premium content is published on Saturdays of each month, up to 1 ore more posts published on a regular basis. We work hard to write entertaining content for users who are members of our website.

Our Forums

This is a public forum where you can post topics on our website, it's like a virtual tea shop where you can start a discussion with other members who are users on this website.

Ad-Free Experience

A feature what members experience as they read content on our website without any ads displayed on our website.

Optional Hosting

Enables members to request a hosting feature manually as a way to enable members to host their own websites as a member of this website, and unlike other hosting platforms, you are both a website owner, and a member of this website. You can either plug in your own domain what you registered, or use a subdomain if you don't own domains of any kind.

Requirements for becoming a member on this website:

You must be at least 13 years of age or older to own an account on this website. If you were under 13 years of age, have permission from your parent or guardian before you sign up on this website. If you were a parent who is a user for your child, you must comply with our parental conduct policies, if you were a child who experienced deprivation of your account, or you experienced any kind of deprivation of access to this website, and you were been exploited; contact your advocate immediately. For termination of accounts owned by parents who violated our policey,--regarding parental conduct; please see the "Termination" section on this page.

Requirements For Companies

Your company must meet the following requirements when registering on this website:

Not Associated With These Companies Who Were Displayed On Our Corporate Blacklists

Cut ties with a company what you work with or partnered with, this is necessary to reduce corporate greed, and anti-consumer practices, or resign from a company who is held accountable for environmental damages to our ecosystem, or other damages condemned by activists who were trying to make a world a better place.

Cut ties from the coal industry.

Cut ties from a greedy content industry.

Cut ties from the meat industry (excluding fish industries).

Switch to a local bank, and ditch a bank who is a polluting giant.

Must Be A "People-First" Company

If you're not sure, you have to learn an answer from Mozilla,, who brought you FireFox, a "people-first" browser!

For Sex Offenders

If you were a sex offender, you must be a "low risk" offender to access this website, and you must comply with sex offender registry laws. If you were still on a sex offender registry, and you are still permitted to have access to your computer, check the following on your terms of registration:

  • If you are still permitted to use your computer, and you are still able to own a social network profile, you must register it via a registry. If you were using this platform to host your blog; your blog will be monitored by a site administrator, or a third party monitoring company. If your internet access is limited/restricted; check with your professional to confirm if you still have internet access.

If you were prohibited from contacting minors online; your forum access will be limited, like being set as a spectator.

For High-Risk Sex Offenders

You will NOT use Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium if you were a "high risk" sex offender on a sex offender registry. If any sex offender who is on a high risk registry via sex offender registry detected on this website, termination may occur, for information; please see the "Termination" section of this page.


You will NOT use this website if you were a rapist in any country around the world, fracker, bigot, a corporation who is held accountable via corporate accountability, deforester, xenophobe, child-abuser, spanker, sex trafficker, slave trafficker, slave seller, rabbit meat producer, dog meat producer, cat meat producer, copyfraudster, sanctioned via international sanctions or local sanctions to keep terrorists at bay, terrorist, or pest controller.

Your Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium Account

Your account enables you to access content what we publish on our website. You can also leave comments on our website to communicate with an author on this website, you can also respond with other members on our website.

You can also upgrade/downgrade your membership level, and other account functions.

When creating an account, you must provide your name, nickname, and email address to create an account, and you must provide a strong password to secure your account. Always provide valid information as you sign up for our platform. Don't submit information that misrepresents your identity, don't use any company name that doesn't associate with you or your own company.

Parents who hold accounts for children to view content must comply with parental conduct policies on our website, this is necessary to prevent parents from exploiting children's rights to read content on this website.


When choosing a premium membership; you are required to make a payment to renew your membership. Your membership enables you to access premium content on our website. If your membership expires, your access to your premium content is restricted,--until you make a successful payment. Your payment information is never stored on our servers, all payments are processed by Stripe, a payment processer what we choose.


Typically, content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license 4.0 or higher. The Creative Commons License information is displayed below content, or at the sidebar of this website. Parts of this website that isn't licensed with a Creative Commons license is protected by copyright laws in the USA, or around the world via any country. That applies to text, videos, audio, designs, and other content.

Also, you have a non-exclusive license to view, and use our website for personal use.

If you submitted content to our website, you must license your work under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. When submitting your work; you enable Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium to reuse and remix your content under a Creative Commons license. If in doubt, keep a copy of your work licensed under Creative Commons license for your records via digital storage in your computer drive, or non-digital works via hard copies.

If you were just submitting content normally as a users; you give us a world wide, royalty-free, license to display, transmit, perform, remix, alter, monetize, or transform your content. You still own rights to your content,--unless you transfered your rights of your content for us for various reasons.

Updates To These Terms

From time to time, these terms will be updated with/without notice, we will attempt to post updates to our terms on our "News" section of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

Content On Your Server Via Hosting

You are an owner of your own content; your content must meet the following standards displayed below this paragraph, see the Do's and Don'ts for more information. Always consider the following standard to keep you out of trouble:

Free Of Adult Content

Don't post adult content on your server. This is not limited to the following types displayed below this following paragraph. However; we accept, artistic, scientific, educational, and reasearch-based content that may contain adult content. However; the following content is not supported on our platform:

  • Bestiality - Bestiality is illegal, and it should NOT be posted on your server. This is important to prevent spread of this material because, bestiality is cruel to animals around the world.
  • Rape - Rape is illegal! Any account that is owned by a rapist who is involved in rape, or posting rape threats is subject to termination. If you believe you were a victim of rape, always get help from your local law enforcement. All rapists are removed from our platform.

  • Pornography - Sorry pornstars! Pornography is NOT welcomed on this website because, this is a porn-free platform. And we don't support porn on our servers.
  • Sexual content - Sexual content on our servers are NOT supported because, this platform is intended to be free of sexual content. This is a sexless platform. Only educational/reaserch/medical/scientific use of this content is posted by professionals!
  • Insest - Content that promotes insest is illegal, and your content may be removed from your server, if you were posting this content for educational purposes or as a topic for news reports; always use caution.

Be aware child pornography is illegal, and you may lose your account, and you will be reported to law enforcement, and your content will be removed from servers. If you were a minor who believe to be a victim of sexual exploitation; contact your trusted parent, or any adult what you trust for help. Also if you were a victim of sexual violence; always get help immediately.

Free Of Firearms

If you were displaying a collection of firearms as an online museum, or a licensed gun seller, always post an interstitial page, and links to gun violence. Unfortunately, we don't support websites that are designed to sell firearms, and other weapons via licensed entities. We also don't permit websites that sell illegal weapons of any kind, to protect our public safety, never post content that protect the crooks who were responsible for mass shootings. This is not limited to the following:

  • Gun sites ran by poachers who poach animals for illegal meat, or parts. For this instance, poachers selling guns to poach animals for ivory, horns, and other parts of an animal.
  • Videos of mass shootings.
  • Sex offenders posing with firearms at any place.
  • Online shooting galleries without an age filter to prevent teens from conducting live threats.
  • Sites that are design to block gun control laws that hardens gun safety.

Victims of mass shootings may post journals about protecting our community against gun violence on their servers. Any crook who carried out shootings at any place reported via any news outlet is subject to account suspension, and all content that is linked to any mass shootings will be forwarded to law enforcement,--if we've been prompted to send content to any of the local law enforcement.

Free Of Copyrighted Content:

Don't use our platform to post copyrighted content that doesn't belong to you legally. For example; you posted a copy of a movie what you've pirated from a DVD or any media. You need to create interesting and unique content. Be very careful with fair use of copyrighted content. Any copyright owner who attempts to hinder fair use is subject to liability,--not limited to loss of intellectual property. Also avoid doing the following activities displayed on this list below this paragraph. Each following activity what you should avoid is detailed with a long form:

  • Piracy - Avoid piracy of any way. Most creators who suffered loss of revenue come from piracy of their content. If you want to be a distributer of content from other owners/companies; you must obtain a license from them. If you have too much habits of pirating, contact a professional who will help you break out of piracy. If you were writing your journal about ways to get out of piracy, and you want to help others; always post a disclaimer on your page. Helping someone to get out of piracy can take some time, and effort,--depending on how critical is his/her habits.
  • Links to illegal downloads/streaming/torrents - Avoid providing links to illegal downloads/streaming/torrents, like what we mentioned above, that can cause creators,--along with software developers to lose revenue. If you were linking to any of these materials, you are NOT speeding up piracy (also addiction to piracy), you are also contributing to illegal distribution of content owned by other people/companies. Big companies aren't immuned to piracy and loss of revenue. If you were writing about movies what you watched, or software what you've used and you want to provide links to content like this; always link to their official websites ran by official owners of content, even an affiliate link to a product can help. If you have severe addiction to piracy, don't sign up to run your own server to run your own website,--until your addiction has been resolved.
  • Content scraped from other websites - Avoid scraping content from other websites, otherwise you'll be making a scraper site, and your server will be flagged by a copyright owner. If you were gathering data about a website what you are writing about; don't scrape it Most spammers abuse hosting platforms to publish spam like a professional spammer will do.

Also don't infringe on anyone's other intellectual property. However; intellectual property can be condemned or forfeited.

Also, if your copyrights are forfeited via an order of a court for copyfraud, or other factors, never attempt to submit any IP complaints,--if you were ever banned from owning any piece of content what you've created.

Forum Content

All forum content is posted by users who own content posted are the property of our members who posted content. When posting content; your content must NOT contain the following:

  • Sexual content
  • Threats towards any member
  • Copyrighted content
  • Links to illegal porn sites
  • Links to illegal download sites
  • Content that condones corporate greed like "money grabs" for movie remakes, unnecessary lawsuits, etc.
  • Links to illegal gambling websites
  • Unsolicitedadvertising, sponsorships, and other deceptive advertising
  • Links to bomb manufacturing websites
  • Links to blacklisted company websites blacklisted by our blacklists displayed on our websites
  • Terrorism - condoning terrorism
  • Gun topics - condoning efforts to protect individuals who carried out gun shootings, and illegal hunting
  • Instructions to spank a child or animal for any purpose
  • Links to malware developing websites intended to infect other machines
  • Content containing revenge porn
  • Sexting - illegal sexting
  • Sales of rabbit meat
  • Sales of ivory products
  • Sales of tabacco products
  • Sales of firearms
  • Sales of sex slaves
  • Sales of items used for spanking children or animals
  • Sales of illegal content
  • Sales of drugs
  • Mass advertising
  • Sales of coal and natural gas
  • Sales of crude oil
  • gory content without any context of commentary
  • Sex - all sexual content
  • Prophanity
  • Death threats
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Links to warez sites

Links To Other Websites

This website may contain links to other websites, these links aren't affiliated/endorsed by this website nor any company, these links are designed to provide references/products via any websites. If you were following these links; you are following them within your own risks; check with their privacy policies to check how do they respect your privacy.

If in doubt; please visit our disclosure page for more information about our affiliate links displayed on this website.


You can cancel your account at anytime. Be aware; if you cancel your account; your access to your premium content will be removed. However; your account may be terminated if the following violations met:

  • Parent failed to comply with policies for parental conduct
  • Posted in a forum with threats against owners, or anyone.
  • Copyfraud
  • Copyright trolling
  • A high risk sex offender found on this website
  • Corporate accountability
  • Mass Spamming

Disclaimer Of Warranties

All warranties are disclaimed. No warranties are guaranteed.

Governing Law

These following Terms found on this website will be governed by the US laws, and Kansas laws via any county.

Privacy Policy

For our policy regarding your privacy, please visit

Your account information will never be sold to third parties, advertisers, or marketers. Your information will not be used to identify, or contact you without your consent,--unless we have exclusive consent from you. The only time if we have to contact you if there's a breech of our website, or we discovered your account has been hacked, or used illegally.